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Net Neutrality and FIA!

Hey all,

So here's a message from our very own amazing dykeadellic! This is a really important issue, so please check it out... I can't get YT videos to embed, but both links work (pic above, text below).

The short version? Some people want the net to become a two-tier system of the fast and the slow, where the playing field is not level. Guess which tier your site will be on if you're not a multinational corporation?


Nope, FIA is still not one of those. Something tells me it's not happening anytime soon.

(And thus endeth the political content for the day...)

"I'm sure you will all be hearing a lot about Net Neutrality in the coming days. This link will take you to Youtube where a comedian will explain exactly what it is, and why it is important. Bear in mind when watching that without Net Neutrality, this website may very well not be able to run. So educate yourselves, send e-mails to your Congressman, and make sure FIA can stay running."

John Oliver Explains Net Neutrality to You

Posted by Anise on Sep 12, 2014 08:10 pm (1 Comments)

YES! The links are CORRECT!!!

So... the link to our FB page is FINALLY there, under Affiliate Sites at the bottom of the screen! A couple of skins don't have the links at all, but most of them do. Lake, Photobooth, Blanket, Valentine, and Snitch are the ones. A couple of the skins have the links in the lower left hand corner. So go over there, click, and check out the FB page if you haven't already!

Why wasn't this up before? Shouldn't Anise have already done this? Um...


What? ;)

Anyway. Who knows what kind of amazing things might happen next? INFINITE YAY!

Posted by Anise on Sep 09, 2014 01:19 pm (0 Comments)

I'm back, YAY!!

Hey all,

I've been kind of out of commission for a couple of weeks because I've been on a trip to Minnesota... but now I'm BACK!!! Some things will start to happen. That is all. For now. :)

Posted by Anise on Sep 04, 2014 04:27 pm (0 Comments)
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