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Sinful by geekylyrist
Sinful by geekylyrist
Disclaimer: Harry Potter’s not mine. It belongs to J.K. Rowling and other related companies.

Author’s Note: My first D/G ficlet. Hopefully I did a decent job of it. *nibbles lip nervously* This goes out to Kristina and Faith – for being loffly people and also influencing me to like Draco/Ginny. Not that it’s a bad thing. ;P Much thanks to Rachael for her lovely betaing! *huggles*

Her father had always told her to listen.

Listen to the words, listen to the sounds, he said. Listen to anything. Listen for anything. It may save you.

Save her from what? She was tempted to ask. Yet she didn’t. Instinctively she knew what – or rather who – he was talking about. And what to say about that? Would she believe him?

She had always believed that her father was right. He was never wrong. His word was the true and absolute. She had no reason to think that he was wrong sometimes. That even he, her father, could be wrong. This time, he would be wrong.

A part of her reprimanded her for not listening to him, for not taking his advice. You should know never to doubt your father, to always listen to him, it seemed to say. It had been hard for her to accept that her father could be wrong, and that he would never always be right. She had faced it, though, and was forced to accept it. The truth hurts.

Wasn’t that the understatement of the century.

Now was different. In her mind the words You’re going to get into trouble, you’re going to get into trouble echoed like neverending rub-ins. She ignored it, instead looking out for him. Never had she had experienced something like this; none of her past escapades and boyfriends could compare to this. This only showed her inexperience. Her cheeks flushed from shame. At herself? Or was it at the fact that she had not listened to anyone for once and had followed – as sappy as it sounded, she might as well say it – her heart? She sighed softly and waited for him. Would he even turn up? Her mind was filled with doubts. Her father would say that she had every reason to doubt him, for he was one of them – however, she could not.

She actually knew him, not what was on the surface. He was the snarky, cheeky, egotistical bastard that everyone knew of, true; but he was also something else. Something beyond that. She couldn’t explain it; all the words in the world weren’t right enough. There was more to him, besides the snobby brat she knew. He wasn’t what – or who – he appeared to be. What or whom everyone saw him as. He wasn’t a romantic, nor was he the worst person you would ever meet in this world. He wasn’t a demon, nor was he evil. He was something in between. Something changed whenever they were together.

Was it the softened look in his glittering grey eyes? Was it the way he could make her feel as if she was the most important person in the whole world? Was it the fact that, out of every eligible girl in the entire school, he loved only her? That he had chosen her? Or was it something else? She didn’t know . . but she would find out soon. That very night, as a matter of fact.

Once her friend, a bushy brown-haired girl, had told her that everything right and everything wrong wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. There was no right or wrong, unless you chose to see it that way. What was right for you might be seen as wrong by other people. And what was wrong for you might be seen as right by other people. It was your choice. Would you follow by morals or by what you felt? Would you follow by your mind or by your heart?

Her friend had a point.

Before, she hadn’t known what to think. Now she knew. It didn’t matter what people thought.

She thought back to when her father had taught her about the difference between right and wrong. You’ll know it, he had said. Deep in your gut, you’ll know it. Anything that everyone thought as wrong was indeed wrong; and anything that everyone thought as right was indeed right. They were like him, she had once thought. Their word was the sole truth. She could trust them and their word. Oh, how wrong and delusional she had been. She was not saying that her dad was wrong all the time; just that he could be wrong. And there really wasn’t anything the matter with that. Since only she knew what was good and right for her. No one else. She was going against her father’s word for that. This wasn’t her payback on him. She wanted him to see that what was wrong was actually right for her.

Sinful, they had called it. Something bad was a sin. And if you did something that they judged as bad and wrong, you had sinned. What they had called the good and right things, then? Right. That was what it was called.

She heard his footsteps on the terrace then, light and trying not to make a sound. And of course not succeeding, she thought wryly.

He finally appeared a second later. He seemed like an apparition; but she knew he was real. Really, how silly of her to think he was a dream! Although to the majority of the female population of Hogwarts, he was a dream come true. She wasn’t going to argue with that, since it wasn’t true anyway. No use wasting your time arguing something that was pointless. To tell the truth, he wasn’t a dream come true. Nor was he a nightmare come true.

She thought of her father’s words once more as he came closer to her, until finally he was right in front of her. Whatever was sinful was not good for you.

Whatever was sinful was good for you. Especially when it came to them. She smiled wryly at the thought. So indulge in it.

Sinful, like chocolate. And Draco and Ginny wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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