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The Sneaky Slytherin and the Redhead's Revenge by Yazethet
Why Ginny Hates Draco by Yazethet
Author's Notes:
It's been a while since I updated this one here so I thought I better get back to it. Apologies to anyone who's been sitting on the edge of their seat wondering what happens ;)
Chapter 14

Why Ginny Hates Draco


“Enjoying the view, Weasley?” Draco commented slyly. He’d waded into the water up to his navel, leaving his full upper torso available for viewing pleasure. He was lean and well toned, as he had taken great care in shaping his body so. His father used to tell him appearance was always of great importance.

He saw a flash of indignation in her eyes before she smirked and answered with equal furtiveness, “And what if I am?”

Oh, she was good. Draco felt his knees weaken slightly as she swam a circle around him, gazing at him as if he were a piece of meat. She knew she had been caught so now she was taking full advantage. Yet another Slytherin trait: bend every situation to your advantage.

“Then again,” she said after completing her circle, “you’re not nearly as muscular as I imagined you’d be.”

“Do I pop into your imagination often?” he teased, raising his eyebrows suggestively.

“Well, it’s just that compared to Harry, you are a bit on the thin side,” she returned, her infamous wicked smile again playing on her lips.

Draco felt an immediate stab of jealousy and let a flicker of it show as she smiled even wider at the reaction she had gotten from him. He wondered where she learned to play this game so well. He was going to need to quit standing around like an idiot and show her that he could play just as well.

She started swimming away, tossing another impish grin over her shoulder. Draco dove forward, caught up with her and then moved slightly ahead so he could cut her off. She swam right into him. Bare skin and very thin material came in contact causing an electric charge to jolt through both of them.

Draco was the first to recover, managing to get his feet planted firmly back on the ocean floor. He saw the slight panicked look in Ginny’s eyes and he knew that she, too, felt the electrical shock at the almost skin-to-skin contact. She covered her surprise quickly, also readjusting to a standing position, but she was still very close to a barely clothed Malfoy.

Draco grinned.

There was most definitely something between them. Draco needed more of whatever it was that caused such a delectable sensation when they were anywhere near each other, but first…

“Since you’re so keen on comparing us, how does Potter’s – how did you put it – ah…demonstration compare to mine?” He grinned cunningly. “Did you need a reminder of what I’m capable of before you make your decision?” He curled his finger under her chin tilting her head so she was gazing up at him. The look in her chocolate eyes told him everything. She was willing to allow this. In truth, he could see that she wanted this as much as he did. He leaned closer to her, his lips almost touching hers. He was slow and deliberate about it, giving her every chance to back away from him, but she didn’t. She was daring him to kiss her.

It had taken every ounce of willpower to pull himself away before delving into her delicious mouth, but he managed. He had her just where he wanted her: yearning for him, but remaining unfulfilled. He stepped back to keep himself from giving into temptation.

“But as I recall, my demonstration was only satisfactory. I’m afraid I can’t quite bring myself to allow your lovely lips another merely adequate performance.” He laid back into the water and started paddling away from her. He noted her look of irritation. He continued in a taunting voice. “Although, it seems I must be improving. I’ve gone from completely lacking in skill to somewhat acceptable. Maybe next time I’ll actually meet your standards. Though, I have to wonder what makes you think that you’re such an expert on what makes for a good kiss. Do you have much experience?”

He turned and dove under the water before she had a chance to answer. He was attempting to lure her into admitting that she had enjoyed the kiss and fully expected her to have a clever retort waiting for him when he resurfaced. Instead, she was flushed red with rage and spoke three words in a low and controlled voice.

“Sod off, Malfoy.”

She turned and began swimming toward shore.

There it was again. Unpredictability. It was impossible to stay one step ahead of her when she had the ability to go off on a completely different tangent than he anticipated. One moment ago she had been matching him comment for comment and now she was furious with him for no apparent reason.

It was impossible to win.

He followed her to the shore where she had wrapped her transfigured towel around her waist. She had her shoes and socks in one hand and her wand in the other.

“Weasley, wait!” he yelled as she started walking toward Blaise and Colin. “I didn’t mean to –” he began, but was interrupted as she turned and jinxed him.


His feet began moving quickly in a completely non-rhythmic tap dance that he had no control over. She continued walking away from him. Blaise had apparently noticed his predicament and began to draw his wand, however it appeared Ginny had her wand pointed in Blaise’s direction. Draco couldn’t hear what she said to him, but he was sure that it was a threat as Blaise suddenly withdrew his wand and sat back down.

It was amazing how easily she could command someone who was nearly a whole foot taller than she was, but he knew her fiery temper well and could barely blame Blaise for backing down. His legs, however, were tiring very quickly and he was having problems keeping his balance.

“A little help would be appreciated!” he yelled at Blaise and Colin who both threw him sympathetic looks, yet neither moved to assist as Ginny was probably glaring evilly at them. He couldn’t tell as her back was to him. She was still talking to Blaise and Colin

“Come on, please?” he begged. He was completely out of breath now. Blaise glanced over and shrugged his shoulders indicating that he wished he could help, but he wasn’t going to chance it with the little redhead present.

Draco finally lost his balance and fell over kicking sand high into the air as his legs continued to move without his control. He could only imagine how ridiculous he looked with his legs flailing about in the air. He probably looked similar to a crab on its back trying desperately to get flipped over. The worst thing was he was getting sand in some very uncomfortable places.

“Finite Incantatem!”

Blaise had finally come to his aid, which could only mean that Ginny must have left the Tower.

Colin was looking down at him.

“What the bloody hell did you do to piss her off?” Colin looked a bit miffed.

Draco just lay in the sand trying to catch his breath. “If only I knew,” he said in exhaustion. Blaise offered his hand to help him up, but he shook his head. “My legs feel like jelly, I don’t think I can stand just yet.”

“Is she always like this?” Blaise asked Colin.

“I’ve seen her mad before, but that was far beyond her usual temper. There was only one other time that I’ve ever actually seen her like that.”

“Are you sure about that, Colin?” Draco asked believing that he had seen her temper quite a few times, and that was just since the beginning of the year.

“I’m fairly sure. The only other time I’ve seen her so mad she was on the verge of tears was…um…” he started to become flustered. “It was all my fault, really.”

Colin sat in the sand and told Draco and Blaise his story.


Ginny was fuming. She couldn’t even laugh at the ridiculous sight of Malfoy writhing in the sand with his legs thrashing in the air. She threatened Blaise with the same curse if he made any attempt to assist Malfoy before she had the chance to leave. She had cast a quick dry spell on herself and changed her swimsuit back into her regular clothes before she stalked out the door.

She had failed miserably with plan B. She thought she had been carrying out her plan quite well until his last comment. His last comment had sent her reeling back to one of the main reasons she had decided to carry out this vengeance against him.

She thought that Malfoy really did like her, but it seemed he was only trying to humiliate her again. She had no idea what made her think he would have changed after all these years. He was still the same bastard he was when he first embarrassed her in front of Harry on Valentine’s Day during her first year. And then at the end of second year he had seen the disastrous event with Colin. She didn’t even want to think about it again. It only brought back the same rage she felt then. Just like Malfoy’s comment about being an expert on kissing.


It was the end of second year. Colin and Ginny had met under the stands of the Quidditch stadium mostly to get away from everyone else who was enjoying the beautiful day around the lake. They had been ‘going together’ for about two months, which meant two months before they had verbally agreed to be boyfriend and girlfriend. They were lab partners in potions and sat together in charms. They would eat meals together and have some amusing conversations. Aside from occasionally holding hands, that was really about the extent of their relationship.

It was Ginny’s idea to meet under the stands. She’d been listening to her roommates gossiping about first kisses and boyfriends since the beginning of term and she had become hugely curious about the magic of the illustrious first kiss. She used to daydream that it would be Harry Potter who would be the one to kiss her first, but she knew better than to believe that it would happen in reality. Harry Potter was unattainable. He was a celebrity. There was no reason to believe she would have any chance of gaining his attention when there were plenty of other girls who were far prettier than she. Still, she wanted to know what was so special about getting kissed and thought if she could manage to have her very own first kiss she might have something to share with the other girls in her room.

Colin was sweet. Several of the girls in her year thought he was cute with his light blond hair and sky blue eyes. He always got along well with the girls and never seemed to mind listening to girl talk. He seemed to always have a little juicy gossip of his own to share. He was extremely likable. When he had agreed to be her boyfriend Ginny was ecstatic. He just never made any move to kiss her in the two months they had been going out and Ginny decided it was about time she did something about it.

When they met under the stands they talked about school and other nonsensical things for a while until Ginny steered the conversation to kissing.

“So, have you ever?” she said quietly, feeling a blush rise to her cheeks for daring to ask the question. He shook his head.

“Did you ever want to?” she asked curiously, hoping she wasn’t being too forward.

“Well, I suppose it’s something that we all have to do sometime,” he replied. “Why do you ask?”

She flushed an even deeper shade of red. “I was just wondering, you know, because…we’ve been going together…and…well…” she couldn’t quite get to the point.

“Oh,” he finally said in understanding. “Well, since you are supposed to my girlfriend we should probably try it out. That is…if you want to?”

She had been so relieved he was willing that she just nodded her head.

It had been horribly clumsy. They had both been extremely nervous and had no idea exactly how to approach their first kiss. They bumped heads and bumped noses. When they finally got their lips together there were no fireworks or electric sparks. It wasn’t that she had expected them necessarily, but the way the other girls had talked she was expecting something momentous to happen.

Instead, as they backed away from each other, it appeared that Colin had a highly distressed look on his face.

“What’s wrong?” she asked trying very hard not to panic.

Colin gulped. “I…uh..I don’t think that felt quite right.”

“Oh,” she said nervously. She hoped she hadn’t been that bad. “Should we try again?”

“No,” he answered quickly.

She had been embarrassed before, but now she was starting to feel irritated. He wasn’t even going to give her a second chance. It wasn’t as if he had had done such a wondrous job himself. It had been his first kiss too, or so he had claimed.

“Why not?” She was beginning to let her anger show.

“I just don’t think it would be a good idea. I shouldn’t have kissed you.”

“Then why did you kiss me? Why did you even agree to be my boyfriend?!” She was in a rage now. Her very first kiss had been completely ruined. She didn’t feel magic, she felt embarrassment. He was acting as if he had just kissed a toad. It was extremely inappropriate.

“I don’t know,” was his lame response.

She was furious now. He couldn’t even give her a good answer. She wanted to scream at him for making her feel like flobberworm droppings.

Instead of screaming at him she spoke in a very controlled voice, “I think you’d better go, Colin.”

She could feel the tears of anger building up in her eyes and she refused to let the tears fall in front of the boy who destroyed her first kiss.

“I’m sorry, Gin,” he said in a small voice before he left her alone under the stands.

She had been about to let the tears begin flowing freely until she heard another familiar drawl from behind her.

“So, little Weasel, your little boyfriend didn’t want to kiss you?” he taunted.

She turned to see him leaning against one of the stand supports.

“How long have you been there?” she gasped.

“Long enough,” he smirked.

“Sod off, Malfoy.” Ginny was in no mood to deal with the likes of him, especially after what had just happened.

“Temper, temper,” he clucked. “It’s no wonder Creevey doesn’t want to kiss you. You have a nasty little mouth on you, don’t you?”

“As if any girl likes snogging you,” she shot back, though she had actually heard quite the opposite. “I’ve heard you drool all over the place.”

“What makes you such an expert on kissing?” he frowned. “You couldn’t even get Creevey to kiss you again. After he gets done telling everyone how terrible you were no boy in his right mind would ever want to try to kiss you.”


She remembered him walking off with a smug look on his face. She had kept the tears back until she was sure he was gone and then she had cried her eyes out. Her first year had been terrible enough and it had taken her most of her second year to get the courage to attempt to make friends. She thought that by having Colin as a boyfriend she’d have something in common with the other girls and she could join in their conversations about boys. After what had happened that day there was no chance of her sharing that story with anyone. But Malfoy had to be there. He had watched the whole embarrassing scene and then practically kicked her when she was down, and he thoroughly enjoyed it.

It had not been the only time Malfoy’s spiteful words had hurt her. The following year when the Yule ball had been announced she didn’t want to get her hopes up that Harry would ask her to accompany him, but since he had gone to the Quidditch World Cup with her family she though there might be a small chance he would notice her as more than just Ron’s little sister.

Her hopes had been dashed when Malfoy had told her that Harry was going to go to the ball with Cho Chang and that he didn’t understand what made her think that she could even compare to Cho. She didn’t even know what made him feel the need to tell her about Harry and Cho. She had believed him, however, and when Neville asked her to the ball she had accepted. She could have throttled Malfoy when she found out that Cho had declined Harry’s invitation to the ball and she actually had a chance at going with him except she had already promised Neville.

Then there was last year. She had been dating Michael Corner until the final match of the year between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor when Michael got upset about losing. She had fortunately decided to break it off with him, but he had to go running to comfort Cho afterwards. It hadn’t bothered her until Malfoy had again popped out of nowhere to tell her that it was a wonder that she ever managed to have a boyfriend.

“Sending yet another boy running to Cho? I told you that you couldn’t compare to her,” he had told her. He had always been able to infuriate her with just a few words and that had been the final straw. She was not going to put up with any more of his irritating remarks.

She had hit him with the Bat-Bogey Hex in order to escape to help Harry, Ron and Hermione. She couldn’t believe how good it felt to finally have power over Malfoy. He was simply not going to get away with being such a complete git. The hex was only the beginning. She was going to make him pay for every nasty remark he ever made to her or anyone. It was then that she began to plot revenge on him.

She had failed miserably.

Malfoy was always going to be ten times worse than she could ever be. He would always be able to make snide comments that would remind her that she was entirely lacking in one way or another.

She hated him.

She hated it even more that she had ever kissed him. It was only one more reason for him to mock her.


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