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15 First Dates by wiseass13713
Story Notes:
Draco must compensate for being an arse.
Chapter One by wiseass13713
Author's Notes:
My first fanfic ever.. sorry if you find it boring. I'm hoping my skills will improve with time and very imaginative plots. Enjoy =D
Chapter One

Anything really is possible, mused Draco Malfoy as he watched the petite redhead in the small black cocktail dress tilt her head back and laugh. If the little Weasel girl can turn into an at least semi-attractive woman with actual breast, I wonder what else could happen.

He smirked to himself as his eyes lingered on her breasts.

Not bad, he admitted to himself.

At that moment Ginny Weasley turned her head and caught his eyes resting lazily on her chest. She looked down, confused, and when her head came back up she had an indignant and slightly angry look on her face. He quickly looked down at his drink and swirled it nonchalantly. After a few seconds he dared a look in her direction and saw that she was walking purposely toward him.

Shit, he thought to himself as he looked quickly away and nervously scratched the back of his head. I knew I shouldn’t have come to this stupid reunion.

“Hello, Malfoy,” Ginny said sweetly as she arrived in front of him.

He cleared his throat.

“Hello, Wease...Weasley.”

Ginny smiled tightly and Draco had a feeling she knew what he had been about to say.

“Can I ask you a question?” she said in that same sugary voice.

“Certainly.” He avoided her gaze.

“Is there anything particularly interesting... anything really entertaining about the upper part of my body?” she asked sharply.

Draco knew there was only one way to handle this. Like a true Malfoy. He would not have her intimidate him into stuttering and trying to grasp a usable excuse as to why he had been staring at her breasts.

“You have a lovely pair of breasts and I was admiring them,” he said simply. “From afar,” he added.

Her jaw dropped open and she stared at him for a few long seconds. He wasn’t sure if he had approached it correctly, but so what? She was a Weasley. He didn’t really have much regard for her. Or her breasts, for that matter.

Yet when her mouth closed and a small smile played at her lips, he was oddly relieved.

“Honesty,” she said, studying him thoughtfully. “It’s refreshing.”

“Refreshing?” he repeated, not sure what to think of this.

“Yes,” she said firmly. “Refreshing.”

“Oh. All right.”

They stood staring at each other for a few moments. Draco’s eyes swept over her small, heart-shaped face; her large, sparkling brown eyes, her small nose, peppered with dainty freckles, and her mouth, set in a small, involuntary pout.

“Well. Since that’s settled. I... uh, I’d better go back with Luna.” Ginny indicated toward a heavily pregnant blonde witch in a dark blue maternity dress who Draco recognized as Loony Lovegood.


“Yeah. So. Um. Enjoy your, uh, your reunion.”

“I will.”

“Great. Well... see you around.”

She flashed him a small smile before turning away and walking toward Luna.

Draco was stumped. He shook his head, trying to rid himself of the joy that had shot through him as the sight of her smile. He could not understand why it had done that to him. He took a long sip of his drink and handed it to the nearest house elf before heading away from the makeshift bar that had been set up in the Great Hall to find his best friend, Blaise Zabini. He found him leaning casually against the wall with five blonde girls clustered around him.

“Blaise,” said Draco. He meant to sound cool as usual but somehow his voice came out a bit panicked and higher than usual.

Blaise immediately understood Draco’s need to talk.

“Excuse me, ladies,” he said coolly.

“Okay,” they chorused.

Draco led Blaise out of the Great Hall and onto the steps of the building in which they had spent 7 years of their life. They sat down.

“What’s up?” asked Blaise.

Draco was silent for a moment.

“Did... did you... have you seen, erm, Ginny Weasley? I mean, today?”

“I have,” answered Blaise. “Looks great, doesn’t she? Great rack. Even greater dress. Excellent legs.”

“Yeah,” said Draco. “Well, I was kind of, looking at her, and uh, she noticed and came over and talked to me.”

“All right...” Blaise wasn’t sure why this was making Draco so fidgety and nervous. “Go on.”

“Well, we didn’t really talk for long, but then when she left she gave me this... this smile...thing and....” He sucked his breath in. “Blaise, it was... I mean... It was like seeing a naked woman. But it wasn’t a naked woman. It was just a Weasel in a short dress smiling at me. Yet it felt...”

“Like a naked woman,” Blaise filled in for him sympathetically.

“Yes! Usually I only feel happy like that when... you know...”


“And I mean... it was just... a smile... but it was... an amazing smile.”

Draco buried his head in his hands.

“What’s wrong with me? I’ve never felt the naked woman feeling from, you know, a smile. And I’ve seen plenty of smiles from attractive women... more attractive than Weasley, by the way. Well you know, I mean... look at me.”

Blaise leaned back and studied Draco.

“No... No I can’t say I understand where all those smiles come from,” Blaise said, sounding mock confused. Draco punched him in the arm and Blaise laughed.

“So what do I do?” asked Draco on a more serious note.

“About what?”

“Um, the girl Weasel, what do you think?”

“Oh.” Blaise rubbed his arm. “I don’t know. Ask her out.”

“Ask her out...” Draco repeated doubtfully. “Isn’t she involved with Potty?”

“Nah, that’s long over. It was in the tabloids.”

Draco snorted.

“You read that shit?”

“Sometimes,” said Blaise, shrugging. “You’re in there quite often, you know.”

“That’s lovely,” said Draco, rolling his eyes.

“Sure is,” agreed Blaise seriously. “Seriously, though. Ask her out. Go before some other bloke does.”

“Who would ask her out?” sneered Draco, but inside he felt slightly panicked.

Blaise smiled. He knew Draco better than Draco thought.

“Quickly,” he said. “Go. Last I heard Wood had his eye on her.”

“Wood? Oliver Wood?”

“The one and only.”

“Oh, hell no. That stupid fucking bloke with his stupid fucking accent...”

“It’s dreamy,” said Blaise languorously.

Draco glared at him.

“Not helping, Zabini.”

“Well, I apologize, Malfoy. If you really want to go out with her just go ask her. You’re acting like a twelve-year-old.”

“I am not,” huffed Draco before hurrying back into the castle.

He looked around for Ginny and spotted her standing with her brother and the ever-bushy-haired Granger next to a table of food. He then spotted Oliver Wood striding toward Ginny with his eyes fixed upon her. Draco quickly shoved his way through the crowd of attendees at the Hogwarts reunion and raced toward Ginny. Wood saw him and sped up, but Draco reached Ginny with time to spare.

“W...Weasel,” he panted, putting a hand on her shoulder.

“What are you doing with my sister?” Ron Weasley demanded indignantly, refraining from taking a bite out of the muffin he had held up next to his mouth.

“What is it, Malfoy?” Ginny asked. “Are you all right?”

“Y...yeah... Fine...” Draco could see Wood nearing. “Weasley, listen. Go out with me?”


“Tomorrow night. Dinner.”

She stared at him.

“What do you say?” he said, staring right back into her eyes.

“No!” Ron answered for her. “Obviously! What are you thinking, Malfoy? Of course she wouldn’t, that just wouldn’t be...”

“Okay,” said Ginny abruptly.

“Yes, it wouldn’t be okay, and I think that you, Ferret boy, should...”

“No, Ron. I mean...Okay. I’ll go,” Ginny interrupted, still staring into Draco’s eyes.

“Great,” said Draco, feeling triumphant.

A painful silence ensued. Ginny looked slightly dazed, and Hermione Granger as if she was trying to suppress a laugh. Ron was biting viciously into his muffin while taking turns in glaring at Draco and Ginny.

“Well... I was just about to leave,” said Draco finally as Oliver Wood was almost by them. “Give me your address and I’ll pick you up tomorrow at eight.”

“Oh... all right.” Ginny conjoured a piece of paper and a quill and wrote her flat and street number on it. She handed it to him and he stuck it in his pocket.

“Thanks. Well I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”


Their eyes were still connected as Wood approached Ginny.

“Ginny...” he said breathlessly. “Hi. How are you?”

“Fine,” she said without taking her eyes off of Draco’s.

Draco smirked and turned away, happy with how he had left the situation and convinced that Wood would leave the reunion empty handed.

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