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A fool I was by Lady Slytherin
A fool I was by Lady Slytherin
It’s Funny.
Ever since I got to know you, I changed.
Everything was about you, it always was.

“I’m sorry but I can’t do this, Draco wouldn’t like it.”
“Draco will be mad because I’m late.”

Everything was about you
You never took a fucking second to care about me.
I had to be on good terms with Draco Malfoy.

I must not lie to Draco.
I must not make Draco wait.
I must not make Draco angry.
I must please Draco.
Draco will like this.

It was always about what Draco wants, not what Ginny wants.
And what did I get for pleasing your highness?


No gifts, no feelings, no comments, no love.

“Love, is what fools want. Do you want that Ginny? Would you rather I be a fool just so you can be loved?”
“No Draco, of course not! I would never want that for you.”

But why I never told you the truth, I’ll never know.

Love was all I ever wanted.
Was that so much to ask?
I only wanted you to feel what I felt when I was with you.
I wanted to feel wanted
To feel important.
And if that’s what it took to love you, then a fool I was.
But you didn’t feel, Malfoys don’t feel.
I was stupid to think that maybe, somewhere inside you, you felt something for me.
But why would you ask someone, who has no heart, to love?
Don’t you need a heart to love and care for that person?

I always pleased other people, And that was my problem.
I never pleased myself.
And thanks to you I’ll never know.
You probabaly dont even care.
It never was and never will be about me.
In the end
It will always be about you.
Love always,

Draco finished reading the letter and stood up. He walked around the bed to where Ginny’s life-less body lay. He kissed her temple and said, as a single tear slide down his cheek.

“You silly girl, you were a fool for thinking I wouldn’t care.”

The End

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