And we're back!

I believe I have fixed the most recent issues the site was facing. Please let me know either here or in my forum post if there are still any issues.

Also, due to how I had to fix things, please especially let me know if you come across any stories where the contents of a chapter are missing. Thanks!

Posted by Lyndsie on Aug 25, 2016 08:19 pm (4 Comments)

Hi! It looks like the site is working. I went into an Ext Naughty fic I was reading and I was able to login and stay logged in and also review and add the fic as a favorite. Thank you so much for fixing the bugs. Now, we go back and read DG- phew "all is well."

Desertisle @ Aug 26, 2016 05:54 am

Hey, the site seems to be working again but there is a chapter missing from ReverseBeauty's new fic Altered. Chapter three is still a blank page.

ginatoms @ Aug 26, 2016 08:42 am

It's not working for me yet...

GingerBaby28 @ Aug 29, 2016 09:39 pm

Hi Anise,
I tried PMing you but it didn't work. Several of Sarea Okelani's fics are inaccessible including Balm and Atypical Lesson. When I click on a link to them, it says they have not been approved by the site admin.

ginnywitch @ Nov 23, 2016 01:30 am