Weird Things With LJ...

The entire DGFIAFics archive on LJ has now been backed up with the LJ utility. The NEXT thing to do is to move a copy to the FIA Dreamwidth account (and yep, there is one.) More updates once that's done. But no matter what happens with LJ.,.. we now have a complete and 100% backup of all posts and all fic exchange fics!! Yay! :)

Hey all, as you may (or may not) have seen, some strange things are happening with LJ. The only thing anybody knows for sure right now is that all of the servers have been moved to Russia (from California.) All I can tell you besides that is what a lot of people are saying... which is that this may be a precursor to the whole thing disappearing, falling apart, having major issues, etc etc etc. OTOH, maybe not. There may not be any problems at all with this. But it's important to be prepared...

So what does this mean for the FIA?? First of all, we're obviously not on the LJ servers! ;) So nothing is going to disappear. BUT... and it's a big but... and there's always that big but in the way... all of the exchange fics for all of the exchanges that FIA has EVER had... they're on LJ.

So what does THIS mean??

First of all, I'm going to back up the entire LJ archive over the next couple of weeks. Second of all, we do have a Dreamwidth account, and i'm also going to copy everything there. Third of all, if you ever participated in an exchange, and you didn't *also* post your fic on FIA, DO EET. I will be emailing people invidually also over the next few weeks.

So, the bad news: LJ might end up having some issues, for sure. The good news: We're on it! The even better news: Happy New Year! :)

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