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Hey all,
So I'm keeping on top of the spammers, and welcome to all actual new members! :) I think I'm narrowing down the weird problem with the occasional 404 error. At first, I thought it was the chapter length, but that didn't seem to be it... then I went through a new chapter paragraph by paragraph, line by line, word by word... finally identifying the specific line that was the problem. And that's what was so weird... that line was definitely doing it, but I could never figure out what the specific word or phrase or word was that kept triggering the error. So the point is, if anybody has problems with a chapter posting, just keep searching for the exact part that's causing the issue, and you'll eventually find it!! ;)

Posted by Anise on Mar 06, 2017 12:42 pm (3 Comments)

I am able to update every single chapter of my story Decapitated Chocolate Frogs, except for chapter seven, where I get the 404 error.
This is the only chapter of the entire fic that features explicit smut, so maybe the internet god is punishing us for being nasty women. XD
Hope that helps!

haniqua @ Mar 08, 2017 01:57 pm

I'm going to have a TALK with that internet god... ;) Seriously, it's totally bizarre and makes zero sense. I was able to narrow down the issue to one sentence, and there was nothing in that sentence that should have caused a problem. The smut in the chapter wasn't the problem. I honestly don't know.

The last time this happened, though, it was because of the word "Ro*lex". But without the star. I think the word filter got stricter than it used to be about a year ago. Can you think of ANYTHING in that chapter of your fic that could have triggered it?? (and believe me, it's not the smut. ;)

Anise @ Mar 08, 2017 03:42 pm

Got it! Jess sent me the FAQ post and it turns out I mentioned the word 'curl' twice. All fixed now. ;)

haniqua @ Mar 08, 2017 05:22 pm