Almost Time to Post the Links!

Hey all,

So even though we still have just a couple of fics we don't have in yet, here's what I think I'll do. I'm going to post the complete list of links to all the fics we have up for the exchange. The mods used to give everyone a week or two for nominating, and then the voting started.

PLEASE let me know what everybody thinks of that time frame.

And the list should go up tomorrow night! :)

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What should still be on the FIA Forums?

So the title pretty much says it all... even in the middle of the exchange, I'm thinking ahead to what's going to happen afterwards. The FIA Forums haven't been used very much at all for a long time. But they ARE there, and I COULD see some valuable things that they might still be used for. So that's what this topic is about:

Just click right here. I think that you need to have already registered to comment, but a lot of people have-- and if not, it's really easy to do.

So head on over there and join the discussion! :) This is one of the topics we need to talk about to really decide how we're going to shape FIA for the exciting future. EXCITING, I tell you! Let's all do the Exciting Dance. :)

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Fic Posting Has Begun!!

Yes, that's right-- we have STARTED to post exchange fics on the LJ page. Just click on the icon on the lower left hand side of your screen, because I gave up coffee today, and I don't really feel up to typing out the link... :P

Anyway, I will post the Big Long List of Links in a couple of days. And you know, even though at one point I thought I was COMPLETELY going to lose my sanity over this exchange, I'm glad we revived it again.

Glad, I tell you!!!

(yelling was not a good idea)
(the headache of no coffee)

Anyway. More soon. :)

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The State of the Exchange

Okay, y'all, we have eight fics up on LJ as of right now-- and I've decided that I'm not posting any more of them until we get more in. I'm just not. It doesn't make sense.

So thanks to those who have sent their WONDERFUL fics in, and to those who haven't... I still have the flu. It's really bad. And I could COUGH ON PEOPLE. So write, write like the wind!!!


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You Just KNOW That I Had to Do This...

Okay, y'all, I'm SURE that you've seen quotes from that upcoming interview where JKR says that she SHOULD have written H/Hr instead of R/Hr. (And if you haven't, what are you doing reading this blog?? Anyway, we're happy to have you here. We will convert you to D/G.)

Understand, I don't really have a dog in the hunt one way or the other with R/Hr vs. H/Hr. I've read good and bad fanfic for both pairings, and there are good arguments to be made for both.

No, the reason for happiness in D/G-land is that if H/Hr was what JKR should have done, then, by logical extension, H/G IS THE MASSIVE FAIL OF ALL TIME AND EVEN THE AUTHOR ADMITS IT.

Which means, by logical extension, that D/G is supported.

(break for the Happy We Were Right All Along Dance. :)

Why is this important after six and a half years? Why do we still care? Well, it's all in the rest of that D/G essay... but basically, it's because of what these books meant and what the theme really was. They weren't just children's entertainment; they were about something important. And H/G represented the total trashing of that vital theme at the end of DH, especially in the Epilogue of Horror and Doom.

Anyway, more later, but for now, HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
And in other news, we're almost done getting in fics for the exchange!
Now let's all eat chocolate. :)

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This Is Your Mind on D/G Crackfic

So I was trying to figure out exactly how to make the paragraph spacing work in LJ so that posting the fic exchange fics wouldn’t be one ginormous unspaced mess. And I posted a short fic to test it out… And don’t even ask. Just don’t. But if you want to see the crackfic product of a mod’s mind in the last days of getting the fics in, this is it.

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Some Betas Have Stepped Up

(insert cute pic)

We have three wonderful, amazing human beings who have volunteered to be last-minute betas for Exchange fics. That means that if you need them, contact them NOW. THIS MILLISECOND.

Because posting full email addys is just asking for spambots, here are their names:


What you're going to do is copy the name, click on "Search" in the upper right hand corner of the screen, paste the name into the "Search" box, and then click "Contact" and send a nice letter asking if they might be able to beta for you. Easy peasy! :)


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One More Week Added to Due Date for Fic Exchange

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we’re extending the Fic Due Date for the Exchange by seven days. That means that we absolutely, positively, I am not even kidding, this-is-it, need to get the fics in by midnight on Feb 3. I really don’t like the Hall of Shame, and I truly do not want to put anyone in it, but if… IF… we just plain don’t get a fic in, and we don’t get an email/explanation until, say, 11:59 on Feb 2nd, I WILL DO EET. Don’t make me come over there.

But everyone will get their fics in by midnight Feb 3, and happiness and peace and prosperity shall reign in D/G-land. Please don’t make me post a link to the work of the only other person who know who does 3D HP computer art. He is all D/Hr, all the time. (Really. I’m not kidding!!) ;)

Also, we’ll have a list of betas up very very very soon. :)

ETA: And I KNOW the poll about why D/G still matters has been up for a long time... I just can't take it down when people are still voting, and they are! Through sophisticated statistical analysis (yehrite!!), I have determined that about 100 readers have cast their votes so far. And nobody's said that D/G doesn't matter, and they also hate chocolate. :)

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Beta Time, It's Beta Time!

So. Some authors are very very interested in betas for their D/G FIA Exchange fics, which, again, are due soon. You know what that means, right? We really need some beta volunteers. And YOU can do it! :)

Here’s what we’re going to do. If you are willing to be a beta, then you have some options as to how to let me know.

1. Reply to this post.
2. Email me—just click on “Anise”, and there’s a contact link.
3. Post on the forum link here. (Here’s the Beta Board, yay, check it out.

If, OTOH, you NEED a beta, we will have a list ready soon. You can also head on over to the ffnet forums (they would be right hereand do one of two things:

1. Introduce yourself in the Welcome thread, then get onto the beta threads and start looking for a beta.

2. If you don’t want to actually post, just look at the beta threads and then msg people who have already offered their services as betas. Click on the “writer services” button at the top of the ffnet page, and then on “Beta Search.”

Also, if you’re reading this and you need a beta, and you haven’t yet told me about it, NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME.

(And did you get the pic? It's a FISH... see... a BETA FISH. Funny? Right? *I* like it, anyway.. ;)

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Just one week!!


Hey y’all,

Three things:

Thing #1:

It’s one week, SEVEN DAYS, before the exchange fics are due for the Official D/G Fic Exchange A-GoGo of Winter 2014. If you’ve turned yours in already, then yay! If yours will be ready in a week, then yay! If you’re having trouble, please let us know. If… okay, positive thinking is important, so we won’t even go there with that last IF. But remember, only you can prevent other Draco pairings. ;)

And Ginny pairings, too. Remember, EVERY time an author doesn't turn in their fic, Ginny has to kiss Harry. We don't want that, now do we??

Thing #2:

Facebook seems to imply that something meaningful and exciting will happen once we reach 100 likes on the FIA page. I’m not sure how this would work—maybe Draco and Ginny riding on a unicorn?—but whatever it is, let’s find out! We're REALLY close. Like us today!
Just click right here…

Thing #3:

Give yourself a great big hug for paving the way for the New Era of D/G (and the craft of writing in general.) Yay! :)

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Return with me now to 2004...

Check it out!Wayback FIA

And now it’s time for another episode of “Guess What This Is,” aka “Why It’s Totally Pointless To Take Down Your Fanfics In An Attempt To Pretend You Never Wrote Or Posted Them.” Because The Wayback Machine knows. That’s why. It knows what rating they were, too.

Yep, y’all, it’s Dec 28, 2004. All of these lovely fics are still with us, to the best of my knowledge; this is a date randomly chosen to make a point.

Also, it’s fun to look up old web pages. Wow, there’s a lot on there. :)

And wait, there's more. Lest anyone think that an author deleting their fics guarantees that they're not floating around the web somewhere out there... I give you THIS. April 24, 2006.

Check it out!Wayback FIA

ETA: BTW, I've been working on adding some new featured fics, but, well, I don't seem to quite exactly remember how to do it... ;) It WILL be figured out.

Even more ETA: And it was. There are new featured fics! How did I figure that out? Um... it's really, really dumb... I don't think I want to explain it...


Hmm. I could have sworn I saw Draco riding a unicycle. Never mind.

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How to Read ePUB on Kindle

Click to read the articleKindle and ePUB

I KNOW, I know, I’ve been promising everybody that I’d R&R their fics. And I WILL!! But well, a lot is going on right now. The OFIC discussion forums… the fic exchange… the site… the D/G art… all the new social media sites… my book…the family business...a new cat… sniff…

(is that the sound of the world’s smallest violin? ;)

Anyway. The point of this post is that I’m having post-Christmas with my sister and her partner tonight (that’s the way we always do it; don’t ask! Well, you could, but it’s a long story.) I’ve gone back and forth on the present I want approximately a zillion times. But I FINALLY settled on a new Kindle, and the biggest reason is that I can see how overwhelming all of the reading will increasingly be getting. I have a crazy amount for my regular F2F writers’ group to begin with, there will be the new forums, I’m trying to make a commitment to R&R everyone’s fics. So, yep. That’s why a Kindle. I can use it all summer on breaks while I’m out working. :)

We’ve had ePUB books on here for a long time (a really nice feature—if you’ve never noticed it before, it’s the little book icon in the upper right hand corner when you click on a story. You can also go into your own account settings and see the list of your ePUB fics, including how many downloads each one has. (The only thing with that is the max seems to be consistently stuck at 127 downloads. So if that’s your number, it’s safe to say that you’ve had MORE downloads than that.)

The PROBLEM is that the ePUB format is open source, and for some weird reason, it’s not directly supported by Kindle. So here’s what you do. Click on the pic above, and it will take you to a cnet article that shows how easily you can convert ePUB. There’s a free software (Calibri) that does it very easily.

And… don’t forget to come over to the OFIC forums and join in the discussion! I’m trying to do something that… well, let’s just say that I’m sure it HAS been done before, but not all that often. To actually discuss all the potential issues that could come up with new forums, to discuss what WORKS and what DOESN’T in a forum, and to get input from both readers and writers on what we should have! Yay! Planning. What a concept. :P It’s good to have a plan. :)

And the exchange fics are due in two weeks!!! So lots more D/G is on its way soon.

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The OFIC Forums Discussion

The OFIC forums

Hey all,

So I’ve thought about this a lot. The ofic forum idea has been on my mind for about a year. And I’ve never really done anything with it yet. There’s so much going on right now, including the D/G fic exchange (only 19 days left, people!!) But I realized something: there will never be a perfect time!! Or maybe right now is ALWAYS the perfect time.  Sometimes you just need to carpe that diem.

What exactly IS an ofic forum? It’s all explained right here—and even a little bit about why it’s so important for the future of the D/G fandom. Whether you’re a writer, a reader, or both, you REALLY want to be involved with this. I’ve decided to have the discussion board as part of the FIA forums, because they’re already there and set up. So come and join in! We need YOU!

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The Fate of the Flash Drive

The drive will come back

Is still UNKNOWN!!

That's right, y'all, the Long-Lost Flash Drive of Song and Legend is STILL with the computer experts. :P BUT IT IS COMING BACK, OH YES, IT IS.

Okay, even if... um... the worst happens (AND I DIDN'T SAY THAT), the next chapter of the essay WILL go up. Probably right after Jan. 26th, when the exchange fics are in.

But there's something coming up in the essay that I think is important to say right now. I was over at the forums, which, as you may know, aren't very active anymore. The forum activity slack has been taken up by the ffnet forums-- and they are WONDERFUL, and to tell y'all the truth, I just don't have the energy to try to revive the FIA forums. Later this year, I would really like to start a discussion there about the things we want to see in the original fic forums. But that's then, and this is now.

The point is that there are several threads about authors who disappeared and took their fics down. When I see those, I feel sad-- but NOT just because the fics are gone and we can't read them anymore. It's so much more than that.

(here's the big entire point of this entire post, so read read read it!!)

It's because authors taking down fics is a staggeringly bad idea for MANY reasons. And that's an issue that I will talk about in the essay. But please just trust me for now-- it's a TERRIBLE idea, not only for fans, but even more so for authors. If you're an author, and you plan to ever, EVER try to publish original work, there are no words for how you are hurting yourself by taking down those fics. I've been involved with both traditional and digital publishing for a long time, and I know... I could go on and on and on for zillions of pages and still not cover all the reasons. In the essay, of course, I'll do my best. ;)

In conclusion, I guess, that's a thought that occurred to me when I was reading those sad threads about the disappearing fics. I really feel an obligation to try to stop people from doing this. It's such a bad, bad, bad idea. So if you're out there, and you've EVER even thought about doing it... please don't. At least until you read that chapter of the essay. It's for your own good!!

P.S.: BTW, I will R&R every fic from the last couple of weeks! It's just been kind of nuts around here... ;)

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3 Weeks Left to Write Exchange Fic! And New Ginny Pic!

Time to write!

Hey all,

So here's a new Ginny concept I've been working on. What do y'all think? Ginny 1.0, or Ginny 2.0? 1.0 is the one you've been seeing, and this is 2.0. I'll do another closeup render of 1.0, too.

And it's 3 weeks to the day before the exchange fics are due! Yippee skippee! :)


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Time to Write!

Time to write!

So it’s now officially less than ONE month until exchange fics are due on January 26th!! Draco and Ginny are busy writing… so how about you? They’re doing really well on their fics, and—

(knock at door)

Just a minute…

Oh. It’s that white van again, and they have the straightjackets this time. Bye!

(starts running)

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A Christmas Present!

Ginny herself

This is (as far as I know, anyway) the first ever HP fandom texture for a piece of Poser clothing. Yay! Now, if you have Poser, Rhiannon's "Sugar Jamaz", and Victoria 4, then you can use it. :) Everyone may not have this. So if you DO, please email me and I'll send you the files; if you DON'T, then enjoy the pic! :)

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Xmas Break

Yep, it's that time again-- the annual Xmas Modly Break! :) The queue will be closed for submissions from tomorrow (Sunday the 22nd) through Jan 3. Everybody can still leave reviews, however. ETA: The very last validated chapter before the Xmas break just went through-- Ginocide's See You Use Me.


There will also still be new news items, mostly relating to the fic challenge. So happy Christmas/Yule/Hanukkah (well, that's already over, but you know what I mean)/Kwanzaa/Feast of Saturnalia/Whatever! :)

And remember... D/G fanfic is what Christmas is REALLY all about.

Ginny: (putting ornaments on tree) I just love the holidays, don't you, Draco?

Draco (nursing a brandy eggnog) No.

Ginny: Why not?

Draco: If you'd ever heard the Dark Lord singing "Jingle Bells", you'd understand.

Ginny: (putting arms around Draco's neck) We just need to make some new, happy memories.

Draco: (adding more brandy) Mmph.

Ginny: I've got a present you can unwrap.

Draco: (brightening up) Really?

Ginny: It's furry and fuzzy.

Draco: Not-- it couldn't be--

Ginny: A new teddy.

Draco: (embracing her) Ginny, I can already feel the scars healing from the Yuletide when Voldemort forced everyone to eat fruitcake.


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The VERY LAST Day of Prompt Picking

Click to see a larger versionBetween Metal Walls

Hey all,

This is THE VERY LAST DAY to pick your prompt for the D/G fic exchange. So if you’re one of the last holdouts (and you know who you are… well, if you’re reading this, you know who you are…)


I THINK the full version of the pic above should be SFW, but you really never know. If you work at the NSA and you're going through pics, you could just say that it has something to do with national security. :) Otherwise, well, Ginny is a little scantily clad.

See what Draco is going through? Don’t let this happen to you!!

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It's Down to the Wire!

Slightly Perhaps NSFW

Click on the above to see the pic... it doesn't SHOW anything, but depending on where you work, it may not be the best idea in the whole world to have it on your screen. ;)

It’s Day 9, and y’all, we are getting down to the wire. If you’ve been thinking about sending in a prompt for the fic exchange, THIS is the time. If you already have sent yours in, then now is the time to convince someone else! We can only do this with YOUR help!

And BTW… this HAS to be my favorite pic so far. Just use your imagination about how Draco got there.

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The D/G Essay

Hey all,
Remember that essay? "Why D/G Matters and
Always Will?" Well, I've been trying to get that entire thing posted, because I think we really need a modern D/G manifesto on FIA... it's important and...

The entire folder containing it disappeared from a USB drive.
(rages at the universe)

I'm going to see a computer expert I know on Monday. There may be a way to save it. For now... it may be a while before the rest of the essay comes out.

ETA: And if anybody's been reading *Taxi Driver*... guess what. That was on the same drive.

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My Favorite FIA Exchange Pic So Far

My Favorite Fic Exchange So FarFic Exchange
I've had a new picture up every day on FB, tumblr, and the WP blog. This is my favorite so far! :)

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And the D/G Fic Exchange BEGINS!!!

Hey all,

So... today is the long-awaited day! The very FIRST day of the D/G Fic Exchange A-GoGo of 2013/14! I'm so glad you're all here! We're going to have a GREAT exchange. This is the first one in two years, and I'm putting LOTS... AND LOTS...of work into it. Huge thanks to the 2 comods, dykeadellic and sempre_eadem. (hug)

So here's what to do now.

Submit your prompt describing the fic you’d like to have written for you. Here's the template-- and remember that the basic theme is rebirth/regeneration.

Okay, you have to go to the LJ page to find the template. ;) And the pic for Day 1 of the exchange is there too!!

The LJ Fic Exchange Account

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We now have enough money to fund FIA for another year! YAY!!!
(runs around screeching incoherently)
(scares cat)

Thank you, thank you, INFINITE thank you to everybody who contributed!!! I will send individual thanks, and I'm going to find out how to do that gold star thing. Also, I'll make a YT video with users' pennames. (If everyone wants. I'll check.)

Such a happy wonderful day! This renews my belief in the basic goodness of humanity!
(Okay, maybe that was a LITTLE over the top... but reaching the goal is a great thing. ;)

And tomorrow, the FIA Fic Exchange Begins! Watch this space for announcements.

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We Still Need Contributions

We have a lot of exciting things going on right now. The fic exchange is starting in exactly a week! :) BUT...

I still need about $150 to pay hosting fees and to keep the site going.

Several people have already contributed, and they're all wonderful and profusely thanked and appreciated and they'll get gold stars next to their names, but I NEED more help here.

Y'all, if you believe in this site and in our future, PLEASE send Paypal contributions to:


Just remove the space in the email address, and you're good to go! ANY amount will help.

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