NO net access for the last TWO WEEKS!!

Hey all,

Yep, that's right... I'm in the middle of moving, and for various reasons mostly involving evil cable companies, I have been netless for TWO WEEKS NOW. (The horror... the horror...) Anyway, if you're wondering why I didn't answer your ticket/etc., that's why!! I have a couple of hours at a PDX bar with wifi because my writers' group is meeting here... so I will catch up as much as possible!!! Thanks for your patience. :)

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SECOND Valentine's Day Art! Yay!

Here it is, a smaller version. This one was FUN. :) it's been CRAZY around here lately... I'm moving this month... but I'm still determined to keep up on the V-Day art. :)

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The First Valentine's Day Art!

Yes, the first piece of D/G Valentine's Day Art, but not the last! Yay! :)

So FFN's D/G Forum fic exchange is going on right now-- and all the fics are great! Except, well, mine. It's really not. If it ever makes it onto FIA, it will be quite the rewritten and re-edited version, because as it is now... it's not very good at all. Just take my word for this. I can't tell you which one it is, either, so I can't warn readers away from it... Still, I recommend all the OTHER fics, because THEY are good!

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FIA Open for Submissions Again!

Hey all,
Yep, the holidays are officially over, and FIA is completely and totally open again. There WOULD be cool art for this occasion, except that I'm working on a Valentine's Day piece. A kissing booth is involved. :)

ETA: One other thing: I'm working on the date for the 2015 Fic Exchange. YAY! I'm not the biggest fan of having it over the holidays in any way, shape, or form, which is why we didn't do it at the same time as last year. Also, FFN has been having theirs (up by mid Feb!) And yes, because I'm completely insane, I'm writing a fic for that exchange. I REALLY think that spring is a better time for ours. So I'm thinking of April 1st as a starting date. :) I think I'll have a poll question about this, too.

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Happy New Year!

A very happy new year to everyone! Best wishes for lots and lots of exciting creativity (esp D/G related. ;)

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Happy Holidays! And Yay!

Anyone who donated and wants a gold star on their profile, just ask! :)

Happy holidays again, and YAY GO US!!! We raised all the money we need for another year of FIA! You are all amazing! :)

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LOTS of things!

Hey all,

1.) FIA is now taking the yearly holiday break. :) New submissions will open again on Jan 6th. UNLESS you can skip the queue, and actually, you can keep right on submitting fics in that case. AND... and and and...

2.) Here are all the things you can still do during these two weeks:

-- Read and review fics
-- Post fics if you're authorized to skip the queue
-- Send me an email/msg/or post on the Help page in order to sign up as a member
-- Read and post on news items (and there WILL be some new ones during the break)
-- Write new D/G, esp. using info from the new Draco background essay we now have direct from JKR! Who knows... I might even post a ficlet. ;) (ETA: I am completely insane. I've planned out and outlined THREE short interlocked fics inspired by the essay. Canon compliant, which I don't write a lot of.)

The amazing dykeadellic has posted the two part essay on the new FIA tumblr page, which is a good segue into...

2.) Here's The New FIA Tumblr Blog. Go and read. NOW.

3.) Have a very merry Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hannukah/Solstice/Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest/whatever! :)

And as always, thanks for being FIA members and D/G readers.

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Holiday Break Closing Dates!

Hey all,

So we've decided on the dates for the annual holiday break: Dec 22nd to Jan 5th. This gives people a couple of extra days to submit any fics they'd like to get in before 2015. :) And don't forget, anyone who wants to manually register should just contact me. And again, Happy Holidays to all!

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Secrets of Registration, and ONE Last Fundraising Plea...

Hey all,
TWO things.
First of all, through endless tears and toil, we have figured out a WAY to manually register people! (Okay, I guess the tears and toil did have an end... ;)

Here's what you do. Email me through the site with the email addy you want to use AND your desired username. I'll add you and create a password by hand (because I'm crafty that way,) and then you'll get both of those. You will be a member, YAY. And show some love to Lyndsie... she's still working on the original captcha registration issue, and it's turning out to be a mess (nothing to do with us.)

AND. andandand. We still need some cash for the yearly drive to keep the site going. There is so much planned for 2015, including a new fic exchange on March 1st, and we NEED SOME LOVE PEOPLE.

Just send your donation through Paypal to: The Happy FIA Donation Email,dgfics @ And it will be muchly appreciated. and again, YAY LYNDSIE, and happy holidays to everyone, whatever you celebrate and wherever you may be!!

P.S.: The site will be closing for the yearly holiday soon, and I'll let you know when.

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Lots of Various Things. :)

Hey all,
So... here are some odds and ends of news!

Thing #1: If you can't get registration to work, it's not you, it's us. We're having some issues with the CAPTCHA function, and we ARE working on it as we speak. It'll all be fixed soon. :)

Thing #2: We're getting closer and closer with money, but we DO need more donations to keep FIA going. Until that big stock speculation works out, well, that means that we have to beg for funds. ;) Remember...

Just send your donation through Paypal to: The Happy FIA Donation Email,dgfics @

Thing #3: If we get enough donations, I will create art of Ginny with a unicorn. And Draco will be with her, which means that you can't always believe what you hear about unicorns. ;)

Thing #4: The Allfic forums will start their test openings by midmonth! All of you, being special, will get the site news early. :)

And finally, Thing #5!
We've decided that the 2015 Official FIA D/G Exchange will start March 1st. For a whole variety of reasons, this is the best date. So it will happen again, and that's when!

That's all for now... if we think of any additional things, they'll be posted here. :)

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Yay, and We Need More Money! (That pretty much says it all...)

Hey all,

So... if anybody happened to catch FIA when it temporarily vanished, we are now BACK. And it's all because of the amazing Lyndsie. :) She singlehandedly moved us to a new server, a new host, a new everything. GREAT BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE YAY.

And now it's time for more begging!! (Oh, you just knew that was coming... ;) We need $178.00 more to cover the new server and host. Thanks to those who have contributed, and to everyone else, SHOW THE LOVE.

Just send your donation through Paypal to: The Happy FIA Donation Email,dgfics @ And it will be muchly appreciated. and again, YAY LYNDSIE. :)

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And... It's Hosting Drive Time Again, YAY!!

Hey all,

So... it's been a great year. :) I feel like we've really done some exciting things, and we've kept the momentum going with FIA. Exchanges... challenges... art... lots of fics... a new podcast... FB, Tumblr, and twitter... the coming allfics forums... and much more. There are at LEAST three of us FIA-ers on the NaNo forums, and we're all writing in November! If anyone else is doing NaNo this year, just msg me... I'm RealAnise there. Here's my page, yay.There's more about my NaNo non-novel, too. I am a REBEL... I'm writing nonfic, and it's kind of for my other fandom, you could say.

And now, after all that excitement, it's that time again!

Yep, the yearly hosting dues are due soon, and we need to raise just $200! Easy, right? ;) If everybody pitches in, it will be. Help us do even more exciting things next year! All we need is YOU to make it happen. :)

Here's the Paypal address to send donations to: dgfics @ The reason it's not clickable is that this is just ASKING to get spam. So, once again, cut, paste, and remove those spaces, and send $ off to Paypal... dgfics @ Paypal accounts are easy to set up, but if you don't want to, we'll figure out something else. Just msg me here.

And thanks again for being an FIA member!

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News About the Forums.

Hey all,

So... I took a couple of days to think about it, and the launch date of the allfics site will be postponed until the start of December. There are a few reasons for this. One is that the registration problem has mostly been fixed, but it's not perfect. (pokes warily at registration.) Another is that I talked to the AMAZING Rowan Greenleaf over on the ffn forum group, and she's very interested in participating in the project if it's pushed back a little later. Their exchange is starting on Nov 1st.

The THIRD reason is that I'm doing NaNo this year. (50,000 words in 30 days, you know. Don't worry! I've done it before.) This was a big decision... because I'm writing about something very meaningful to me. I'm a rebel and doing nonfiction about stem cell research and regenerative medicine. I might post more about this topic later on if people are interested... and you're not EVEN going to believe this, but the topic does have some relationship to D/G. I sort of planned out a fic on the same subject last year during the last exchange, when it looked like we weren't going to get a replacement author after someone bailed. It may appear again!

So... there will be lots of updates during November, and more news soon!

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A Name for the New Writing Forums!

ETA...10/11/14... I thought about doing a new post for this, but not quite yet... after zillions of hours of tears and toil and wishing I knew PHP, the horrible registration on the site has been SOLVED!! SOLVED, I TELL YOU!! THEY SAID IT COULDN'T BE DONE!!
(who are "they?" Don't ask. Trust me.)

Much more news about the site very soon! :)

Hey all,

So... the new writing forums have been in the works for a LONG time, and they are VERY CLOSE to being ready to go! The only problem is... I can't figure out how to transfer anything from the old test site to the new one. But never fear! This can be solved! I just need to start the NEW site and then transfer all of the forum info over by hand. (Not as horrible as it sounds, actually.)

BUT... that means that I have to decide on a name for the forums RIGHT NOW.

So. I need some input here! Lyndsie's suggestion was, and I have to say that I think this is a great name. I really want to be inclusive with these forums, and I do a LOT of nonfic writing. So I want a name that shows it's a welcoming space for nonfic.

The only thing I wonder about it is... should the name include some information that reflects the fact that it's a writing forum for fanfic authors who want to work on original fics/nonfics? That's why I also thought of the second domain name idea. And I think that does convey that concept.

THOUGHTS! Questions, comments, ideas! Now is the time... because I have to decide very soon!

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A New Podcast And a New Art Page.

YES! This is real. NO!! You are not imagining it. There is an actual real-live new podcast for the first time in six years!! Good things come to those who wait!!!!

Here's what you do. First, you're going to go to the link and listen to the podcast.
The Love We Deserve, by writerdragonfly.

This fic is from the last D/G Exchange, and it was one of my absolute favorites.

Alternately, you can find it by clicking on the "Wireless" link in the upper right hand side of this page.

THEN, you're going to go to the comment thread and leave a review! That's right here.



ETA: Some people were having problems downloading the file. I emailed the amazing Lyndsie, and it should all be fixed!

And on that note... the OFIC forums are getting extremely close to being ready to go. There are still some bugs to be worked out, though. So, more updates on those soon.

There is now a NEW art page for FIA. Brand new. Still under warranty. Can be returned for a full refund. (Okay, it was free, but you get the idea... ;) And the link is on the bottom of the page, right next to the other two icons!! Go down there and click click click!

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Net Neutrality and FIA!

Hey all,

So here's a message from our very own amazing dykeadellic! This is a really important issue, so please check it out... I can't get YT videos to embed, but both links work (pic above, text below).

The short version? Some people want the net to become a two-tier system of the fast and the slow, where the playing field is not level. Guess which tier your site will be on if you're not a multinational corporation?


Nope, FIA is still not one of those. Something tells me it's not happening anytime soon.

(And thus endeth the political content for the day...)

"I'm sure you will all be hearing a lot about Net Neutrality in the coming days. This link will take you to Youtube where a comedian will explain exactly what it is, and why it is important. Bear in mind when watching that without Net Neutrality, this website may very well not be able to run. So educate yourselves, send e-mails to your Congressman, and make sure FIA can stay running."

John Oliver Explains Net Neutrality to You

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YES! The links are CORRECT!!!

So... the link to our FB page is FINALLY there, under Affiliate Sites at the bottom of the screen! A couple of skins don't have the links at all, but most of them do. Lake, Photobooth, Blanket, Valentine, and Snitch are the ones. A couple of the skins have the links in the lower left hand corner. So go over there, click, and check out the FB page if you haven't already!

Why wasn't this up before? Shouldn't Anise have already done this? Um...


What? ;)

Anyway. Who knows what kind of amazing things might happen next? INFINITE YAY!

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I'm back, YAY!!

Hey all,

I've been kind of out of commission for a couple of weeks because I've been on a trip to Minnesota... but now I'm BACK!!! Some things will start to happen. That is all. For now. :)

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The FIA Languages Project

Hey all,

So... there's been a lot of interest in having Spanish-language fics on FIA. (Some other languages have been coming up too, but mostly Spanish.) I am not the world's biggest fan of FFN for a number of reasons, but one thing they do right is the way that they accept fics in basically any language. We need to start doing the same thing. I've started a new thread on the forums for discussing this. Check it out, and let's get the projects started!! :)

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Authors Seeking Betas

Hey all,

Hey all,

So... Felicitas has a specific request for a beta for her fic. I really want to keep the beta forum going, because a LOT of people are still looking for betas. So head on over to the beta thread and check it out! And anyone else searching for a beta or offering their services should look on that thread too.

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Art for a Summer Challenge Winner!

Hey all,

So here it is-- the first piece of art for our co-winner of the Best Fic in the FIA D/G Summer Challenge!

Title: Same Time, Same Place
Author: cherryredxx
Word Count: 3,750
Rating: Sorta Naughty
Warnings: Mild language and innuendo
Same Time, Same Place

There will be another piece of art for this fic, and also two pieces for idreamofdraco's fic. But I'm getting this one up first, because the computer goes in to Portland Computerworks today... :( BUT EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY. OH YES, OH YES IT WILL.

Meanwhile, check out the poll to the left. :)

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The FIA D/G 2014 Summer Challenge: Final Results Are IN!

So... the FIA D/G Summer Challenge of 2014 is done, the votes are counted, and the results are in!

Two fics are tied for first place:
Title: Same Time, Same Place
Author: cherryredxx
Word Count: 3,750Rating: Sorta Naughty
Warnings: Mild language and innuendo
Same Time, Same Place

Title: Parley with a Pirate
Author: idreamofdraco
Word Count: 3,363
Rating: Definitely Naughty
Warnings: Copious amounts of pirate speak.
Parley with a Pirate

There will be art coming soon for both!
Thanks so much to everyone who participated, whether as writer, reader, reviewer, or anyone else-er!!

We will now take a short break from challenges and exchanges. The D/G forum on ffnet is running one right now, I think, so please head on over there and take a look.

And thanks again for being a D/G participator!

P.S.: The 4th chapter of Of Sun Breaks and Salacious Delights will be up very soon. :)

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The challenge votes are IN!

Hey all,

So... the challenge votes are in and will be tabulated and posted tomorrow!! To tide everyone over, here's a piece of teaser art. :)

Posted by Anise on Jun 28, 2014 06:09 pm (1 Comments)

One Last Piece of Exchange Art!

ETA Saturday 6/28:
The votes have been tabulated, and the winner(s) will be up tomorrow! Yay! :)

Hey all! Thanks so much for being patient on the FIA Summer Challenge Voting front!! It just kind of hit during the worst possible time... my friend's passing hit me very hard. And a few things went by the wayside. But I HAVE been writing a lot.

So... the final voting date will be Friday, I've decided. If you haven't voted yet, head on over to:
the voting poll, which also has links to the fics.

And here is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PIECE of exchange art!!! Actually, it didn't get posted because I liked it so much that I was saving it, and then, well... Anyway, here it is.

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Summer challenge fics and voting poll are UP!

Yep, here it is, y'all, the final list of summer challenge fics! You can click on the links below to go to each fic and read it/look it over again and decide which one was your favorite. Then click on the pic above to get to the poll. I'm thinking of allowing about a week for voting, and everyone has THREE votes. So choose wisely. And thanks for being a D/G writer/reader! :)

Title: True Love's Kiss
Author: Incognito (chromeknickers)
Word Count: 7,442
Rating: Definitely Naughty
Warnings: Coarse language; violent Ginny
True Love's Kiss

Title: What's Love Got to Do with It?
Author: SunnyStorms
Word Count: 5,705
Rating: Definitely Naughty
Warnings: Some sprinkling of coarse language
What's Love Got to Do with It?

Title: Same Time, Same Place
Author: cherryredxx
Word Count: 3,750Rating: Sorta Naughty
Warnings: Mild language and innuendo
Same Time, Same Place

Title: Parley with a Pirate
Author: idreamofdraco
Word Count: 3,363
Rating: Definitely Naughty
Warnings: Copious amounts of pirate speak.
Parley with a Pirate

Title: Of Sun Breaks and Salacious Delights
Author: Anise
Word Count: Um... Chapter 1 is up. Let's just say that. But this won't be more than three chapters long.
Rating: Extremely naughty.
Warnings: Impossible to get a complete paragraph out of this one that could be posted as a cookie on FB, if that tells you anything
Of Sun Breaks and Salacious Delights

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