Name: Corvidae reviewed Common bond on Dec 13, 2004 11:47 am
good story, i just wanted to mention a few realityerrors or whatever you'd like to call them. In the book harry gives ginny his new books that he got from lockheart so technically they shouldn't have had any old extra things in them like a secondhand book would. And alos it was arthur weasley who always told her not to deal wiht things that they dont know where it's brain is. Anyway keep it up *-*
Name: Shades of Gray reviewed Common bond on Dec 04, 2004 07:33 am
I wouldn't say this chapter was long. But perhaps its because when reading dialogue it seems shorter. I enjoyed Ginny's explanation of the diary as well as her revelations from the penseive. I also enjoyed Draco's self analysis. Overall this chapter is very good. I rarely enjoy chapters that consist mainly of dialogue but the way this chapter was written- it draws you into that room- making you actually see the dialogue rather than read it. I believe that is what made the chapter seem short to me and not as full of dialogue as it actually may be. You have Draco and Ginny both are in character( i say this often, but most of the fics out there contain an OOC Draco and Ginny) This is a beautifully written chapter! Keep up the Good Work! - Shades
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