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Name: Bronte44 reviewed With Loving Hatred on May 13, 2008 07:40 pm
I would really love to see more of this story. Thanks!
Name: Mollie reviewed With Loving Hatred on Jan 03, 2008 02:02 pm
Oh, I really liked it!!! I thought that it was cute. Sad, but cute. It is sad to hate everything about the person that you love, but it is cute how they both feel the same thing towards the other. I think that you should continue it!!!
Name: sexysexa reviewed With Loving Hatred on Dec 07, 2006 03:16 pm
Name: desperate_ballad reviewed With Loving Hatred on Oct 04, 2006 01:53 pm
i think you should continue this, it has incredible potential.
Name: Analucia Malfoy reviewed With Loving Hatred on Sep 15, 2006 06:53 pm
That poor lamp. A nice touch that he smashes it, repairs it, only to smash it again. That's a very human and specific reaction to his turmoil. How can you even think that this is the worst thing that you've ever written? Come on. It was wonderful. I enjoyed the introspection of Draco and Ginny and found it to be quite believable. Excellent job, I think.
Name: kerplunk reviewed With Loving Hatred on May 21, 2006 08:53 am
I love it! I love how it's half Ginny and the other half revovles around Draco. I also love how they don't really say anything and someone does it's at the end and it just ties everything up. BRILLANT!

"Before he could process it what he was doing, he found himself once again smashing the hell out of the lamp." I love that, it's hilarious.

Author's Response: Thank you! Finally some understands my pathetic attempt at humor in an obviously dark fic! lol
Name: stephanie reviewed With Loving Hatred on May 03, 2006 10:52 am
really, there is no other word than wow. intense. passion and hatered at the same time. other people had tried it, but the way you did it... inspiring, really, *claps hands* but it couldn't hurt to put a little humor in it huh darling?

Author's Response: lol Thanks. I was thinking of some ironic humor if I choose to do a sequel.
Name: Zora reviewed With Loving Hatred on Apr 30, 2006 07:27 am
I really liked this story and hope you continue it. It's an interesting idea.
Name: jandjsalmon reviewed With Loving Hatred on Apr 28, 2006 09:09 pm
Really Really good. This one shows us their range of emotions SO SO well. Always sad to think that their love would really never be accepted... but brilliant! Just brilliant anyway! ;)
Name: Anonymous Again reviewed With Loving Hatred on Apr 28, 2006 09:21 am
I would like to apologize if my comments were unduly harsh or offensive. I reread your fic and feel that I must have been having an off day and when that happens, every goes sour and hypercritical, including perception and my written comments. If I could delete my review, I would, and I will not be writing any further reviews on bad days. Please continue with this fic or not as you see fit. If you do continue, I think it would be interesting to see a bit more depth and details about the characters to help us understand what is motivating them to hate and love each other so much, that's all.

In response to Lareen's comments. I find it interesting that she is able to get on her high horse about my review, when she did not make a single comment, constructive or otherwise, about your fic which is the whole purpose of reviews. All she did was bash my review in the nasty fashion she is so disdainful about.
Name: Lareen reviewed With Loving Hatred on Apr 27, 2006 08:32 pm
I find it really interesting how some people have no qualms in giving constructive criticism but at time same time don't have the nerve/balls to sign in with there own name (forget real name!) and to top it off call them selves 'Anonymous Anonymous '

I am not a member of this forum - and I don't have the time nor the desire to join. i quite enjoy reading stories here and see no harm in encouraging or supplying any writer with criticism; especially when it has been sought. all i have to ask 'Anonymous Anonymous ' is why can't u put your point across with out being so darn nasty!

What 'Anonymous Anonymous' expects from a fanfict site is quite beyond me... maybe we could ask him/her if they would actually supply us with a name. Now that would be really helpful.
Name: Anonymous reviewed With Loving Hatred on Apr 27, 2006 02:12 pm
Honestly? I find it ordinary and uninspired and without an original breath to it overused body. Sorry. It's the same old conflict - Weasley vs. Malfoy - our families hate each other so we hate each other. There's no depth, no unusual angle or take on it. And while your use of language and writing is certainly competent, it is not inspired nor is it strong enough to make up for the worn out plot. Even the angst isn't compelling. It falls flat. Would I want to read more of this? Not really. I commend you for trying something new and asking for honest constructive criticism. I wouldn't have taken the time or the effort to write this is I didn't believe you were capable of far more than this.

Name: shadieladie reviewed With Loving Hatred on Apr 27, 2006 12:59 pm
love it!
Name: smprsgrrl reviewed With Loving Hatred on Apr 27, 2006 12:36 pm
I like this... the thought processes for easy to follow, and they were very parallel. I could feel the vexation of both Draco and Ginny. Excellent work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm starting to feel a lot better about this story as well as a possible continuation...
Name: WG reviewed With Loving Hatred on Apr 27, 2006 11:31 am
Don't know why ur so upset about this story, I actually think it's pretty good! And I swear i am not just saying this to make u feel better.

Your crisp sentences have tons of life in them... u can almost envision the scene acting out. but in the end what i really like about this is that its cute but not just pure (gag,gag) fluff.

Looking forward to reading a lot more of the same...

Author's Response: I think I was really just nervous because I had never done something with no interaction and so lacking in dialogue. The whole mood was, on a level, rather dark and I've never really done that before. I'm not typically shy, however I must say I get shy and nervous whenever I try to write styles outside of what I'm used to. Then again, I suppose practice makes perfect... Now I'll stop rambling... lol Thanks for the review!
Name: mysterious_sparks reviewed With Loving Hatred on Apr 27, 2006 02:12 am
I like the style, it worked really well, i'd read the series of shorts if you decided to take that root. If they all work out as well as that did.
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