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I liked it, I felt it was a bit rushed at times, but your plot held nicely, and your dialogue was really good. You kept everyone in I appreciate that. Your writing is really good, and I would like to thank you for the entertainment...Let me know when you do another D/G fanfic..
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I really enjoyed reading this. There was a brilliant amount of everything: angst, conflict, fluff, snark. Furthermore, your descriptions were amazing as well and I definitely needed to cool down after some of those D/G sessions, heh. Your description of Draco gave me butterfiles in my stomach too. xP For a second there I was so extremely afraid that you would kill Draco off and I was all ready to bawl my eyes out. But he lived and I was, am, so extremely glad! All in all, very well done. I commend you.
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Congrats on the nomination at Quill to Parchment! I am reading nominees and I chose yours as the first Ginny/Draco I'd ever read--you might just convert me ;)

I liked this chapter very much. You've done a fantastic job of setting up a believable plot without forgetting the events of the past (so sick of stories where Ginny is in her seventh year and doesn't ever think about her family). I loved the invention of the cuffs, and Ginny's reaction when Draco implies they're really painful was a nice touch.
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