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Name: teen reviewed Deal on Jul 29, 2007 01:10 am
good story
Name: Demonsrock222 reviewed Deal on Jun 25, 2007 09:55 pm
Ooo. Knew that was coming. Can't wait to read the rest when you update!
Name: Demonsrock222 reviewed Surprise on Jun 25, 2007 09:49 pm
This is a good chapter. I'm kind of worried though, what's lucius going to do? Oh well I'll find out in the next chapter.
Name: ronlover reviewed Deal on Mar 27, 2007 08:06 am
Oh, must read more! Update soon please!

Author's Response: I'm afraid I won't be able to update untill the begining of next week...but I am working hard on the fic. I'm glad you're enjoying it!
Name: Ice_Dragon reviewed Deal on Mar 25, 2007 08:50 am
nice one. you make draco sound like he's a loisy loser. i hope you make this story realy long cause it would suck if it wasent long.

Author's Response: Lucky for you I can't do "one-shots" very easily. I fully expect this to fall in the "Long and Completed" catagory. Thanks for the review!
Name: DracoGinnyLover reviewed Deal on Mar 24, 2007 06:44 pm
So far So good! Can't wait to read more. Good Luck! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy the rest of it!
Name: nun outfits are cool reviewed Deal on Mar 24, 2007 01:21 pm
aarg! Lucius is... odd.
Can't wait for more though!
Name: shortlilangel73 reviewed Deal on Mar 24, 2007 11:44 am
ahhh! cliff-hanger!!!!
lucius is so evil...but he is certainly a great character. and very cunning.
great job! keep it up!

Author's Response: Hehe, yes - a cliff-hanger! Lucius is fun to write. Too many people make him more evil than Voldemort, but there's a great selfishness in him that cannot be ignored. Thanks for the comments though!
Name: nun outfits are cool reviewed Surprise on Mar 22, 2007 09:14 am
ooh, scary... fabulous though! Really interesting, and I want to know how Draco feels!

Author's Response: Thanks! More will be shown in following chapters : )
Name: Myanceris reviewed Surprise on Mar 22, 2007 09:09 am
I like petulant!Draco, he's funny and so in character.

I'm sorry but the name 'Gwynne' still irks me. Sorry but it does. I can't help that. :-7

But in counterpoint to that I really do like Draco's developing characterisation its very.... 'right' and I'm intreagued by the 'circumstances' Lucius mentioned...

Author's Response: Thanks for your earlier suggestions on Draco. I've been trying to recapture the "cannon" Draco (the whiny brat that's spoiled by his parents) while also transitioning him into the Draco we all love.rnrnAnd about the name "Gwynne" take condolence in the fact that "Gwynne" is only the name Lucius gave her. Doesn't mean it is permanantly her name ; )rnrnThanks for all the reviews, and I hope you enjoy the coming chapters!
Name: blackmagicwoman reviewed Surprise on Mar 22, 2007 01:08 am
oh poor Ginny! Hope Draco will be more nicer!
Name: shortlilangel73 reviewed Identity on Mar 21, 2007 02:59 pm
LOVE the last line...
still can't stop laughing
great start! keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks! I thought it was rather fitting myself. Glad you liked it.
Name: blackmagicwoman reviewed Identity on Mar 21, 2007 09:55 am
oh liking this story, interesting!
Name: Myanceris reviewed Awake on Mar 21, 2007 08:32 am
Thank you for your response. I hope you don't think I was implying that I thought your story was plagaristic, because believe me, your words are WAY more coherent than Vexy (I suggest if you have a moment and wish to be both horrified and amused, you check out the links on my livejournal posts), it was just that I read the name Gwynne my heart stopped!

It is interesting to see how other authors delve into the meanings of words to come up with names for their characters, I myself have a bit of a fetish for latin when naming my characters! lol

I am given to understand that Ginevra is in fact a modern progression of Guinevere. However might I venture a minor piece of concrit: Ginny may have lost her memories, however she's likely to be curious enough to want to discover more about her 'family', her past and her situation generally, and I wonder if it was perhaps prudent of Lucius to give her something as potentially 'concrete' as a surname from which to work. Because even though she is NOT a 'Wallace', she THINKS she is is therefore likely to want to trace other members of the 'Wallace' family. So unless Lucius was particularly clever and pre-investigated the name Wallace to ensure she met nothing but dead ends, perhaps it may have been wiser for Lucius to have simply provided her with a first name by which to identify herself.

Other than that, the premise is good and I hope Draco's characterisation builds more upon the 'Father has got to be bloody kidding' line because I like that line and it implies a sceptical and somewhat critical Draco and I'd like to see that counterpoint to Ginny's confusion and disorientation...
Name: Anonymous reviewed Identity on Mar 20, 2007 10:20 am
This sounds good. Eagerly awaiting to read more.
Name: ronlover reviewed Identity on Mar 20, 2007 09:53 am
OMG. Can't wait to read more! Update soon!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Heh! Thanks. I'm writing the next chapters as we speak ; )
Name: dgloves70 reviewed Identity on Mar 20, 2007 06:44 am
Nicely done. I look forward to how you work this great idea into your story. I am curious as to why Draco and Narcissa are bemoaning with whatever Lucius is planning with the littlest Weasley! Excited and waiting for the next great chapter!

Author's Response: I'm so happy you're enjoying the product of my bizzare imagination. I'll be posting asap : )
Name: OldBlueEyes reviewed Identity on Mar 20, 2007 05:56 am
I love this so far! I l loved how descriptive the first chapter was; keep that up! This chapter was great too...I wonder what Lucius is up to. I have a faint idea...but it could be anything, really:)

Author's Response: With a character like Lucius, what can't you do? He's amazing to is any of the Malfoys in general. We'll see if your "hunch" is right! Thanks for reviewing
Name: hummie reviewed Identity on Mar 20, 2007 05:00 am
Hmm intriguing. I had not expected this story to go on :) I am very much curious how Ginny got in that state. Also, what are Lucius' plans for Draco and Ginny? Anyway, good job at keeping it enticing! I await the next installment :) Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm working very hard to get the next few chapters written, beta'd, and posted.
Name: pens82 reviewed Identity on Mar 20, 2007 04:46 am
Name: Myanceris reviewed Awake on Mar 20, 2007 02:44 am
I don't suppose you are familiar with the 'work' of a person named 'Vexy' who posts on quizilla are you?

Perhaps you just chose an unfortunate name to rename ginny...

But I'd like to mention that she plagarised HUGE portions of my fanfic 'exquisite irony' and renamed 'her' main character gwynne or gwenn or something. Said plagarised fic also started in eerily the same way with torture and memory loss etc etc so I hope you'll understand me not lavishing praise and enthusiasm since said plagarism broke my heart and this reminds me of it far too much for comfort...

Otherwise, the premise is good and the pain and torture aspects will be interesting to explore later on. I also liked dracos response ''Father has got to be bloody kidding...'' I like that line. perhaps it is merely the unfortunate choice ginnys pseudonym that has unfairly biased me against this story...

But we'll see. I know I shall shall be watching the plot progression with interest...


Author's Response: I'm very sorry if my fic seems in any way similar to the person who plagarized your work. I got the idea for the fic after watching a CSI: New York in which one of the detectives "wakes up" (so to speak) with fragmented memories and bruises. That became the spring board for this idea. Also, the name "Gwynne" was originally going to be "Gwen" but then I found out that the former means "fair" and the latter means "intelligent". For my purposes I chose the first spelling. "Gwynne" is short for Guinevere, a name I always thought Ginny could be named after. Thus I incorperated it into this fic. You will notice that Ginny's alleged name "Gwynne Wallace" also has the same innitials as her original "Ginny Weasley". I tend to come around with ideas in strange ways, but never through others' works.

Again, I'm terribly sorry that your work was dishonored in such a way. I promise that this fic is coming from imagination and ideas from no one but myself. I do hope you can enjoy the rest of the story despite these complications.

Name: AuntAnnie reviewed Identity on Mar 20, 2007 02:29 am
Wow! This is a new twist, and I love it. I cant wait to see where this is going. Keep up the good work, update soon.
Name: Ananyamous reviewed Identity on Mar 19, 2007 05:37 pm
It sounds promising. I can't wait to hear what happened and what will happen.
Name: nun outfits are cool reviewed Identity on Mar 19, 2007 05:32 pm
wow! I like it... :) very nice, and there's a plot! Always a bonus... Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm very glad you like it
Name: ronlover reviewed Awake on Mar 18, 2007 02:00 pm
Oooooh, Must read more. Very interesting. Who's the dead person??

Author's Response: All in due time, my avid reader. I'm glad you're enjoying it!
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