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Name: Iliana_r reviewed The beginning of the end on Feb 11, 2008 10:43 am
Well, very good scene then, you must not be afarid to write more of that.
Name: jandjsalmon reviewed The beginning of the end on Dec 01, 2007 07:41 am
Good Goodbye to Britain indeed! WOW!

Author's Response: *glomps* Thanks, hon!
Name: shaded reviewed The importance of cradle songs on Nov 28, 2007 04:23 am
I love the plot; it's very original. The fears that both Ginny and Draco have are expressed very well. I like how you are unravelling the story slowly, with a flash-back here and a dream sequence there. It keeps me hooked, as I am very curious about what deeds they committed when being trained by Greyback and how they were drawn to each other.

I like how you've worked with the werewolf abilities, making it so that Draco and Ginny can half-transform to their wolf forms. I absolutely love werewolf / wolf stories, but it's been a while since I've come across one. The dynamic in a wolf pack mixed with human feelings and emotions is intriguing and it's great to see some of that in this story.

I can't wait for the next chapter. I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the wonderful review! I'm so glad that the flashbacks and dreams aren't confusing. I felt that utilizing both would move the story forward without bogging it down. rnrnHee! I love all things that go bump in the night- vamps and were's particularly- so I wanted to bring a bit of understanding of werewolves as I see them. ((On a side note do you read Laurell K. Hamilton or Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark- Hunter series...if not I highly rec both!))rnrnI'll update as soon as I can, but with the Winter holidays coming up quickly, I'm making no promises as to when.rnrnThanks again!
Name: Findabhiar Aery reviewed The beginning of the end on Nov 27, 2007 12:38 pm
Love it! I am really enjoying this story..... the characterizations are so good, and so believable, you can feel Draco and Ginny's pain, and where they are coming from.

I am loving the angle to this story, very original... though, I am missing Blaise a little, I must admit.

Please do keep writing when you get the chance! :)

Author's Response: Fin! *hugs* Thanks, dear! I'm missing Blaise a bit too. I am so backlogged on my fic reading and I feel horrid about it! rnrnI am so glad you like this story though. It is my favorite straight D/G pairing fic (of my own) at the moment. *hugs*
Name: oxymoron8 reviewed The importance of cradle songs on Nov 27, 2007 07:13 am
*Squee* I am so glad to see this. I know that you are busy with RL and being Greg in the RPG. But I am glad to see some of their past that make them who they are, that and the fact that its a new chapter. Will the others at get updated as well? I really like that Gin isn't going to let becoming a werewolf change her completely. So, Hermione was a cow (for lack of a better term) and doused Harry but he refuses to see it. Can I say that I hope that he and Voldie die together so the world will be free. I love your anti-trio and sometimes anti-Weasley family moments. Happy writing and hope to see more. Have fun playing Greg. I do like how he acts and wonder what trouble he will get into next.

Author's Response: *happy dance* I am sooo glad you liked the chapter and Greg. (You and I talked about a decent Greg a while back and I am glad that you like what I came up with. As for trouble, watch Caliga tonight to get a hint at the trouble he might just get into next!) rnrnLOL! Hermione is a cow and I just might kill off Harry and Voldie! The anti-Trio and Weasley moments are too fun to write! Gin loves Draco and they are learning to live the life they've been given. They're just a bit more...dangerous now lol. I am working on updates for all my fics, promise! *huggles* Thanks for the great review!
Name: jandjsalmon reviewed The beginning of the end on Aug 02, 2007 03:58 pm
Holy Hell -- a VERy good way to say goodbye to Britain. *fans self*

Author's Response: Oh, Jess, so glad you liked it! Keep the fan, you may need it for later chapters. *Big Higs* for reading and reviewing. rnKelly
Name: twilights_pride reviewed The beginning of the end on Jun 03, 2007 11:22 am
not bad, not bad. especially for your first one. that one's usually the most unnerving. i like the story line though

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I was very nervous, he he. I'm glad that you like the storyline- as soon as I get a new beta, the next chapter will be up. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.
Name: felicitas reviewed The beginning of the end on May 26, 2007 11:00 am
You know how I feel about wolf!Draco (forums) but this first chapter is so good!!! I'm shocked! The scene with Reynolds is so... violent. I want to know how they were put in that situation tough. The writing is excellent and let me tell you the "claws to half form" just did it for me. :D

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it and took the chance on it. I was hoping I could overcome the disbelief most everyone has for the Werewolf!Draco theory. Umm, this one is a bit darker than any of the others I have posted anywhere and for good reasons- which I will definitely explain as the story unfolds. *blush* Excellent, really?! Thanks so much. Lol, I love that line too- I had hoped to get the wolf vs. human that both deal with across. Thanks for taking the time to read and review, it really means alot to me to know that people like what I write!rnKelly
Name: Findabhiar Aery reviewed The beginning of the end on May 25, 2007 07:56 pm
WOW. Awesome Kelly. I loved it... so much thought going into the scenes, the fact that they;re both werewolves... LOVE IT!!! so different from everything else. Please continue when you can, you're the author I read when procrastinating!!!!

Author's Response: Fin- *squee* You really like it? Yea, for me. *grin* Hmm, you ask for updates by saying that you is that motivation? ;) I am so glad that everyone likes that they are both werewolves. I have been playing around with this plot forever it seems like and I finally took the plunge, got a beta, and worked on it between rewrites of everything else. I am a bit giddy that you came to both sites to review! *huggles* Kelly
Name: JulieMalfoy reviewed The beginning of the end on May 25, 2007 04:29 pm
This is a GREAT fic Kelly!!! *Grins* Oh my, like I said before on messenger, you're a GREAT author!!! The smut scene was actually funny in a good way. I don't think I've read that kind of smut scene. ALthough, I don't really remember lol. Anyway, this is good! You're doing good so far! Unless this is a one-shot, UPDATE PLEASE!!!:D

The one and only,


Author's Response: Aww, thanks. Im glad you like it after all that I bugged you about it. *grins sheepishly* Me a one-shot? How could I torture you if I did that? lol. The second chapter has been sent to my beta, dear, so no worries about updating. Oh, and this is going on both comps and the new jumpdrive, have no fear. rn*monster hugs* rnKelly
Name: RaineMalfoy reviewed The beginning of the end on May 25, 2007 07:06 am
Yay for Werewolves! You did what I wanted to do (with Draco) and you did it amazingly well! Beasty Draco is, by far, SO much sexier than sickly Draco in my fic...but mine is beasty too, I just haven't gotten to showing that side of him yet. *wink*
You write really well, I love your wording and choice vocabulary. The flashbacks were informative and fun (I should know, I myself write enough of them in my fics) and I like Ginny being a Werewolf too. I'm not sure I like the "evil Ginny" because that is a cliche I never really felt too drawn too, but when you couple it with the lycanthropy, it actually at least has a viable explanation and is just not utterly OOC.
I hope to find out more about how/why/when Draco was turned, this "training" sounds very interesting, and the term "enforcers" made me think of L.K.Hamilton's Anita Blake novels. Have you read them? I would suggest it if you haven't, they are EXCELLENT Vampire/Werewolf/Necromancer books. (up through book 9 that is, after that they become smut without a plot and it's sad for us avid fans that read the series for Anita's sarcasm with a gun and the murder cases and violence...)
I like the idea of Draco and Ginny being bounty-hunters/vigilantes. That is a really fun and new concept! (for me at least since I have not read a fic with the same premise before) "Of course, there were a couple of unexplained disappearances as well. Paybacks were a bitch after all" That line is by far my favorite and it made me smile in an evil way. *smirks*
I like your concept and grasp of lycan and I can't wait to see where you take all this.
The witty banter was good...I can't write that to save my life, and the smut was tasteful. It showed their primal lust and need for each other without being raunchy or insincere. I was a little confused over how much they were dressed/when they got undressed...I think i was just reading too fast though. He was in jeans and she was in a t-shirt and jeans? I got lost. My quick-fix for such things and to avoid confusion of whose pants went where and when i just say "they made clothing disappear rapidly as they...." and I'm basically covered. XD
The only other thing that stumbled me was the transitions between flashback/thought and the present tie. I could follow the italics but it took me a moment to orient myself each time.
I can't wait for an update! This is quite different than my own fic, so I think you could read mine without risk, though this does make me want to work on my sequel more, so I can get to my fun flashbacks where Draco acts this beasty.
*smooches* this was brilliant!

Author's Response: He he, you leave reviews like I do *hugs for that*. Hmm, Ginny isn't evil- I hope in the next chapter to expound on that a bit more. I'm so glad you like it! I hope you don't take offense to the fact that I'm glad they are different- your fic and mine- as well, it makes me much more comfortable that I won't be facing finger pointing and accusations that I ripped off your fic *whew*. I love Laurell K. Hamilton and while I didn't take ideas from her work, I did try to give a balance between lycan and human traits as she does. As for the flashback's the Cabal member who approved the chapter suggested that the italics were enough *shrug* I'm not going to make waves. I just hope now that everyone gets it easier because flaskbacks are a big part of the fic.rnrnI loved the line about paybacks being a bitch as well- they have retribution to dish out and Greyback has no one but himself to blame for it...wonder how he'll react? rnrnThe smut was the first I had written- at least that I didn't immediately delete so I was really worried about it. For the record, Draco was in denims and Ginny had denims and a light tee on when they started. *smirk* In my mind, he rolled out of bed and pulled his denims on- not overly worried about a shirt. rnrnI am honeslty doing a little dance that you deemed it brilliant as I've heard rave reviews of your fic. It means alot, as I think ours are the only werewolf!Draco fics out there. What did you mean that I did what you wanted to do? I am confused! In my ideal of lycanthropy- which I will explain in the next chapter, being sickly is an option, but only if you choose to go that way...Thanks again for taking the time to read and review! rnI hope you tune in for the next chapter and once I get this one rolling I will read yours *grin*rnKelly
Name: black_adder24 reviewed The beginning of the end on May 24, 2007 08:47 pm
What a way to say good-bye to Britain indeed! I like this chapter. You did good. Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Thanks for the compliments and for taking the time to review. More people would go on holiday/ leave home if they knew this was the way thay would say goodbye, don't you think? *grin* I hope to update soon, so I hope you check it out!
Name: seegrim reviewed The beginning of the end on May 24, 2007 07:31 pm
Very interesting. This is only the second Draco/werewolf fic I've read.  I like the Fenrir/Voldemort part.  Good job describing the creepiness of the situation.

Author's Response: Thanks, I've not read the other Draco/werewolf fic so it will be interesting to go and do so when this is done and see how different Raine's ideas are. I'm glad you liked it. I do hope I fixed everything that you pointed out- I know I doubled checked when I edited it. Ohh, I'm glad I hit the 'creepy' factor, but there will be worse to come! Thanks for taking the time to leave me a review.
Name: wonderingeagle reviewed The beginning of the end on May 24, 2007 03:16 pm
Once again another wonderful story. You can tell that a lot of effort and time was put into the plot. Please continue.

Author's Response: Thanks. *blush* A lot of thought and effort has gone into this fic, as it does with all my others. Thank you sincerely for noting that. I do appreciate it very much. I hope to update very soon, Real Life permitting of course.
Name: abby reviewed The beginning of the end on May 24, 2007 02:45 pm
Please, update! I love it! please update!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for taking the time to review. I will get the next chapter up as soon as I can. I'm glad you loved it!
Name: Hajra reviewed The beginning of the end on May 24, 2007 07:24 am
This is brilliant! I loved the smut! It looks already to be a very interesting read - I love the idea of both Ginny and Draco being werewolves- a novel concept!

Author's Response: Aww, I'm blushing! Thanks, the smut was what had me very, very nervous. When the plot popped into my head I let it stew for a long time because I wasn't certain how the concept would be recieved. I hope to update again soon, Thanks again for the lovely compliments and for taking the time to review!
Name: slygal reviewed The beginning of the end on May 24, 2007 06:57 am
I think you did it justice... will there be more? Will it explain how Ginny became a werewolf too? future cookies?

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Yeah, this is just the first chapter and I've got it plotted ou, I just don't know exactly how many chapters it will be. Everything will be explained, I promise! Thanks again for taking the time to review.
Name: oxymoron8 reviewed The beginning of the end on May 24, 2007 06:51 am
Great chapter even if you just quit reading before the smut. I really like this. Will you be posting some of your other stuff here? I really like how you made them both werewolves. Will the French villagers where they go make a cure or just improve the wolfsbane?

Author's Response: Robin- woot, you liked it! I was so nervous about this one. Um, maybe the stuff that is straight D/G (pun intended- lol) but that will depend on how much (and how quickly) I get retyped of the fics everyone is waiting on at Hmm, as for the French villagers- if I do a sequel that very thing will be addressed. Thanks so much for reviewing *hugs* Kelly
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