Name: ginatoms reviewed Draco's Christmas Gift on Feb 20, 2016 04:16 pm
I cant believe I've never read this before! I'm also very aware it's the wrong season for it but sometimes you need a good old Christmas fic to bring up your mood.
I loved your sneaky snarky Draco and ginny choking on the juice! Brilliant!
And when he does his nice real smile rather than a smirk, ahhh gets me every time.


Author's Response: It's still winter (in the northern hemisphere), so technically it's the exact right season for a Christmas story! I'm so glad you liked the story! Thank you for reading and reviewing! n_n
Name: twiddlekinks reviewed Draco's Christmas Gift on Dec 22, 2010 08:37 pm
haha This was very cute -- and the 2nd chapter definitely made it very satisfying. :)

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! I'm glad you liked it! n_n
Name: Mungihead reviewed Draco's Christmas Gift on Dec 16, 2010 03:53 pm
Awwww ;) Soo cute and Christmas-y! love it :D

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you liked it. n_n
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Hi Jessica :) I just found your link from the DG forum :)I think I have read this story before but I love it great job.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! :D I'm glad you liked it. ^^
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a cute one..

Author's Response: Thank you! ^^
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this was one fluffy fic..just the way i like it..

Author's Response: XD I'm glad you liked it!
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*Squeels* I loved this as a one-shot, but this second part was great! Hopefully theres more!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! That's all for now. Maybe there will be more next year. ^^
Name: unseensorrows reviewed Draco's Christmas Gift on Dec 21, 2009 04:09 pm
So sweet (:

Author's Response: Thanks! :D
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good job!

Author's Response: Thanks! :D
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Wonderful LOL

Author's Response: Thank you! ^^
Name: Jack Tamara reviewed Draco's Christmas Gift on Dec 21, 2009 11:23 am
oh, i really loved that detail about draco and ginny's former relationship. hopefully, in the spirit of Christmas, Draco and Ginny will get back together and get married! great job and merry christmas to you too!

Author's Response: The former relationship mentioned was actually Harry and Ginny's, but there's no doubt that D and G are set to have a very happy future together. ^^ Maybe we'll hear more about how they are doing next Christmas! :D I'm glad you liked it!
Name: Nutmeg44 reviewed Draco's Christmas Gift on Dec 21, 2009 10:51 am
i just realized that i read the first chapter, loved it, wanted draco under my tree too but failed to leave a review. i guess the prospect of santa answering my wish for a delicious slytherin as effectively as he answered ginny's scrambled my brain. it happens from time to time*sigh*. anyhoo, this is that review, made all the more delicious since its for a second chapter :D. love it. so sweet and christmassy fluffy. i want a blond slytherin gift this christmas too :(. oh well we cant all be ginny. thank u for this fantastic double-dose of goodness. now if only it would snow in jamaica and my christmaas would be complete.

Happy Christmas...

Author's Response: I've asked Santa for a Draco Malfoy or a Tom Felton every year, and he's yet to grant me my wish. D: I want snow too! Maybe we'll get lucky this year and we'll both get some snow! XD Thanks for the review; I'm glad you liked the story! And Merry Christmas to you! :D
Name: choravenclaw reviewed Draco's Christmas Gift on Dec 21, 2009 09:14 am
Draco's alarmed expressions of doubt concerning Ginny's intelligence, should have been enough to embarrass her.

I was laughing so hard with this.
Great line!

“We only put bows on presents, darling. Mr. Draco is not a present.”
Unfortunately, just as Fleur said this, Ginny was taking advantage of everyone's attention being diverted off of her to gulp down her orange juice, which she promptly spit out all over the table.

I'm gonna dye without breathing from laughing so much!

Then I remembered the youngest Weasley and I changed my mind. Thought I'd tag along with him. See what she was up to... how she had changed since I had left Hogwarts.”
He ran a finger down her cheek, turning her face so that she met his eyes. She gulped but didn't look away.
“I noticed you don't seem to like Muggle Christmas traditions,” he said. “I admit that I have no interest in them, myself...” Ginny snorted indelicately. “Ah, you caught on, did you?” The smirk that had found a home on his lips since he'd followed her into the living room turned into a smile. Ginny's eyes widened and she looked like she might faint from the shock of his face's sudden transformation.
He continued. “But there is one tradition of theirs that I can't find any fault with.”
“Um, which one is that?” she asked automatically, her mind too dizzy to realize what she was actually saying.
Which was fine for Draco. He liked his women a little dizzy. His mere presence usually caused their heads to empty and their hearts to flutter, and one good smoldering stare sent them fainting into his arms—just where he liked them to be.
Draco reached above her again, plucking something straight off of the tree and tapping her on the head with it.
Ginny had just enough time to see the piece of mistletoe in his hand before his lips connected with hers. As his arms wrapped around her, tugging her body against his chest, they both figured that some Muggle traditions were worth practicing.

I realize i copied most of the fic here, an it was a huge effort seeing as i wanted to copy from the moment he whispered in her ear.
But this was just so so great and i loved it
Such a great fluff!
perfect for this time of the year!
Thank you very very much for this!
Wonder how much more pressure will be necessary so that we can see Draco and Ginny together after Christmas1


Author's Response: LOL. Not enough, I don't think. Haha. But maybe I'll do a continuation next Christmas. We'll see how it goes. And you never know what will pop out between now and when my classes start up again. :D I'm so glad you liked the story! :D :D :D
Name: choravenclaw reviewed Draco's Christmas Gift on Dec 21, 2009 04:40 am
Pure pressure by crazy readers does it again!!
I'm so happy you posted another chapter!
I'll be reading it and reviewing as soon as i stop cackling like mad and smiling like i had a hanger stuck behind my lips!
For now i just wanna say i'm really really happy we've convinced you to write another chapter!


Author's Response: You were the biggest influence on me to continue, so thank you for your very enthusiastic encouragement! ^^
Name: bluelover reviewed Draco's Christmas Gift on Dec 21, 2009 04:34 am
AHHH!!! I love it!

Draco is such a smooth talker! haha....

I would love to see what happens to them in the next Christmas season!

Thanks for the update! I hope to

Author's Response: I'd like to see what happens to them too! Maybe next year I'll continue the story! ^^ I'm glad you liked it!
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