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Name: Iddoitallforthat reviewed A Recipe for Love on Jun 19, 2011 06:31 pm
Another thing I forgot to add. As I've said so many times before, you have a remarkable talent. I just can't stress this enough.
You always manage to portray both of them so well. :) It really is a pleasure every time. x

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I'm always a little relieved when people say I portray the characters well, because I do know I don't always like to stick to how canon would have them be portrayed. It gets a bit boring to write them the same every time - or that's what I find, anyway.
Name: Iddoitallforthat reviewed A Recipe for Love on Jun 19, 2011 06:25 pm
cuteness overload
Name: lilactree reviewed A Recipe for Love on Jan 28, 2010 12:30 pm
hmm. For some reason I wished they didn't end up together in this one based on Draco's character.. Ginny has her head on straight and deserves much better than Captain Womanizer (but I may be just a little too harsh).
The writing was fantastic as always! It was an entertaining read with out a doubt.

Author's Response: Yeah, Draco is a bit of an idiot in this one. Okay, a lot of an idiot. He's definitely a womaniser, and Ginny could probably do better, but then she also is one of the only woman who can keep him in line. I think that is what I was going for with this one.
Name: Flipinpenname reviewed A Recipe for Love on Jan 27, 2010 05:27 pm
hahaha. cuteeee. :]

Author's Response: Thank you!
Name: ginnyd reviewed A Recipe for Love on Jan 27, 2010 12:00 pm
That was to cute loved it!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. ^_^
Name: Shyla reviewed A Recipe for Love on Jan 26, 2010 08:27 pm
Such a great story! I love the way you brought them together through cooking. :D
Both characters were very well written!

Author's Response: Thank you! The idea wasn't actually mine. The girl whose birthday I wrote this for had made an exchange prompt where Ginny has to help Draco cook a meal -- or something along those lines. I thought it was such a cute idea that I couldn't resist writing it.
Name: choravenclaw reviewed A Recipe for Love on Jan 26, 2010 02:09 am
“Ugh, the light,” moaned Draco, throwing an arm over his eyes to shield out the offending sunlight that had seeped in behind her through the open door.

hehe, i do EXACTLY the same thing EVERY morning!
Will people ever learn what a closed door means???

“Oh, stop being such a baby,” responded his unfeeling companion. “Besides, it’s almost noon. You should be up and doing things, not shutting yourself away in the dark like some wannabe vampire.”

Ok, you just creeped me out!
my mum amd aunt tell me that almosst everyday,especially when i sleep past 10.

Besides, he had far more important things to think about than how unfeeling his flatmate could be.

I was all happy because of the way he talked about her, than a girlfriend comes along?
twist her neck soon, please!

“Well?” demanded Ginny, snapping him from his thoughts. “Will you be cooking for Miranda and her parents tonight?”
“You know damn well that I can’t cook.”
She smiled wickedly. “I know, and I look forward to seeing their faces when they realise this fact too.”

Ginny is positively, wickedly evil!
*evil grin*

“Okay, how about this? If you help me cook dinner tonight, I promise that I will stop teasing your friends when they come over.”
“Please,” scoffed Ginny, “you’ll break that promise as soon as you next see one of them. You can’t help yourself.”
“I swear I’ll be the perfect paragon of manners.”
She looked at him suspiciously for a moment. “Very well, but if you break your promise, you have to clean the toilet for the rest of the year.”

Oh Please!
he'll have to scrub bathrooms so much he might as well find an energy boost potion!
He's sooo losing this one!

He wondered if Miranda was worth the risk, but then he thought of the leggy brunette and felt his nether regions hum with pleasure at the thought of exploring that perfect body.

You're growing bold!
First the mention of shagging and now this?
i don't know what brought this one, but i definately like it!

I LOVED their interaction when he got out of bed naked!
She sure is a good actress, or at least a good lier!
but poor poor Draco!
He really didn't see that one coming!
Got him in his place for being so cocky...
ALthoug, the dried up old fossil coment really stung!

his coments about her beauty, freckles, hair and body had me all dreamy...
when he talked about her mouth i was so sure he would kiss her sooner than later, and then BHAM! he says she talks too much and that his girlfriend is hotter...
He's just doing it the wrong aproach by denying it...

“Is she hot?”
“You. Have. A. Girlfriend!” hissed Ginny, glaring at him. “And no she was not ‘hot’. She’s a leathery old woman with a bad tan and hideous fashion sense, who probably has a balding fat husband that doesn’t give her any satisfaction waiting for her at home, and so she turns to young men in the hopes of getting her thrills there, but whether they’ll be able to get past her pterodactyl-like face is another matter entirely.”
“I’m surprised you managed to say that at all in one breath,” remarked Draco, amused.

the fact he was amused by HOW she said it rather than WHAT she said really would get me to my nerves if i were her.
This whole defend his girlfriend postur is really a bitch of a plce to be in.
I know because i've done it before, you act like a concerned friend that wants him to be on the line but in truth you just want t make sure he won't cheat on you if you're ever together...
yes, i've definately been there...

Draco had to remind himself that this was his shrewish flatmate leaning over him and not the deliciously tempting woman he was imagining. It was surprisingly easy, for, typical of Ginny, she had to go and tell him to stop standing around like a useless piece of waxwork and get more bowls so they could make the cake.

Ok, he HAS GOT to stop calling her a shrew!
it really gets me mad at him!
And she has to stop calling him names!
it's not gonna work dear!
YOu simply have to admit that no matter what you mouth or brain call him, your heart will always call him a different name!

Draco used the towel in his hands like a whip, hitting her sharply but playfully on her backside. She let out an indignant shriek and, seeing the laughter in his eyes, picked up a tea towel that had been hanging on the rack and hit him right back. He caught her hand, which was still holding the tea towel, and pulled her closer to him, a smirk curling his lips as he trapped her in his arms.
“Now, love, play nice,” admonished Draco in a velvety murmur, his lips just brushing against her ear.

My tomach is all up in knots!
I swear i'd have become butter by the fire if he did that to me.
HOW does she do it? how does she resist him???

Ginny froze in his arms. He also realised the magnitude of what he had just done and quickly released her. They stared at each other for a moment, like two cats waiting for the other to pounce, and then she slowly relaxed, letting out a rather shaky laugh as she did so.

You evil witch!
You had my hopes all up and you do this!
Pull her back, kiss her senseless you stupid man!!!

“Oh, I most definitely know that, Ginevra. I have lived with you for two years, after all.”
She smiled. “So you have.”
Miranda suddenly cleared her throat. “Well, shall we have dessert?”

in your face you little foul creature!
That's what you get for meddling with this power couple!
Even you can't deny it!
Now i doubt they'll ever be able to!

Draco knew she was behind him, which is why, as soon as they had escaped the prying eyes of his guests, he pushed her up against the wall and claimed her mouth hungrily with his own. She was too surprised to resist, and he took the opportunity to deepen the kiss, fisting a hand in her hair as he pulled her closer to him. She moaned softly into his lips, and he clutched her tighter, needing to feel every inch of her body pressed against his own.
“Wait,” panted Ginny, putting her hands on his chest to hold him back. “We can’t do this.”
“Of course we can,” said Draco, and he leaned in again to kiss her.
Ginny stubbornly held him back. “Your girlfriend is waiting for you in the other room.”
“Screw Miranda,” responded the blond heatedly. “I don’t give a damn about her! I only care about you!” He cradled her face in his hands, meeting her eyes with his own intense grey. “You’re the one I want, Weasley—the one I’ve always wanted.”


Oh my God Kim!
i nearly went up in flames!
THAT's what a kiss should be all about!
I love it!
Abso-bloody-lutely LOVE it!
I'm so gald it finally happened, they have been stirring this sauce since the beginning of the fic and for Merlin know how long before, the fact that it has finally bubbled over and spilled all over the place only makes it better!
Now go clean up, get rid of mirranda and her annoying mother and snobish father and let Draco and Ginny havet their moment!
i'm so happy!!!

“I swear I’m telling the truth. I’ll break up with Miranda right now if you want me to.”
“That won’t be necessary,” said a cold voice.
Draco turned his head to see Miranda watching them, disgust etched all over her face.
“I suppose I should have seen this coming,” said Miranda bitterly. “You always did enjoy being with her more than me.”
Draco remained silent. Really, there was nothing he could say.
“Well, you got what you wanted; I just hope you don’t live to regret it, because you’ll never get another chance with me. Oh, and don’t bother to call me.”
“Don’t worry. I won’t."

sure cheating and being the other woman, even if it's just for a few minutes, is bad, but Miranda SOOOO deserved it!
She knew he had a hot flatmate who he loved spending time with.
If she really wanted to hold on to him she should have done something AGES ago.

I LOVED how he reacted to knowing she was going away.
There was no doubt, no sorry, not even an "i'll scort you out" courtesy.
He just cares about Gin and doesn't give a damn to what any other woman is doing!
Now THAT's the Draco i know and love.

“And how do I know you won’t just shrug me off without a second thought when you grow tired of me?”
“I’ll never grow tired of you, Ginny.”
“But how do you know?"
“Well, we’ve lasted these past two years living together. How hard can it be to live together as a real couple?”
“Is this your way of asking me to be your girlfriend?”
“I think it is.”
She was silent for a moment, and then a smile touched her lips.
“Well then,” said Ginny, taking another step towards him. “How about you show your girlfriend this supposedly fabulous dessert you’ve made?”
“With pleasure, though I’m a little worried she might not be as impressed with it as I hoped she would be.”
“Oh, she’ll be impressed. She did show you how to make it, after all.”
“You’re right,” murmured Draco as he took her into his arms. “She did.”

The perfect D/G sweet moment!!!
THank you so much Kim!
It was really really beautiful an great!
Hteir banter, right down to the last word was complete and perfect.
I'm so in love with Draco.
sure, he kinda cheated on his girlfriend but she was the real shrew and she deserved it.

I LOVE that there was a cooking scene!
And that they were together in the kitchen.
If you want to make me happy put anyone of them in a kitchen, especially cooking and giving the other spoon of sauces and such to taste.
i smply LOVE kitchen scenes, completely gaga over them.
There's just something really sexy about a kitchen...

THANK you so much for this!
What a wonderful way to start a day!
I'm really really happy now!
Thank you!
It was beautiful!


Author's Response: Oh, me too. I am sooo not a morning person. *laughs*

Anyway, I am so sorry I have taken forever to reply to this. I've just been so busy. Your review really did make my day though (as they always do). I love the little comments you throw in. They always make me laugh. As for growing bold -- well, I tend to be a bit less prudish when writing post-Hogwarts fics like this. Especially when my Draco is as cocky and womanising as this one is. His thoughts can hardly be considered innocent. *snorts*

I had to giggle at the evil witch comment. Of course, he does eventually kiss her, as you found out. :P

Draco never cared about Miranda. He was probaby relieved when she dumped him because it saved him the trouble. Plus, he was too much concerned with Ginny in that moment, as you said. I don't think he even considered kissing Ginny as cheating since it was Ginny he loved and Miranda really had only been a 'shag then move on' girl.

Anyway, thanks again for the wonderful review!
Name: Nutmeg44 reviewed A Recipe for Love on Jan 26, 2010 12:18 am
i love it. draco was a bit harsh and callous but i guess when u have a light bulb moment u just have to run with it. awesome story.

Author's Response: He was a bit harsh, but it worked for the story.

Thanks for the review.
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