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Name: coneveronica reviewed Bleed Slow Part I on Mar 30, 2015 10:09 pm
I randomly stumbled across this story. Hope you decide to update it at some point!

Author's Response: I've definitely going to update some time soon.
Name: tenna reviewed A Proposition on Oct 25, 2012 07:10 am
I'm just sort of rolling around in glee :) This is really exciting :))
Name: bigreader reviewed A Proposition on Jul 26, 2012 01:57 pm
Wow I'm riveted! I really loved the beginning when you were laying out the every thing that's different from the books. This is an awesome story, I can't wait to start obsessively reading this!

Author's Response: I can't wait to have you reading obsessively! =D
Name: Boogum reviewed Chapter 9 on Mar 11, 2012 11:39 pm
Aw, I liked this chapter. Some difficult moments for the characters, but then the darker stuff was balanced by the very sweet glimpses of a blossoming romance. I love that they held hands and that Draco understood what he was missing. Also like the costume: interesting choice, but fitting also.

Can I just say that I am so glad you made it very clear that Lucius has never and would never raise a hand (or wand) against his family. Granted, in some stories the abuse does work, but I get annoyed when people make Lucius out to be an abusive father/husband just because he is a Death Eater. The world is not black and white, and someone who kills and follows a megalomaniac like Voldemort doesn't necessarily have to be completely cruel and horrid. Rant over.

Anyway, this was a lovely chapter. I look forward to seeing how the dance goes.

Author's Response: Rant loved! I agree wholeheartedly! The dance shows us a lot of new things. It was my way to introduce the single most important element to the story. Thanks for your review, doll!
Name: Boogum reviewed Chapter 8 on Mar 08, 2012 04:20 pm
Draco liked to think that every life he took had meaning. Not the life itself, but the act of taking it. Every time he took a life, there was a good reason for it, and reasons meant something to him

I really appreciated that line. I can handle a dark!Draco, but it makes it so much easier to like him if you can at least understand why he does cruel things. I like the fact he will only kill if he thinks he has a reason to do so.

This chapter was particularly good. I felt that we got to understand a bit more about the characters, and I thought the way you dealt with Ginny's PTSD was very real. I've gone through that before - the memory loss and then suddenly rediscovering those memories much later - and it's horrible and really does leave you so shaken. I'm glad Ginny has Draco to turn to.

Author's Response: Ginny's PTSD feels real because I base it off mine. It was very hard to write some chapters, and Anise had to literally coach me through it. I would shut down and curl into a ball and cry while writing some parts, but it was important that I wrote it. This is a real thing. She has to have it after what she went through. You will see more of it the further in you go. Thanks again for your kind words. I try hard to give a glimpse into the psyche of Draco, in hopes the reader connects. It's good to know I have done well.
Name: Boogum reviewed Of Death Eater Meetings on Mar 08, 2012 03:57 pm
What a fascinating chapter. I can't wait to get back into this story properly and certainly plan to once in my new house.

Draco is a complex character and one that I feel is holding back a lot more (even from the readers) than he lets on. I like the fact he is so in control, though. He knows what he has to do to be a good Death Eater, but I think that might cause a bit of complications for him later on. Especially if he allows those feelings for Ginny to blossom a bit more.

I said before that I loved your use of the books. It brings a whole new level to this story and is one that, surprisingly, isn't used very often. I enjoyed the glimpse of Narcissa's 'teenage' self, and am glad you are not shying away from showing the human lives behind the Death Eater masks. Even people who appear to be 'evil' still have feelings and can love.

Author's Response: We see a lot of Draco's character in the future chapters. He is quite complex. I am glad you liked the chapter and took the time to review. It made my night so much better.
Name: Tessie Tura reviewed Chapter 15 on Mar 03, 2012 07:20 pm
I love this story and was so elated to see it updated. You've got at least one girl waiting to see how it pans out!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This really made my night. I'm trying really hard to work on the next chapter at a good pace and angle, so knowing someone out there is excited makes it exciting for me as well! =D *hands rainbow cookie*
Name: Paranoid_Schemer reviewed Chapter 14 on Oct 16, 2011 11:30 pm
Another brilliant chapter! I liked the concept of their magic "alerting" them that something bigger is at hand, and I'm glad Ginny is taking back her role of being a fighter :) super intrigued for the next one lol. Great job!!! ;)
Name: Mungihead reviewed Chapter 14 on Oct 10, 2011 08:04 am
Wow, that was super dramatic! I'm so excited to see what's going on. Very well written and extremely enchanting.

Keep it up!

M :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I was a bit worried that it would be too much, but Anise loved it so I posted it here. Hopefully 15 will be up soon.
Name: GoldenFawkes reviewed Chapter 14 on Oct 10, 2011 04:06 am
Okay... WTF is going on here?

Author's Response: What do you not understand? Please be more specific.
Name: Paranoid_Schemer reviewed Chapter 13 on Aug 09, 2011 04:51 pm
Oh no...another cliff hanger :(

This is super interesting! I've never heard of anyone incorporating the devil with voldemort, in fanfiction at least. You just got tremendous kudos points from me ;D I really LOVE that your story is unpredictable and that you grab the reader's attention with every chapter, it's written very well, the plot keeps developing at a good pace and doesn't stray off, plus the characters are not written too OOC. To me these things constitute a GREAT fanfic!

Sadly I have no questions for this chapter but I am hoping for a D/G interaction soon ;) Keep up the good work!!!
Name: RiddleNoelMalfoy reviewed Chapter 13 on Aug 08, 2011 03:57 pm
o snap O.O **good story btw cant put it down!**
Name: balencestochexi reviewed Chapter 13 on Aug 02, 2011 10:55 pm
I just read this entire story in one day, on and off my subway rides. This story should have more reviews and recognition than it does. An original, believable, well-written story. I love the complexity in which you portray Draco and Ginny's relationship, it is very original and fresh. I anxiously await the next chapter and will recommend this to my friends :) keep up the FANTASTIC work :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! It means so much to me! The next chapter will be a bit longer getting up, but will be sometime this month. It's already written and just needs to be tweaked a bit. Hoping to see more of your reviews!
Name: angeldraco reviewed Chapter 13 on Aug 02, 2011 01:48 pm
Wow! The story is really unfolding! I am desperate to find out what is going to happen! Update soon! x
Name: Mungihead reviewed Chapter 13 on Aug 01, 2011 10:12 am
Oh, snap! This should be reeeeeeeeeally interesting. Guess the title has a double meaning ;)


M :)
Name: Akt5us reviewed Chapter 13 on Aug 01, 2011 06:00 am
that is a very interesting twist! I just wished the chapter had been longer!
Name: GinevraMalfoy17 reviewed Chapter 12 on Jul 27, 2011 04:19 pm
The only way I can express myself is oh $!%&

Author's Response: I like that way of expressing yourself. I say @#*% like that all the time. =)
Name: Paranoid_Schemer reviewed Chapter 12 on Jul 25, 2011 03:20 pm
-gasp- How awful that the person Draco has turned to for help is actually the one causing it all. I'm intrigued by this mental prison Ginny's mind has conjured up, is it the dark lord trapping her in there, or was it ginny's mind trying to protect itself from further invasion? And who was the man that Kora mentioned who came out of a possession and tried to kill them all? I thought at first it was the dark lord but then it would imply he had been possessed by someone else. I like that you've written this to make it difficult to find out who the culprit is. The one person who's fault it is has simply taken these memories with him, so who knows how Draco will find out. At least Draco knows the Dark Lord wants her physically, and if the Dark Lord wants her how come Draco didn't get punished for touching her?

lol okay enough with the questions. Can't wait till next chapter ;D

Author's Response: So many questions! But I like them! It wasn't the Dark Lord trapping her there. He's been doing some work behind the scenes. ;o) The Dark Lord was not the person possessed. Who it is isn't important. It's the fact that she said it that IS. You'll find out why the Dark Lord wanted this relationship to happen later on. It's going to be huge. And I mean HUGE. As for who the mystery man is... *whistles and walks away*
Name: angeldraco reviewed Chapter 12 on Jul 22, 2011 02:31 am
Wow! So intense! I cant wait to see who is controlling her dreams! A great story so far, need the next chapter! :-)

Author's Response: The next chapter has been sent to my lovely beta, Anise. Who is gorgeous. And persuaded me to update more. Yay for Anise!
Name: Anise reviewed Chapter 12 on Jul 21, 2011 11:01 pm
Ohhh... thanks! :) Yes, this is an intense chapter. But I do think that a lot of things really start to come into play here. I don't know if Draco could have realistically started to see the price he might have to pay for choosing to be a DE in any other way-- he's sworn to be Voldy's loyal servant, but that would now mean giving up Ginny. I'm really not sure how you're going to get them out of this one. I don't think you'll get to the point where you have to use the ending that a former bf of mine often used to bring up when something just went on TOO long...

"There was a big car crash, and everybody died."

"How did the Dukes of Hazzard movie end?"

"Oh, there was a big car crash, and everybody died."

"How did the dinosaurs become extinct?"

"There was a big car crash, and everybody died."

You get the idea. I'm really tired... Nighty night... ;)

Author's Response: Anise, my dearest! No, that will not be the ending. I have two written. One of them will be used. Not sure which one. As for Draco getting them outta all this... that's a very good question. But when I asked him about it, this is what he said. Me: Draco? *knocks on door* Draco: Go away! *throws teddy at door* Me: What's wrong? Draco: He wants to take my woman! And you won't even tell me how to stop him him! And you won't let me see her between scenes! Then it goes black. So yeah, that's nothing. Yet. But I'm off for two days, so hopefully I can figure something out, as well as send you the next chapter. Now I am tired. Nighttt.
Name: hatebelow reviewed A Proposition on Jul 21, 2011 07:13 pm
Well I havta say, I'm a little freaked out. I had to go back and make sure there was no character death warning before I started the next chapter. I am interested in seeing where this is going. I like the weasley element in this story. I am fascinated by their out right defiance against the order that turned its back on them.

Author's Response: There is character death. Like ten people have died so far. Seriously. Just not Draco or Ginny. It's a bit intense and will continue to be intense. But I'm glad you like it!
Name: Akt5us reviewed Chapter 12 on Jul 21, 2011 04:26 am
dun dun dun! I like this! I can't wait to read more! :)

Author's Response: More soon!
Name: RiddleNoelMalfoy reviewed Chapter 12 on Jul 20, 2011 10:00 pm
Omg.... This is getting really good! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you! And will do!
Name: Mungihead reviewed Chapter 12 on Jul 20, 2011 06:40 pm
Ewwwhh..Voldemort having Ginny? I think I almost heaved :( I wonder who that was? And while I cringed a bit at the first scene, you wrote it tastefully, so kudos :) I can't wait to see what happens, keep it up!! Draco: fight for your woman! Kick his sorry little behind.. :D

M :)

Author's Response: Mungiii! The first scene was VERY hard to write. But I'm glad you approve! The next chapter will be up when Anise gets around to beta-ing it. And then when I get around to uploading it. It's SHORT but good. Mega important. As to who it was... you'll find out. Eventually...
Name: openskys reviewed Chapter 12 on Jul 20, 2011 06:07 pm
Oh my oh my oh my! I cannot wait for am update! Old Voldly showed his hand and Draco isnt pleased at all is he? What was Voldemorte thinking when he handed Ginny over to Draco?

Author's Response: He was thinking about the number 7. Now whatever can THAT mean? ;o)
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