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Name: deepti1011 reviewed Through the Eyes of the Serpent on Jan 10, 2017 07:08 pm
Name: hatebelow reviewed Through the Eyes of the Serpent on May 12, 2011 11:34 pm
Draco's attachment to Ginny is absolutely adorable. Even when he thinks he doesn't like her, her being alive is the thing he most desires. I love the action in the story and the beautifully researched parts. I could almost image all of these things happened. This has a sort of feel like the movie "The Mummy" that I really enjoyed. Awesome fic!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you liked it. I was definitely going for that Mummy/Indiana Jones feel, so I'm glad that paid off. Thanks so much for the review! ^_^
Name: MemoriesFade reviewed Through the Eyes of the Serpent on Apr 01, 2011 04:06 pm
A very satisfying ending to the story. No one dies, and there is a kiss and people get released from hospitals. Fantastic.

Overall, I did enjoy this story. Action stories are sorely lacking these days (or I'm just not reading enough), and it's always nice when I get to read one, especially if it's written by someone I know because then I can write quirky reviews and they understand. It was written well (of course), had great DG interaction and was quite suspenseful.

And yay, Cyras dies. Mwahahaha HAH! Stupid git.

:) Ann

Author's Response: LOL, I love your quirky reviews.

Action stories really are quite rare these days. I can only name a handful at the top of my head, which is quite sad. What is quite funny though is that I never expected to get this prompt. This was my third choice, and more of the "well, it would be interesting" choice. I honestly didn't think I would be the one writing it, but that was the way it worked out. It was fun to write, though; I certainly got to indulge in my love for action and Indiana Jones-esque stories.

In any case, I'm glad you liked this, and thanks so much for taking the time to review it again. I believe I still owe you a review for your Filch one.
Name: MemoriesFade reviewed Behind the Wall on Apr 01, 2011 04:04 pm
Okay, she did redeem herself quite a bit in this chapter towards the end. And I was screaming something along the lines of: No, don't die. I know she doesn't die because I've read this before, but it didn't stop me from biting my lip just a little and leaning forward in anticipation.

Draco is so oblivious to the fact that she's dying at first, then he's all "Oh no, don't die." You gotta love him for making her not dying all about him too. It's not that she shouldn't die for the sake of not dying; it's that she shouldn't die because his record would be broken. And I know he's just saying that to make her smile or think happy thoughts while she slowly bleeds to death, but it is such a Malfoy-ish thing to say.


Author's Response: I think Draco is more trying to lighten the mood for himself, actually. In my mind, he doesn't know how to deal with a situation like that. By this point, he's accepted he at least cares about Ginny in some way, yet suddenly she's dying. I think part of why he behaves that way is his own inability to be serious and actually tell her how he feels. Hence the 'you can't die, you'll break my record' comment.

I'm glad Ginny managed to redeem herself in your eyes. ^_~
Name: MemoriesFade reviewed The Well of Buktu on Apr 01, 2011 03:54 pm
I know I said this during the exchange, but the damsel in distress Ginny just irks me. I don't hate her in this, but I definitely want to slap her a few times and say, "Stop doing stupid things." But then it wouldn't be much of a story without her running head first into the fray.

And ew, Cyras. What a shady person. His name is shady on its own without adding his white suit. Who wears white suits in the desert? Shady people.

Author's Response: White suits in a desert is a must for villains! They should start their own clothing store, for all their villanous needs. I can just see the slogan: Evil and Stylish. Cyras could be their spokesperson.

I know what you mean, but to do her credit, Ginny doesn't mean to be the damsel in distress. She's just impulsive and doesn't take the time to be cautious; it's not like she's completely useless, like some damsels in distress. If she had been more attentive, there might well have been no one attached to that rock about to be eaten by dragons . . .
Name: MemoriesFade reviewed To the Sands of Timbuktu on Apr 01, 2011 03:51 pm
Again with the fantastic DG banter. I loved it. Ginny is so hot tempered, and Draco is so yum. That's my new favorite adjective to describe him. And I like abnormally intellectual Draco, and by that I mean that he's always intelligent in most fics, this is him being both intelligent and intellectual. The combination is good.

Yes, it's a review kind of day for me, and I'm flipping back and forth between here and FFN.

Author's Response: Reviews always make my day, and since I just spent three hours being bored out of my mind at a balloon function, I'm rather happy right now that you chose my fics to read and review, lol.

I really wanted to give Draco and Ginny very distinct roles and personalities in this fic. They're opposite in just about every way, but they also balance each other. Plus, I love intellectual men, so it was nice giving a Draco a chance to let his inner academic shine.
Name: Anise reviewed Through the Eyes of the Serpent on Feb 28, 2011 04:30 pm
A very, very cute ending. :) It was also true to their relationship in the rest of the fic, and I loved that Draco knew he'd rescued her but Ginny didn't. At some point, I hope he tells her-- hopefully when she's being very annoying. And just think-- now that I've read this, there's no need for me to ever actually *go* to Timbuktu. ;)

Author's Response: I couldn't resist the cute ending. I thought they deserved it after all that drama and action.

Hehe, I think it would be just like Draco to pull out the "I saved your life" card during one of their arguments. Ginny, of course, would probably say he was talking rubbish and that she saved his life too, so it really meant nothing. You know, sometimes I think those two are too explosive and stubborn for their own good. They really must rely on make-up sex to ease the tension . . . (this is when I should stop and remind myelf I'm talking about fictional characters).
Name: Anise reviewed Behind the Wall on Feb 25, 2011 10:38 pm
Oh, wow! (Okay... deep breath. Dives in.)

What was the name of Indy's antagonist in the original film? I can't remember, but Cyras definitely was bringing back memories of him. "Once again, remember there is nothing you possess that I cannot take away." I could just picture Cyras saying that, especially when he said that sacrificing Ginny to the dragon would have been a waste after all... ;)

I LOVED Ginny's "I'm not a defenseless female" move! You go, girl.

Hm, I didn't know if Draco would leave Ginny at the end or not. But it does make sense that he would; he knew that she wanted him to, and I think he also knew that he'd be able to help her more by actually finding the skull. Can't wait to find out what happens next! :)

Author's Response: Was it Rene? Rene something. Bah, I can't remember. I think I know what one you mean, though. The French archaeologist, right?

I thought it was about time Ginny showed her mettle (it's the feminist in me), but she definitely bit off more than she could chew by the end of the chapter. I don't think Draco wanted to leave Ginny at all, but he knew what he had to do and that, as you pointed out, he would be able to help her more by finding the skull.

In any case, there's only one chapter left, so you won't have to wait long. ^_~
Name: Dark__Angel reviewed Behind the Wall on Feb 24, 2011 04:44 pm
great chapter

Author's Response: Thanks! ^_^
Name: openskys reviewed The Well of Buktu on Feb 20, 2011 05:05 pm
I couldn't help giggling a little hysterically at the fact that Ginny was running around butt naked in some catacombs or the fact that she was so nonchalant about it. Draco was surprisingly unaffected by it which i think just tells how much they dislike each other lol.

I cannot wait to see how you get them together in this one!

Author's Response: I don't know if either of them were particularly indifferent to the fact Ginny was naked. I think it was more a matter of there were more important things to worry about -- like staying alive. That being said, it is one of those weirdly humorous situations.
Name: Anise reviewed The Well of Buktu on Feb 19, 2011 04:48 pm
Snerky! I just love this fic; I can see you letting your hair down and rubbing your hands and really biting into a deliciously tasty treat of a good old-fashioned adventure yarn. (For some weird reason, I kept picturing one of those Tarzan fics... I think it was the one where he ended up trying to find the treasure of Ophir... Also, King Solomon's Mines.)

Draco and Ginny really do dislike each other quite sincerely at the beginning, and it's refreshing that it's *not* because they had a failed relationship in the past. But I like that he's got a strong enought sense of obligation towards her to come after her when he knows just how dangerous it is to him (and that she'd undoubtedly do the same for him.) And then there's the dragon... and the way she Transfigured the ruins of his shirt into booty shorts, which made me think of that episode of Jerseylicious where they all had that dress code they hated so much... and girlfriend, you are really tweaked out on this one. ;) So much fun!

Author's Response: Haha, yes, I definitely went for the adventure, Indiana Jones-esque type fic for this one. I'm just going to ignore your mention of King Solomon's Mines (I used to really love the film, until I watched it again a couple of years back and discovered it wasn't as good as I remember it. *sigh* It is unfortunate, though it will forever be hilarious to me, even if only to laugh at.)

In any case, I'm really glad you're liking this fic! This was the original prompt I was given for the exchange (my other two stories were just last minute fill-in fics for people who dropped out), so it's always nice when the one I actuallly took time and effort to write gets some recognition. It's funny you mention that it's refreshing the two hate each other because they don't have a past, as I have noticed that a lot of adventure fics like this tend to do have Ginny and Draco at least having some kind of relationship prior to their adventuring. I'm not really into writing Draco/Ginny stories like that (I prefer to start with a 'clean slate'), but the prompt also asked for no past relationship baggage, so that worked out perfect for me. I think it's much more fun to write the two hating each other simply because of their own personality differences and way of thinking.

I'm glad you picked out they would both go out of their way to help each other, despite their obvious dislike for the other. Draco definitely thinks he is skilled enough to do the mission on his own, but he does not have the callousness to just let her die either. Whether he likes it or not, he does see her as his partner and will protect her because of that. The dragon was one of those things I had to throw in. I think I spent close to four hours researching Mali before I started writing this fic and discovered all about the dragon god and the old legends and beliefs. It was the perfect setting for my story, so I decided to go with it. I would have explained all that in my notes, but there was so much blending of history and fiction in this fic that it would have taken pages and pages of explanatory notes. I figure if people are curious enough, they can always research it themselves.

Those shorts. I actually cackled to myself while writing that, because it really is just one of those "what the?" moments. But I couldn't very well have Ginny running around naked, and it gave a nice excuse to keep shirtless Draco. Actually, that could definitely be the King Solomon's Mines moments. Next time you watch the movie, look at Sharon's shorts. They gradually get shorter as the movie progresses. I'm serious!

But enough of my ramblings. What I really want to say is thank you for the review! Your thoughts, as usual, are very much appreciated. ^_^
Name: openskys reviewed To the Sands of Timbuktu on Feb 16, 2011 11:24 pm
Your one of my favorite fanfic authors because you do complete your fics so yay :) that and you reply to your reviewers! Anyways I'm still just as excited for the uploads on this story :D

Author's Response: I've always been of the mind that if someone has taken the time to review, it's only fair that I then take the time to reply. And I just enjoy it. I've had some very interesting conversations start up through review replies, hehe.

Since my stories are basically dominating the Most Recent page at the moment, I'm probably going to wait till tomorrow to submit the next chapter, but you can be sure that you will see it very soon. ^_^
Name: openskys reviewed To the Sands of Timbuktu on Feb 15, 2011 09:21 pm
Another story? You know I'll never say no to that but please don't forget your other ones! This seems like it'll shape up into something interesting, like all of your stories I cannot wait for an update!

Author's Response: Hehe, I also have two more new stories that need to be uploaded here -- as well as several other old ones that are waiting to be moved to FIA. I'll get there eventually . . . The good thing about this one (and the other two) is that they're already written, so it isn't going to take me long to get them uploaded.

Anyway, I haven't forgotten about my other fics. They will be finished, never fear.
Name: shezachica85 reviewed To the Sands of Timbuktu on Feb 15, 2011 01:28 pm
wow this is awesome!!!! more please!

Author's Response: Thank you! This story is completed, so it's really just a matter of getting it all uploaded here.
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