Name: Sleepless reviewed Day 15 - 21 on May 29, 2011 10:13 pm
Cant wait for more!

Author's Response: Yay! There will be more very soon! :D
Name: Flipinpenname reviewed Day 15 - 21 on May 27, 2011 01:58 pm
hahhaha. ohhh dracoo. good job!

Author's Response: Thanks! XD
Name: GoldenFawkes reviewed Day 15 - 21 on May 27, 2011 02:11 am
That's a lot of days for nothing to happen in. Let's get it on, DG!

Author's Response: It's so very boring, living the same day over and over again. I pity Draco. :( More DG soon!
Name: Boogum reviewed Day 15 - 21 on May 26, 2011 01:05 am
This is one of my favourite chapters from the story! I just love it! So many hilarious things. Parvati is hilarious (giant candles indeed!), and Draco's reaction to her is even more priceless.

What a really love, however, is how you get Draco's thoughts so perfectly! I really feel like I'm reading a teenage boy, and that's not something I always get. I also love how sophisticatedly you deal with his dilemma. He's not just whining because he's stuck living the same Tuesday over and over -- there's a real depth to the frustration. I particularly like this line: Draco was free as a bird, but he felt caged. Caged by Tuesday, and watched over by Monday and Wednesday sentinels.

The ending, of course, is brilliant. I love that Ginny allows him to suffer in his mortification instead of just saying she never believed he was gay. She was determined to get him to relent in their 'no talking or being around each other' rule, which is just like her.

Author's Response: Trivia! I was thinking of calling the story "Caged by Tuesday" because "An Everlasting Tuesday" reminded me too much of "The Never-Ending War." I kind of wish I had kept that title. I guess I thought it sounded hooky or something, but it totally gets the whole feel of the story. I really like those lines as well. n_n Ginny obviously wears the pants in this relationship. I'm sure Draco has no idea what he's getting into with her. XD Thanks, Kim!
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