Name: Anise reviewed Sixth Dose on Jul 16, 2017 09:48 am
LOVE, love these! This batch has such a great range of tone and emotion, from light-hearted to more serious. I'll def check out the Pansy drabbles-- that second one feels like one that should be expanded for sure. Thanks for posting. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I'm glad you enjoyed them! n_n
Name: b1elliot reviewed Sixth Dose on Jul 08, 2017 10:45 am
Gosh those ones hit me in the gut. Thanks so much for the update.

Author's Response: Thank YOU for reading!!
Name: Desertisle reviewed Sixth Dose on Jun 29, 2017 05:14 pm
As always I love your stories. This dose was perfect and well needed. Thank you writing these short stories.

Author's Response: You're welcome!! Thank you for reading!
Name: Marinka reviewed Fifth Dose on Jun 13, 2017 02:15 am
Yes, pity there is not more:)

Author's Response: I do have a few more to add! Just waiting for a good time. :))) I'm glad you enjoyed these drabbles, though. n_n
Name: Anise reviewed Fifth Dose on Jun 08, 2017 04:56 pm
Yay, SO glad to see more of this! :) I love good drabbles-- so much packed into so little space. Hoping for more soon!

Author's Response: Thank you, Anise! Yes! I have a few more to post over here. :D
Name: b1elliot reviewed Fifth Dose on Jun 02, 2017 12:57 am
Once again, all of them are masterpieces. I like how much emotion is revealed in "Trap" with such little words. That can definitely be an interesting longer story. Thanks again!

Author's Response: You're welcome!! So glad you enjoyed them! n_n
Name: bigreader reviewed Fifth Dose on May 30, 2017 04:56 am
It's funny how these were supposed to satisfy my craving for d/g but all you've done is whet my appetite. I want more! I love your writing. Some of the earlier drabbles were too sad though. I couldn't bear to think of Draco and Ginny in cells next to each other. Love all your stories, going to read them all over again.

Author's Response: That's the curse of the drabble, man!! You think you're getting a nice snack and they just make you hungrier. XD Thank you so so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed them! And I couldn't agree more about the sad ones. I much prefer to write a happy, fluffy, sexy/in love DG, maybe with a hint of angst, but just enough to make the lovely parts even lovelier. :)
Name: b1elliot reviewed Fourth Dose on May 29, 2017 01:59 am
Once again, a beautiful collection of drabbles.

Author's Response: Thank you!!!
Name: b1elliot reviewed Third Dose on May 29, 2017 01:55 am
A funny one followed by a somewhat devastating one makes an interesting pair of stories.

Author's Response: Maybe I should have posted the dark one first and funny one second? XD
Name: b1elliot reviewed Second Dose on May 29, 2017 01:46 am
Enjoyed these stories, especially the latter showing Ginny's Slytherin-ish ways.

Author's Response: Thank you thank you!!
Name: b1elliot reviewed First Dose on May 29, 2017 01:42 am
These first drabbles are amazing! I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you!!
Name: Desertisle reviewed Fifth Dose on May 28, 2017 07:16 pm
So good! I really needed to read something fresh and well written. Thank you for writing this one shot.

Author's Response: Thank you thank you and you're welcome! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! n_n I appreciate you reading and taking the time to leave a review!!
Name: Marinka reviewed Fourth Dose on Jul 02, 2013 08:09 pm
I can appriciate that, but i feels like a candy that you can't reach:)) love it still the same but curious as to what would be the full story, you know? I recon i have hyperactive imagination so when i read WIP or drabble, i immideatly come up with multitude of "what ifs".

Author's Response: Ha! That's a funny anology for it! But you're right. Ultimately, drabbles just tease the reader. You probably have more of a story for Trapped than I do, honestly! I wrote it just thinking, "What would it be like if Ginny hated Draco? If he was horrible to her and no one knew or believed her?" That's such a scary thought to me. So I wrote out what I thought that might be like until I couldn't take it anymore. Sometimes I even wonder about the backstories of the drabbles I write, but if I think about them too much, I might have to write a sequel! Haha. I'm glad you liked it even though it was dark. I'm also glad that it made you ask questions and wonder more about the story! And thank you for reading and reviewing!
Name: SunnyStorms reviewed Fourth Dose on Jul 02, 2013 06:26 pm
Man, these were a roller coaster in emotions.

What was Trapped written for? I'm left with a million questions. I hate what's become of her in that one and at the same time I really want to know what was up with the whole ordeal. How did she get to that point?

War was great - I'm not a fan of smut for smut sake, but here you paired it well with emotions so that wasn't the case at all. Some nice imagery in that one too like "leaves rustled like faded souls".

Loved the ending line of a dream realized, though of course I always find it more satisfying when death isn't the reason for her relationship with Harry ending.

And finally: /Did he feel sorry for ruining her fun? Of course not. She was a terrible singer, and really, glowering was what she did best./ -Lol.

Author's Response: Trapped actually wasn't written for anything. During my first forum fic exchange, One of my prompts called for a dark fic, and instead of waiting around to see if someone wrote it for me, I went ahead and wrote it myself. As I was telling Marinka, I didn't really think about the story beyond Draco being horrible and no one believing Ginny, but I did see her as being tricked into the marriage somehow. So they never loved each other; Draco just wanted the power over her. :( How that happened or why, I haven't the foggiest.

Re: your comment about A Dream Realized--My favorite DG has Ginny comin to her senses about dating Harry. In my head canon, there is no way she and Harry would have worked out post-Hogwarts, and Ginny would have been the one disatisfied with their relationship. :)

I'm glad you liked the drabbles! Thanks for reading and reviewing!
Name: Marinka reviewed Fourth Dose on Jul 01, 2013 01:59 pm
a bit sad but at the same time i want to know more about the drabbles. Why was she trapped with Draco, did he not loved her anymore or was there something else?

Author's Response: I think the best part about drabbles is that the reader can take part in shaping the story! I do understand not understanding where the author was coming from and wanting more information, but I think that's what makes reviewing great because you can get that info straight from the author. Anyway, Trapped was really dark and normally I don't like to write that kind of story because I like happily ever afters. ;_; But when I wrote it, I kind of intended that Draco trapped Ginny into marrying him. They were never happy together, but to the outside world, he acts like the perfect gentleman, which is why Ginny's family gets along with him. I don't have a motivation for him doing that though. It's a very sad story, and I prefer to keep it short because I want to get back to writing and posting happier stories!
Name: SunnyStorms reviewed Third Dose on Jun 27, 2013 11:37 pm
I loved your hair drabble and the pun. So fitting. Lol. And the bit at the end - I've noticed that you are great at evoking sexual tension.

In Fallen, I found the image of a mad Ginny with her sing-song voice pretty haunting. The ending line was particularly striking.

Author's Response: I can't remember if the title of All's Hair came first or the story. I'm just glad they worked so well together! I'm glad to hear that you like the sexual tension! I've noticed that many of my one-shots end with it, so I always fear that when I write it it will come off as stale. As for Fallen, Ginny's meant to be Draco's haunting reminder, so I'm glad you found her haunting as well! Thank you for reading and reviewing!
Name: tinyriot reviewed Third Dose on Jun 22, 2013 03:34 pm
'All's Hair in Love and War' is hilarious. I was greatly amused with Theo having a muggle alarm clock (of course he would). This part, "Even Snape gave him an odd look every now and then, but he helped Draco out by not calling on him during class." was my favorite.

And what a contrast 'Fallen' was. Ginny siding with the dark (!) and her transformation due to imprisonment is amazing. Although, 'Fallen' is tragic and bleak I did have a chuckle when I came to this particular line, "Ginny pouted, throwing the rat at the opposite wall of her cell." I just watched 'A Cat in Paris' the other day and this reminded me of Zo throwing a box of lizards at her door when her mother left the room. IDEK

Author's Response: I've relatively recently started writing Theo, and two of the unpublished stories I've used him in show him characterized in completely different ways, but I think he would still have this fascination for Muggles. The fact that his role is so small in "All's Hair" and you agree that his characterization rings in any way true must mean I'm doing something right! Of course Theo is alll fanon, but he's a fun character to explore. :) I don't think I've ever seen A Cat in Paris, but the throwing lizards at the door bit sounds really familiar! If the rest of that drabble didn't prove it, I'd hoped that that line would show Ginny's madness at that point. :( Thank you for reading and reviewing!
Name: tinyriot reviewed Second Dose on Jun 22, 2013 03:05 pm
Was 'The Quest' a dream or reality? Either way, I like the Triwizard Tournament feel to it. And the banter in 'Politicking' is great.

Author's Response: Thank you! I thought of The Quest as something happening in Ginny's mind, as a dream or a vision of some sort. But the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of it being reality. It would need just a little more background to make it so. So whichever way you think of it works.
Name: tinyriot reviewed First Dose on Jun 22, 2013 02:34 pm
Drabbles are like a small window into our favorite characters most intimate moments. The majority of the time I'm quite content with what I'm given, then there are those times where upon completion, I feel quite bereft and I selfishly want more. 'Transition' falls somewhere in the middle for me, it's such a beautiful piece (the imagery!!!) that I fear what more will do, but it did leave me with many questions. Ginny has been gone for nine years and her daughter is referred to as a child, which leads me to believe she had a falling out with her family over Draco (sad face) and then another one (dagger) with just Draco? Maybe after an even ten years she'll make a return back home?

Author's Response: I imagined she had a falling out with her family and Draco over her child, so to make peace, she isolated herself from all of them. I also like to imagine that both her family AND Draco have been searching for her over the last nine years, and eventually they'll all be reunited. :( Transition is one of those stories I know I could never do justice if I tried to expand it. I think it's at a decent length, though I do wish all my writing in general reflected the writing I did here. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)
Name: SunnyStorms reviewed Second Dose on Jun 19, 2013 03:51 pm
I wondered about The Quest when I first read it, if it was meant more metaphorically or as a literal event. In the HP world, it could be both. The second drabble, Politicking, was really fun to read - nice bit of DG sexual tension and banter and humor mixed in. I loved that you called the election "The Scar verses the Smirk". Haha.

Author's Response: I meant it metaphorically, maybe as a dream or a vision, but it can be interpreted in any way. I think you're right that in the HP world it could be a literal event! That would actual make a cool story... Maybe as a longer one-shot. I'm glad you enjoyed the drabbles! Thank you for reading and reviewing!
Name: SunnyStorms reviewed First Dose on Jun 19, 2013 03:41 pm
You forgot to warn for addiction! :P

I loled at the image of Ginny and Hermione drunk together in the first one. Would love to read how that one plays out!

Beautiful imagery in the second and nice extended metaphor. I especially loved the description of the daughter's eyes as "snow-bearing clouds".

Loved, loved the third. Very nice choice of line to end the piece and sum it up.

Author's Response: Thanks, Sunny! For the second drabble, I wish I knew where that writing came from because I feel like I can't do it anymore. :P The "snow-bearing clouds" descriptor is one of my favorites, so I'm glad you picked up on it! As for the last drabble, I'm a fan of those lines that sum up the whole story or make the title relevant. I think they're especially important in small stories like these. They don't always happen for me, but when they do, I'm particularly satisfied with the drabble. n_n
Name: Nutmeg44 reviewed Second Dose on Jun 10, 2013 06:50 pm
I read Politicking somewhere else before and it gets better the second time around. Sneaky Ginny is so sneaky. Love it!

Author's Response: It was during the DG Forum's Battle of the Drabbles last year! It's still posted under the Forum's account. :) Thank you and glad you liked it!
Name: Marinka reviewed First Dose on Jun 04, 2013 09:58 pm
very somber feeling after reading some of the parts above. MOre?:))

Author's Response: Yep! I have a few more. They should be up soon. :)
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