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Name: msm_2011simonebb reviewed Please on Nov 28, 2014 04:19 pm
such a sad chapie!! great that draco & weasley came to understand, what family is now that ginny has passed away..
Name: msm_2011simonebb reviewed Please on Sep 20, 2013 10:29 am
love it.. great job!! shred a few tears over you amazing and sad pieces!!
Name: Rebecca Ripple reviewed Please on Aug 24, 2013 09:09 am
This is so sad....... I'm crying right now....... :'(

A beautiful one-shot. So powerful, so emotional, so devastatingly... beautiful.
Name: idreamofdraco reviewed Please on Aug 21, 2013 04:45 pm
Such a sad story. :( I wish that the Weasleys had trusted Draco before Ginny dies, but I like that Draco's grief changed their minds about him. Or Arthur's mind, anyway. And the fact that he imagines Ginny before the funeral is so bittersweet and says a lot about his love for her. Or if she's been a real ghost, that says a lot about her love for him, that she wouldn't move on to an afterlife. Anyway, in such a short story and with few words saying so, you did a great job of showing the depth of love they had for each other.

Author's Response: Thank you so so much. This has been an idea in my head for sooo long. I've been wanting to write something where one of them is dead and you don't know it until later. I'm glad to finally be able to portray this. I think the vision of Ginny before the funeral shows Draco's love of her, and the portrait that stares at him during the funeral is her love of him.
Name: Anise reviewed Please on Aug 20, 2013 06:37 pm
So sad, and yet... kind of almost hopeful at the end? Maybe?

I did wonder about one thing... at the beginning, was Ginny a figment of his imagination or an actual ghost of some kind? My guess would be that she was a kind of temporary ghost who only lasted until the funeral.

Author's Response: I pictured it as Draco holding on to her for as long as he could. He didn't see the funeral as real event that was going to happen, and therefore her death wasn't real. We all know how hard it is to accept that someone is really gone. However, as soon as Blaise came to get him so they could attend the funeral, the reality of everything sunk in and his vision of her was no longer there.
Name: ReverseBeauty reviewed Please on Aug 20, 2013 05:48 am
*tries not to sob*
Name: readhead1755 reviewed Please on Aug 19, 2013 09:56 am
Well. I cried.
End of story. I totally cried.

Author's Response: Aw! Thank you!
Name: sweet gurl reviewed Please on Aug 17, 2013 08:22 pm
I don't even know what to think right now.. The emotions were so raw, I'm speechless. Very beautifully written.

Author's Response: Thank you! This means so much to me!!
Name: coneveronica reviewed Please on Aug 16, 2013 02:20 pm
I truly felt the depth of Draco's grief while reading this story. However, I was slightly confused about Ginny's death and the ending. Did she actually die on this mission or did she just never return? I hope there is more to come in this story!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! Ginny is actually dead. Draco's pleading was a wish that it was possible for her to come back.
Name: cherryredxx reviewed Please on Aug 16, 2013 12:44 pm
So very sad. I was actually confused for a bit because Ginny seemed so happy when Draco was so sad, but then it all made sense. This was very touching.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review!
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