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Author's Response: Thanks for your review!
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And don't think I forgot that you cut my sexytimes short. I expect a very big payoff, Missy.

Author's Response: I see Harry more as a flawed human. But that's me lol. I like that you loved it so much. Seems you're the only one this update. I will not forget your sexy times.
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Author's Response: *snorts into tea* All I'm saying is that the wait will be worth it. I promise you.
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Author's Response: Sorry but Draco is going to require a lot longer than that ;)
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Author's Response: And thank you for reading!
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Author's Response: I know this feeling, and I just want to hug you! Oh gosh, I am so happy to have inspired such emotion in someone. You'll just have to keep reading. I'm actually sketching out the next chapter today, and doing a few other things on the computer.
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Author's Response: I'm not sure... would they? Hmm. The next chapter is in my head. And waiting to be typed. Tomorrow. Or tonight.
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Author's Response: Aww, sweetie thank you! I am so happy because of your review. More will be on the way. It is being beta-ed right now, actually. Thanks for reading, doll!
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Author's Response: A lot. Keep a weather eye on the horizon, there should soon be more!
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Author's Response: *hums loudly trying not to give away everything*
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Love the chapter! Love the story. I'm so excited to have updates again. I can't wait to see if Blaise notices Draco's sincere feelings for Ginny and how that affects the situation.

Author's Response: I am doing AMAZING! I have a new email, so if you want to email me, let me know and I'll get you my address. Times were hard. Turns out drugs are bad. Like real bad. Like two trips to rehab and 12 overdoses bad. But I got my shit together, and I am doing so well now. I can't stop writing, actually. I lost all of this story so I'm rewriting it. Almost done with chapter eight now!
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Author's Response: The next chapter focuses more on Draco's feelings. And yes, it is for you. Because if it weren't for you I wouldn't come back to D/G writing. You keep me going when I feel like my stories aren't good enough. So this is my thanks.
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Author's Response: Thank you! It will soon be updated. Give me 10 days, and the next chapter will be up!
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Author's Response: I'm not using the yahoo email address until I get all the spam out. which is 9k worth of emails. But I can give you my gmail address, if you want, and we can talk there.
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Author's Response: They were. but the only way from rock bottom is up. So from now on, I am focusing on that. I have a new beta, I have recruited someone to the D/G dark side. I am working on a story that enlists more of my personal experiences. All in all, I will be okay. It will just take time. I'm glad you liked the chapter. Next one will be sent to the editor today! So never fear, more D/G goodness is here!
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