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Name: Cara reviewed Seventeen: A Belated Union (Part Two) on May 21, 2018 12:11 am
Yay for the update! Sorry it took me so long to review! Finally those two! Took them long enough :) I’m so glad Draco has Pansy as his friend. Relieved to know he doesn’t have to deal with Narcissa all on his own. I really do hope she comes to see Draco for what he is and what he wants. Cannot wait for more (the P/T prequel sounds also great)!

Author's Response: Draco has more support than he realizes!! ;o; I really wanted to show that in this chapter, that Draco thinks he's alone, but he's not. He's really really not. :) And no need to apologize about any sort of review, okay!! You took time out of your day to tell me what you thought, and that means a lot to me. Thank you so much for reading and hanging in there with me!!
Name: drakebell reviewed Seventeen: A Belated Union (Part Two) on May 15, 2018 10:49 pm
YAAAAAY TO AN UPDATE!!!!! Waited for this for so long but it's so worth it!!!! And that smut as well made up for all those long months I am seriously crazy right now after reading this, still in bliss about what happened in this chapter! If we could just take Narcissa and Junker out please, this world would be in peace lol! But in all seriousness, it's well-written and it gave us new hope to imagine more of the next details to come in this story!!! *crossing fingers no more Junker lololol*

Thank you for spending time updating this!

Author's Response: Oh dear. If you're hoping for no more Junker, you are NOT going to like the next chapter... :D

Thank you for such kind words! Not that I did it on purpose, but I suppose if everyone had to wait so many months for a new chapter, THIS was a pretty good way to reward your patience. I'm glad you enjoyed it, especially after I agonized over the first part of this chapter for so long!! Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to let me know what you thought!

Name: bigreader reviewed Seventeen: A Belated Union (Part Two) on May 07, 2018 12:09 pm
So glad it is coming together for them! I love this story so much. I don't mind inconsistent updates at all. This is good enough for me to just read over and over even if you abandon it, but please don't.

Author's Response: You are the sweetest!!! Definitely won't abandon this one. I have too much planned, and the ending is too satisfying (to me) not to share! Thank you for reading and taking the time to leave a review!
Name: Desertisle reviewed Seventeen: A Belated Union (Part Two) on May 04, 2018 08:40 pm
Can’t wait! Your writing touch my emotions, so I’m going to have a box of tissue handy.

Author's Response: :))))))))))))))))))) That's all I'll say about that.
Name: Desertisle reviewed Seventeen: A Belated Union (Part Two) on May 03, 2018 09:53 pm
Great chapter! Loved everything about it. Hope to read a new chapter soon. So so glad to see this story and you back!

Author's Response: Thank you! It feels really really good to have finally posted this. I'm glad you enjoyed it! The next chapter, um, might not be as happy as this one...
Name: Desertisle reviewed Sixteen: A Belated Union (Part One) on May 03, 2018 03:27 pm
Such a great chapter! How did I miss this?! On to the next. Glad to see this fic updated :).

Author's Response: So glad you enjoyed it!!
Name: Cara reviewed Sixteen: A Belated Union (Part One) on Apr 23, 2018 01:35 pm
I’d love, love, love an update

Author's Response: Well, my friend, you are in luck!! I am going to guarantee an update very soon.... ;) Thank you so much for hanging in there with me!!
Name: apricotsongx reviewed Sixteen: A Belated Union (Part One) on Jan 21, 2018 06:06 am
OMG THIS IS SUCH A GREAT FIC. I'M IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING!!!! from the story plot to the characters, everything is going so well and I really really enjoy reading it. Keep up with the good work dear author! I read all of this in 1 day haha best way to keep myself entertained :D. Can't wait for the upcoming updates!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story. n_n I'll be working on finishing the next chapter as soon as possible!
Name: shiningstar19 reviewed Sixteen: A Belated Union (Part One) on Jan 05, 2018 07:12 am
Please update soon!!! I have been reading this for hours...under the impression you had completed its. So I'm DYINGGH!!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far! Thank you for reading! n_n
Name: fudgepop reviewed Sixteen: A Belated Union (Part One) on Jul 29, 2017 11:03 pm
Ahhhh I actually thought for a moment there that Draco would be the one to admit his feelings first but this was so good!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it!! Thank you so much!
Name: bomsqualay reviewed One: A Tiny Problem on Jul 11, 2017 06:30 pm
Draco and Ginny are finally reunited and had an honest conversation which was needed. I loved it but the ending point ugh

haha I'll be checking for your next update. Oh I also just wanted to say that I love Pansy + Theo's relationship if I've never mentioned that before.

Author's Response: I know, sorry about the ending!! I did not set out to end it this way, but I figured this was better than making people wait even longer for an update. :) I'm so glad you like Pansy/Theo in this story! I've come to love them so much. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to review!
Name: drakebell reviewed Sixteen: A Belated Union (Part One) on Jul 09, 2017 04:45 am
FINALLY THE UPDATE IS HERE!!!! Been waiting for months now and this made my day swear!!! I've been depressed lately and seeing this beautiful comeback is a relief for me! Yay for Ginny and Draco getting more honest to each other! The building intimacy, the unstoppable longing for each other is now showing and i'm so happy that they're one step closer to being the real deal! But now I'm scared what will happen with Junker and Narcissa on the next chapters wooooh!!!!

Thank you for this great chapter!

Author's Response: I'm so sorry to hear you've been depressed. :((( I'm glad I was able to brighten your day though! I really think the best parts of this story are coming up, and soon enough we'll see what Junker has been up to... ;) You are welcome and thank YOU for reading and taking the time to review! n_n
Name: evie-chan reviewed Sixteen: A Belated Union (Part One) on Jul 08, 2017 05:27 pm
Yay, update!!! (*^o^*) I love how Ginny's so honest about her feelings with Draco. I'm really excited to see where they go from here, in terms of them and dealing with Junker too.

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so glad you're excited! I'm excited, too! n_n Thank you for reading!!
Name: SniperTeamTango reviewed Sixteen: A Belated Union (Part One) on Jul 07, 2017 10:59 pm
*gets email at 2am local time*

F*** it I'll read it.

*Proceeds to follow none of the logic about them being abusers to eachother*

I'll have to give this another go tomorrow afternoon, but I definitely enjoyed the characterization of Draco clumsily realizing he actually cares enough about her to be concerned about her well being.

I'll be back tomorrow

Author's Response: Ha, thanks, STT! Next time just get some sleep, yeah? ;D
Name: brittnymalfoy15 reviewed Fourteen: A Parisian Disaster on Jul 06, 2017 04:41 pm


Author's Response: ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Name: brittnymalfoy15 reviewed Thirteen: A Shocking Discovery on Jul 04, 2017 09:51 am
"Don't you fucking dare come to Paris or I'll hex your bollocks off" I can hear her saying that and now I can't stop laughing. Also, mad kudos to Draco for loving her enough to listen, but HE SHOULD GO TO PARIS!!!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter, even though Draco was despairing the whole time! These are my favorite kinds of chapters to write, I guess because I like to see Draco in Pain. ;D
Name: brittnymalfoy15 reviewed Eleven: A Pool Party (Part Two) on Jun 11, 2017 09:43 am

Author's Response: He's such a mess!!! XD
Name: drakebell reviewed Fifteen: An Unsuccessful Meeting on Apr 21, 2017 10:08 am
Hope you update real soon!!!! d84;a039;d84;a039;d84;a039;

Author's Response: I'm taking my time with the next chapter, but don't worry!! I'm still working on it. n_n
Name: Lady Mischief reviewed Fifteen: An Unsuccessful Meeting on Mar 22, 2017 03:46 pm
This is the real review for this chapter. First off, I'm an so glad that Ginny and Draco both realized they are in love with each other. Hip hip hooray!!

Ginny's arrival at Malfoy Manor was a twist I was not expecting. It had been a while since I read the previous chapter and had forgotten that a. Draco moved out and b. He was at work. So I was as surprised as Ginny that he was not there. Narcissa is a formidable woman and you certainly made Ginny more than enough of a match for her. Narcissa does not seem likely to change her tune, any time soon, but I really hope she does. Or at least Draco convinces her that she needs to let him live his life and stop meddling in his even though she disapproves.

I really like the way that Ginny did not budge an inch, but answered one of Narcissa's questions on her own terms. She did not let Draco's mother bully her. Hopefully exactly what she needs in her future confrontation with Junker the jacksss.

Colin and Draco's attempt to convince Stephanie to act against Junker was disappointing, I had high hopes they would be successful. But I didn't see it as a failure, more like strike 1 at bat, with another chance to stay in the game. It makes sense that she is still fearful and still letting that fear control her life. I think Draco's plan to inform Ginny of everything will be a winner and it will eventually get Stephanie onboard to help Ginny in the fight against Junker.

I'm looking forward to see how it will all unfold. The way you have fleshed out this story, from what you had originally is amazing. It's so much more than it was.

Author's Response: Ha! I didn't even think of Narcissa as something like a trial run for Ginny's eventual or potential confrontation with Junker!! Seriously though. If she can stand up to Narcissa Malfoy, she can probably take on anyone. Thank you so so much! This story has grown into so much more than I originally imagined it could be. Usually when I decide to expand a story, I have these high aspirations for an epic extension/rewrite, and then I ultimately fail to follow through with those ideas, so I'm really proud of the way THIS story has unfolded, and I'm so glad you've been enjoying the ride. :) Thank you for reading and leaving such thoughtful reviews!
Name: Lady Mischief reviewed Fifteen: An Unsuccessful Meeting on Mar 22, 2017 03:25 pm
I hit submit by comment except that it is the train's fault. I was trying to say that Ginny only needs to come to her own realization that the help she needs, she only needs to ask. It's such a difficult situation to be in, I would like to say that I wouldn't let myself get into such a situation, but you really don't know unless you are in that exact situation yourself. I hope Ginny's time with Glinda will help her stand up to that jackass Junker and or get the support she needs to do it on her own terms and admit to herself that it's okay to ask for help.

Author's Response: Ginny definitely needs help. Luckily she's going to ask for it really soon!! And, I agree, it's difficult to say what you would or wouldn't do in a situation like this, but until you're facing something similar, you just don't know how you would handle it. It's not something you can prevent, either, so it's hard to warn people against this kind of harassment or take precautions yourself. :(
Name: Lady Mischief reviewed Fourteen: A Parisian Disaster on Mar 22, 2017 03:21 pm
I have to say that you have certainly made Junker even more detestable that I thought. I should have realized that he would eventually force himself on Ginny. I felt Ginny's despair and her determination to see it through by herself without help. I do wish she realized that help is only wa

Author's Response: Ugh, he's so gross, isn't he?? D:
Name: Anise reviewed Nine: A Pathetic Sandwich on Mar 14, 2017 05:16 pm
Again, love this chapter! Every review might just start this way. :) All of your Dracos are different, and this fic really provides a good example. Sometimes they're extremely different, sometimes they're subtly different, but they're all unique, all individuals... and yet all variations on what Draco could have become. This Draco is at such loose ends; he really doesn't know what he's doing at all, and I think he feels much more lost than he ever wants to admit to anyone, especially himself. But something tells me that he just might change...;) On to the next chappie!

Author's Response: Oh, Draco gets even more interesting in the next few chapters (in my personal opinion, of course ;D). I love writing him in different ways and exploring his different outcomes if he'd just reacted to what he went through in certain ways. He's such an interesting character to play with! Thank you for reading and reviewing, Anise!
Name: Anise reviewed Eight: A Determined Ghost on Mar 12, 2017 12:52 pm
NO! You're not imagining it! YES! I'm reviewing again!! :) The previous chapter... I THINK... was the last review. So, we're starting here, yippee cat yay! I really like this chappie, of course, no particular surprise there. ;) Love the plot device where the hideous horrible boss maneuvered Ginny into going on the trip with him instead of apart from him. The character of Colin is so fascinating here, too. We certainly see quite a few ghosts in canon, and they're explored to an extent, but we don't ever really get anything on the question of... well, what would actually happen if a ghost who was a Hogwarts contemporary decided to stick around?? Would he be happy, sad, welcome, a big pain in the butt, etc etc etc?? This, I think, is a very realistic way of looking at it. Colin had a choice, and he chose to become a ghost, and now... well, he's not that overjoyed with it, largely, I think, because it's hard to directly affect anything. Maybe he'll decide to pass on to the light at some point. ;) Anyway, on to Ch 9!!

Author's Response: I love exploring Colin as a ghost! You're right that we don't see what contemporary ghosts would be like in the HP series. How sad would it be to see your friends' ghosts around Hogwarts? I mean, it's happy, too, because they're still there, you'd still be able to see them and talk to them, but at the end of the day, the ghost is stuck as they are and where they are as their friends and family move on with life. They can only be a passive observer. :( Poor Colin.
Name: msm_2011simonebb reviewed Fifteen: An Unsuccessful Meeting on Mar 07, 2017 12:11 am
Fav part- Narcissa and Ginny's scene! Guess she told her.... Overall still love the length of it!! Happy, happy Tuesday!!!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed the Narcissa/Ginny scene!! Thank you for reading!!
Name: Cara reviewed Fifteen: An Unsuccessful Meeting on Mar 01, 2017 01:38 pm
Loved it! Can't wait for more!!

Author's Response: I'm so glad! Thank you for reading! n_n
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