Reviews For Mistakes
Name: Cara reviewed Chapter 1 on Feb 07, 2018 01:32 pm
Short and sweet! Loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you! :)
Name: Anise reviewed Chapter 1 on Feb 04, 2018 02:21 pm
LOVED this fic! It's like a perfect little Christmas chocolate mousse cake. :) Sweet but not fluffy, just a little dark (what if Draco actually had gone on to marry Astoria? it seemed to be a near thing), and a perfect portrait of a moment of choice. Draco did make the right choice (but I also pictured a much more bittersweet version where his choice went the other way, and he ran into Ginny in the same club a few years later.) Everything isn't neatly wrapped up-- we honestly don't know what will happen with the two of them now-- but they've both made choices that lead to every chance of a good future for both of them. Great job. :)

Author's Response: Ahh, thank you! Honestly, your review made me want to write another where Draco *did* marry Astoria. Dang plot bunnies!
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