Name: idreamofdraco reviewed 1. on Dec 29, 2019 08:19 pm
Your prose is so beautiful in this story! You can palpably feel Draco's despair and sadness. And I LOVE that you embraced Draco's emotions here, the good ones (grief isn't necessarily good, but at least it's born of a more positive emotion - love) and the bad ones (the jealousy that leads him to self-destruct).

I have always been of the opinion that Draco is an extremely emotional character, but sometimes people like to pretend he's above emotions. He's not above anger and jealousy, certainly. He displays that a lot when interacting with Harry. But he also expresses fear and despair and he cries with Myrtle during Half-Blood Prince. He's got all kinds of emotions, so it's just lovely to see a story about how he feels about losing Ginny.

A very moving story. Thank you for sharing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so so glad you think so. It means so much coming from you. And I totally agree! I also think Draco's sensitivity, while often hidden, is a very important part of his character. He is so very vulnerable and that's what makes him such a complex character. Thank you so much for leaving a review on my story :)
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