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Name: PlutoniumBunny reviewed A Longer Visit to Aunt Muriel on Aug 04, 2020 09:04 pm
Hi! Oh my, oh my, this is sooo good. I really like your writing, but also the story is taking an interesting flight. Please, please update soon! I'm so anxious to know how the D/G story will start developing. P. S.: Arthur is sooo adorable.

Author's Response: Ouuun, thank you so much for your words! You have no idea how much they motivated me to keep writing! As soon as I post my other story, I'm going to continue this one in full swing! I believe I'll have a consolidated chapter in the next few days, bear with me! D/G will take a little longer to consolidate (we'll have to go through H/G hell first, but it will be worth it, I promise). Anyway, we can see little glimpses of how Draco and Ginny are opening up to each other. It's cute. WE ALL LOVE ARTHUR WEASLEY, DON'T WE, he's such a good dad! It's amazing to write about him! Thank you again, my dear. It's a pleasure seeing you around here.
Name: Nickii reviewed A Longer Visit to Aunt Muriel on Aug 03, 2020 11:19 am
This is a lovely story so far! I think it is great that you are taking your time to set things up. I would love to see some more of Draco though!

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words! It made my day! It's a relief to hear that taking my time is not a big issue. Sometimes, people prefer more objective things, haha Unfortunately for me, I usually write a lot (speaking of quantity), so things take longer to unfold. I'm finishing the next chapter, in which Draco is going to appear. However, as I'm rewriting the final scenes of the book from Ginny's perspective, he still won't have as much action as we would like. But don't be afraid! In a few chapters we're going to have SO MUCH Draco that we're going to be sick of him. (it's a lie, we're never sick of Draco Malfoy)
Name: NTA123 reviewed A Longer Visit to Aunt Muriel on Aug 02, 2020 07:07 am
I had written a long and nice review bit it was not submitted. I don't know why but I keep getting logged out from this cite.
Anyway, I really liked the chapter. Ginny learning potion can be very useful in the story, I think.
Since the trio, Nev and Luna are at the cottage, then Draco must have pretended to not know them? Good! It is a browny point for him :)

Author's Response: Oh, It's a pity your comment was not published! However, just the fact that you had the intention - and still went back to reviewing the chapter again - already meant the world to me. Thank you so so much! Ahh, Ginny learning about potion is THE CORE of the plotline of this story, you're not wrong here. In fact, I think that will be crucial in bringing Draco and her closer together. If my memory doesn't fool me - and it does that a lot sometimes - Draco hesitates to recognize Harry (and this gives Harry the opportunity to escape from Malfoy Manor along with Ron, Luna, Hermione and Griphook). Malfoy is a good boy, in the end, haha Next chapter will be here soon, hope you continue enjoying the story.
Name: NTA123 reviewed ... Ball? on Jul 22, 2020 10:28 am
Thank you for writing a very real description of the ball.
Nothing "magical", flirty or "he is not that bad" notion have taken place in the 2nd chapter. Really liked the natural and matured pace in the storyline.
You are a very talented writer! Update soon :)

Author's Response: Another comment! Oh my! I'm reaaaally happy. Made my day! Nah, in my opinion, it would not have made sense if they started to flirt in that context, in the middle of the war in which they were directly involved, on opposite sides. I'm working on the next chapter right now and I hope to post it this week! Bear with me, haha
Name: NTA123 reviewed Life Goes On on Jul 22, 2020 10:22 am
The 1st chapter is interesting...
Harry has already broken up with Ginny right?
Which is great btw.
I really liked the concept. It is very true that in between the class of good and bad, light and darkness, there is a state.
I am happy that you plan to explore it.

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words! Yes, in that part of the story Harry had already broken up with Ginny. (poor girl! =P) I'm so happy you liked the concept. It's very very very important here. I don't like the black-and-white, simplistic view where we can clearly distinguish the villains from the good guys. Here, everyone makes decisions of dubious morality. It is a story about consequences. I hope you continue following it. Thanks again!
Name: Anise reviewed Life Goes On on Jul 21, 2020 10:55 pm
Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! I'll leave some real reviews this weekend, but for now, just know that your fic is very muchly appreciated. :)

Author's Response: I'm the one who should be thanking you for the comment and encouragement. It's very sweet! See ya!
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