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Name: ChosenOne reviewed Persephone to Hades on Apr 17, 2021 01:45 pm
I'm very interested to see where this goes.
Name: stone0902 reviewed Persephone to Hades on Apr 17, 2021 08:29 am
I like it! :)
Name: Anise reviewed Once Upon A Dream on Apr 04, 2021 10:34 pm
So even though Chapter 2 is up, I'm going to review the first two chapters now. This looks like it's going to be a GREAT fic. The conflict is immediately set up, and the questions are fascinating-- what's actually going on? Why can't Ginny leave? Does Draco actually not know anything about this? What about Lucius? The fact that the flowers were originally given to Narcissa by Lucius really makes me wonder if he's behind all of this in some way. He tried to use Ginny to get power once, so what's to stop him for trying again? So many mysteries! BTW... this is literally the first review of any length I've left for a D/G fic in years if you don't count exchange fics. So hopefully this is the beginning of a trend, because I really want to get back into this world again. ;)

Author's Response: I don't even know what to say, I'm so speechless at your review! Like honoured and also laughing devilishly at your theorising and then completely honoured that you're into my story! Thank you so much!
Name: NTA123 reviewed Persephone to Hades on Apr 04, 2021 09:50 pm
P.S. the part in italics is so scary! It is a memory, right?

Author's Response: Guess we'll have to wait and see hahaha
Name: NTA123 reviewed Persephone to Hades on Apr 04, 2021 09:49 pm
I can understand yet I would say that was a bit stretched? I mean she could visit at first and then see for herself if Ginny is alright or not.
Ron is actually their mom's male version XD
Great chapter though

Author's Response: Moms do crazy things sometimes haha I'm glad you liked it!!
Name: quirky_vixen reviewed Hades & Persephone on Apr 03, 2021 02:07 pm
This is such an exciting story and premise and I absolutely love your writing! Draco and Ginny as Hades and Persephone are perfect! Can't wait to read what's next :D

Author's Response: Oh my goodness thank you so much!! Third chapter will be here soon!
Name: NTA123 reviewed Once Upon A Dream on Mar 31, 2021 04:19 pm
I hope they don't find any solution to this problem except Ginny marrying Draco! XD

Author's Response: Hahaha we'll have to see!
Name: Anise reviewed Hades & Persephone on Mar 31, 2021 11:20 am
So glad to see a new story! :) I'll post a real review later, but I just wanted to let you know.

Author's Response: Aw thank you! Can't wait to hear what you think a86;a039;
Name: idreamofdraco reviewed Hades & Persephone on Mar 28, 2021 07:54 pm
Wowowow. I always find leaving my thoughts on a first chapter a little difficult because the story is just beginning and there's so much more to learn and discover as the rest of the story unfolds. But you've set the stage so nicely. And you did something else that I think is pretty difficult to do: you explained Narcissa and Draco's return to society in such a way that it's believable why other people would accept them--and yet Ginny doesn't.

//Nobody wanted to be thought of as someone who disagreed with Harry Potter...//

Yes. That's it exactly. This and the two paragraphs above it. In my personal head canon, that's how it would work. Harry, with his black/white way of thinking and the sympathy he would feel for Narcissa and Draco, would insist on sticking up for them, and no one would want to disagree with Harry, savior of the wizarding world. But Ginny isn't sold on their sob story. I could see her going either way, buying into it and accepting them or not. But her skepticism feels very true in this chapter. And I feel like maybe there's a bit of stubbornness included with her mistrust of the Malfoys, too? The more people tell her they're great, the more she argues with her family about them, the more she digs her heels in and can't believe the Malfoys are sincere? Maybe a little??

Anyway, I'm rambling. D: It's a very intriguing beginning, and of course a nice little cliffhanger to keep people wanting more! I'm interested to see what the deal with the flowers is (I'm getting a Beauty and the Beast vibe :O) and what happened to Ginny after she touched them. And does Arthur know something about them??

Author's Response: Oh my goodness thank you so much! I didnít want to spend too much time worldbuilding so Iím so glad to hear I achieved my goal with brevity hahaha I canít wait for you to see chapter two! I hope you love it!
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