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I just uploaded, why can't I see my fic on the recently added list, or find it in the search engine?

Solution If you're an author who has been approved for posting without waiting then there's something wrong and you need to contact Mynuet. Unless you got a letter from a Mynuet saying you were approved, you're not, and so should read this entire section. If you contact Mynuet to find out something that's covered in this section, she will become very irritated.

All new authors uploading fic to the Fire and Ice Archive are subject to a review process. Once you upload, your fic goes to our submissions queue. It waits there until a member of the Cabal has the time to go through and read it to check whether it complies with our rules. If it does, you'll get an email saying so, and then you'll see it on the archive. If it doesn't, then you'll get an email saying so, and why.

We try to have a turnaround time of less than a day, but we are all real people with lives, which can include jobs, school, children, and even our own writing. Sending snippy emails asking where your fic is will almost certainly guarantee your fic will get rejected.

Also, if your story contains links to questionable sites, such as "enhance my search", it will be deleted with no further ado or notification.
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