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Why am I not receiving email notifications from the site, even though I have this turned on for my account?

Solution It could be that your email service is blocking out our email addresses. In the case of the automatically generated emails, you should add owl at (formatted like an email address - if I do it here it will get spam-attacked) to your contacts or safe list. I still cannot guarantee that you'll receive them. I believe that we have been blacklisted by some of the major email providers, after people requested these types of notifications and then marked them as spam. (This specifically happened with Yahoo.) From what I understand, Gmail has not yet blacklisted us. (See this thread if you'd like to be invited to gmail.) I'm am trying to resolve these issues, but even so, make sure the email address is valid on your end and that you've added us to your contacts/safe list. I cannot stress this enough. If you do not have a valid email address in your profile, or one that is open to mail from anybody, we can't contact you. Every fic that goes through the validation process gets an email one way or the other. If you're not receiving them, it could be your account is not accepting them.

Please note there is a special case for the automatically-generated emails. For review notifications, review response notifications, and author and story update notifications, in order to receive these you must have all three turned on in your profile under Account Info > Edit Preferences. Some time ago we were forced to turn off all three of these for everyone on the site. So please first check there if you aren't getting them. This doesn't apply to acceptance/rejection letters.
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