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Why am I not receiving email notifications from the site, even though I have this turned on for my account? Article rated 5.0/5.0
It could be that your email service is blocking out our email addresses. In the case of the automatically generated emails, you should add owl at (formatted like an email address - ...
How come my story got rejected for spelling and grammar issues but this other story is there and its spelling and grammar stink? Article not rated yet
Because, despite the temptation of various readers and fangirls to dub some of us as goddesses, we're only human. It could be that the other story was only skimmed and looked okay on first glance, or ...
What's a round robin? Article rated 5.0/5.0
A round robin is a fic that one writer starts, but that any registered writer can add chapters to.
Can I archive my story here if D/G isn't the main pairing? Article not rated yet
Yes, if D/G is featured. If you're not sure if there's enough of it in there to qualify, contact Mynuet to discuss it.
What makes a "featured story"? Article not rated yet
At the moment, featured stories are being chosen by slitherhither, and should be changed just about every week or so. She takes recommendations into consideration, so if you have one, you can contact ...
Are all of the fics on this site guaranteed to be good and/or personally recommended by the Cabal? Article not rated yet
No. The reviewing process does not usually include any judgments at all in terms of content. Check out the summary and judge for yourself; whether the story sucks or not is simply a matter of caveat l...
How do I add a coauthor to my story? Article not rated yet
The simple answer is that you can't right now. The functionality to do so was turned on for a short period of time before it was discovered that the script does not behave properly when coauthors are ...