The Sneaky Slytherin and the Redhead's Revenge by Yazethet
Past Featured StorySummary: *COMPLETE* Blackmail, intrigue, lust and yes, snogging. He thought he detested her, she knows she loathes him. Can Draco win Ginny over before she tries to completely humiliate him in front of the entire school?
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The Goddess Awakens by Yazethet
Chapter 21

The Goddess Awakens


Draco had listened to Potter and Weasley fire a thousand questions at Ginny while they were at the pitch after being caught in the broom closet. She was very good at making them believe that she had kept him in a full body bind the entire time they were ‘stuck’ in the closet together so he hadn’t laid a finger on her. When it came down to it, she was equally as deceptive as he could be.

Since the broom closet, Draco had been in an incredible mood. He ran across Crabbe and Goyle while they were in mid-snog in the halls and told them he wished them the best of luck together and pointed out a nearby classroom that was empty and suggested that they at least spare everyone else’s eyes by taking a their private moments behind closed doors. Normally he would have insulted them and made them feel guilty for making him sick as they really weren’t the most attractive couple.

He even passed some Hufflepuff first years that were mistakenly gathered at what was normally considered his spot on the lawns and simply told them to bugger off instead of casting bladder-filling jinxes on them and laughing at them when they wet themselves before they reached the lavatories.

In Arithmancy he told Granger that she was looking more like a foofy-headed zeebrit instead of a rumple-headed zeebrit that day. It was actually a compliment coming from him as, of the two creatures, the foofy-head was by far the more pleasant looking, though neither creature was actually very attractive. He suggested that might be the reason that Weasley had finally made his move. She only gaped at him and for once had nothing to say in return.

During detention he had been disappointed that he and Ginny were separated. He had been assigned the arduous task of gutting and sectioning tapeworms while she had the more desirable task of sorting newt tails by length. Snape had dismissed her first and Colin had come by and escorted her back to Gryffindor Tower so Draco didn’t have a chance to speak with her alone. Nevertheless, he had plans to get her alone so he could continue to charm her.



Another gift awaits. Tonight, in the Tower at the stroke of Midnight, I shall expect your effervescent presence.


The corners of Ginny’s lips pulled up in amusement upon reading the signature of the note she had received by owl again at breakfast. She glanced up and saw Malfoy give her a quick wink before she turned away folding the note up.

“Casanova? So the mystery man has a name?”

Ginny felt her stomach sink slightly and didn’t say anything as Hermione placed her books down at the table.

“I’m sorry, Ginny,” she apologized. “I didn’t mean to read over your shoulder, but I was heading this way and just happened to glance down. It sounds terribly romantic,” she sighed dreamily. “A rendezvous at the Astronomy Tower…”

“Hermione, don’t say a word – ” she pleaded.

“Don’t worry, I won’t say anything to Ron. But I’m curious, who is Casanova?”

“I'm... not sure yet," she lied. "How’re things going between you and my dear, sweet, older brother?” Ever since receiving the gift from Ron, Hermione had been on cloud nine and was easily distracted with the subject of her new love.

“We’re going to Hogsmeade together,” she said excitedly, the issue of Casanova’s identity apparently forgotten. Ginny was relieved, though the thought of Hogsmeade was not one she was comfortable with at the moment. She was dreading the end of October.

“I’m glad Ron finally decided to pull his head out of his arse and do something about this ridiculous crush he’s had on you for ages.”

Hermione grinned. “I know he’s been a prat about it in the past, but patience does pay off. Honestly, some people really just need to accept their feelings and just go with them. There’s no use in wasting time in denial. I mean, look at Seamus and Parvati…”

Ginny was oddly bothered by her observation and became lost in her own thoughts as Hermione continued jabbering about how certain people really did belong together. She thought it strange that since Hermione had finally gotten her own love life straightened out, she felt it necessary that everyone should pair up. Hermione was typically the logical one, but apparently even she would get caught up in her own fantasies when it came to romance.

Ginny was determined not to let that happen with Draco. But after their kiss in the broom closet she was having a very difficult time imagining that she would ever grow bored when he could kiss her like that. She decided it was really just a matter of finally getting a full, uninterrupted proper kiss. That had to be the most reasonable explanation for why he made her feel weak in the knees.

During Advanced Potions, Snape had informed them there would be a change of plans and they would now be working in two groups of three instead of three groups of two due to an apparent difference in opinions of one set of lab partners. At first Ginny had been afraid that he was going to separate her and Draco, however it was Blaise and Ambrosia Amontu he had separated. She convinced herself the only reason she wanted to stay partnered with Draco was because they did actually work quite well together on potions assignments.

Blaise seem relieved to be partnered with them and had explained that he had specifically asked Snape to be separated from Ambrosia citing the lack of productivity as a reason.

“I’m sure that he wouldn’t have agreed, normally, but I think he found it convenient to add me to your group so you two wouldn’t have another chance to snog,” Blaise said laughing. Ginny was horrified that Blaise knew about what had happened, but as she was sure both Colin and Draco had told him about it she wasn’t all that shocked he knew.

She reddened slightly in awkwardness as they made their way to the region of the forest that Blaise had studied during the previous class. They gathered their potions ingredients and Ginny found herself torn between wishing she were alone with Draco and being grateful for not being alone with him.

But she would be alone with him at midnight. She assumed he meant the Tower of Travels as opposed to the Astronomy Tower would be their meeting place since the Astronomy Tower wasn’t nearly as private as the other Tower would be, though again, she was torn as to whether that was a good thing or not.

She reminded herself that she could handle Draco Malfoy no matter what he tried. But as she climbed the Tower steps for her meeting with ‘Casanova’ she felt a little more anxious than she should have. According to the portrait, she was heading into a scene right out of Venice, Italy.


“Alright, Casanova, where are you?” Ginny said as she walked through the door. Draco allowed her to take another couple of steps before he stepped quietly behind her and placed his hands on each side of her waist pulling her back into him.

He heard a sharp intake of breath as he began brushing his lips softly against the sensitive spot just below her earlobe and gradually making his way to her mouth. They kissed for a few moments before he backed away and took her hand.

“Your chariot awaits, milady,” he said suavely and tugged her in the direction of a gondola that floated near the dock only a few feet away.

“This really isn’t necessary,” she said, though he sensed that she was actually enjoying the setting.

“I just wanted to show you that whatever romanticized notions you have of me are right and you have no need of trying to think otherwise.”

He assisted her in boarding the long boat and took the pole in his hands and pushed off setting the gondola in motion.

“I didn’t know you could steer one of these things,” she said laughing softly as he maneuvered the boat with expertise.

“I’m sure there are quite few things you don’t know about me, but you’re being persistent about not wanting to find out.” He took his wand and waved it at the pole so it would continue its motion and direction without his assistance. He sat beside Ginny.

“Now, I believe I promised a gift,” he said smiling at her.

“Malfoy -,” she started.

“Draco -,” he corrected her again.

“Casanova,” she said teasingly and then her tone grew serious. “I didn’t come here for a gift. I wanted to tell you that this whole thing really is nonsense. I meant it when I said I want nothing more from you than an occasional snogging session. That’s it. You aren’t the type of guy to want anything more than that so I don’t see why you’re going to all this trouble.”

He smirked. “I am going to the trouble because I always get what I want.”

The look she was giving him was bordering on being a glare.

“I don’t know what you want exactly, but this romantic setup is not going to change my mind about you. Besides, if snogging isn’t enough for you, that’s too bad. I’m just not that type of girl.”

It shouldn’t have surprised him that she thought he was after sex. It wasn’t as if the thought had never occurred to him. But he really did like her. In fact, he was almost positive he was teetering on the edge and was very close to falling into a deeper feeling than just a simple liking for her.

“I never said you were,” he replied, though he gave her a nefarious grin that suggested he had the capabilities of changing the type of girl she thought she was. “Now, I believe I was in the process of presenting another gift to you. Though, I suppose this is technically something that I’ve already given to you.”

He gently took her arm and tugged her sleeve up to reveal the bracelet. “Oya, Eximo Anexito!” he spoke as he ran his finger down the dragon’s mane. Instantly the liondragon’s eyes popped open and it uncurled itself from her arm, stretched and yawned. It looked about for a moment and flicking its tongue, it took off. It circled around stretching its wings out and then promptly landed on Ginny’s shoulder.

“A simple release charm? That’s it?” she said in disbelief that the entire time it had been a matter remembering a general unlatching spell.

“Well, that and you had to know her name,” he said with a cunning grin.

“So why did you make me wait all week for that?” she asked as the dragon began nuzzling against her cheek. She pulled the dragon from its spot on her shoulder and held it in her hands, subconsciously stroking its soft mane.

“She needed a week to bond. She’ll follow you almost everywhere now.”

“So her name is Oya? To bond?” She spoke with interest. “And she’s not actually a piece of jewelry?”

“She’s a guardian spirit that possesses a piece of jewelry,” he explained. “But she is kind of like a pet. She’s supposed to do whatever you tell her, though I can’t be too sure how reliable she is. Every spirit is different, though it looks as if she likes you.”

He watched as she inspected the liondragon a little more closely. She continued to stroke its silky mane.

He smiled.

“She’ll do whatever I tell her?” she asked with a wicked twinkle in her eyes.

“She does have limitations, I’m sure.”

She began whispering something to the liondragon, a grin came to her lips. The little serpent then took off and flew straight at Draco. Then it stopped and hovered before him gazing at him as if it were pondering something. Then it did a loop and landed on his shoulder.

“I thought you said she’d do what I told her.” Ginny was slightly insulted that the dragon had not followed her orders.

“I guess she likes me, too,” he said. He had failed to mention that the spirit had already been bonded to him, as he had been the one to bestow a name upon her. Oya was a female warrior of Yoruba mythology. She was the goddess of fire, wind and thunder. When angered she would create hurricanes and tornadoes. He thought it very fitting that such a spirit attach itself to Ginny.

“Well, isn’t that just convenient,” she said sarcastically.

“Quite,” he agreed with pride. Then he asked with mild concern, “What did you tell her to do?”

She smiled mischievously. “I might have told her to bite your obnoxiously pointy nose."

"My nose is not pointy," he sniffed defensively.

"And don’t, for one moment, think that you’ve gotten away with that stunt with the Firelilies. I have the feeling that you have an ulterior motive for giving me Oya, though I haven’t figured out what it is yet. But when I do, Casanova, be warned. I told you I always get my revenge. So you better think about that before you send me any more gifts,” she said with sternness in her voice, but an obvious glimmer of humor in her eyes.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” he said laughing softly. It was no wonder that he was still pursuing her, despite her resistance. She was continuously making things interesting. “Until then, maybe I can make you forget that I’ve been up to anything sinister.”
He proceeded to distract her by taking her up on her offer of an ‘occasional’ snog, though he doubted that snogging would get her out of his system as she had suggested in the broom closet. It was of his opinion that she was a permanent fixture in his system now, and there was no getting over that.

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