Closer by DracosLover
Summary: How about I dont write a summary and you just read my little story yourself.Well..Ok.I'll tell you this.Draco is addicted to Ginny.:)He He.Read and Review people.
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1. Closer by DracosLover

Closer by DracosLover
Thats all he wanted.
To be closer to her.
To feel her skin.
To kiss her lips.
But everytime she was there she seemed to be gone.
She seemed to be a thousand miles a way when she was only just across the room.
He couldn't get enough.
She was addicting.
A drug.
One kiss and he wanted more.
He needed more.
Or he would die.
Die without love.
If she ever left he would have no point of living.
Her firey red hair.
Her big brown eyes.
Her pink lips.
Her smell.
The smell of Vanilla.
And morning dew.
And her voice.
Like a soft melody.
Making him melt.
He never got her out of his mind.
When he was asleep he dreamed of her.
When he was awake he thought of her.
When he was breathing.
He always thought of her.
Her skin.
Like a piece of silk.
Wrapped around his body.
Touching his face.
Kissing his lips.
He was addicted to her.
He was addicted.
To Ginny.
Ginny Weasly.

(A/N)Nothings mine.Except Tom Felton.Hes all mine.:)Just kidding.
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