One Day by Black Alnair
Summary: “He would wake up screaming and call to her because he forgot she was dead.” But one day, one day...he would be okay.
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1. One Day by Black Alnair

One Day by Black Alnair
A/N: This is by far the shortest fic I’ve ever written. Or first cookie, maybe? In any case, I even thought of scraping the last paragraph. Input on whether it adds more or takes away from the piece would be much appreciated.

Also, I'm postponing work on ACC while I work on something else. Hopefully, I can recommence work on it within the next month or two. If there are any willing beta-readers out there, I would appreciate the help with this new fic. I would really like someone who is familiar with my writing style. (And it would speed up the process on both my writing endeavors! Um...hopefully...)

Okay, okay, without further adieu...

He would wake up screaming and call to her because he forgot she was dead. In those infinitesimal seconds between oblivion and consciousness, he could still imagine her rushing into his room to comfort him. And she wouldn’t look like some pale ghost or a transparent dream. No, it would be her. Warm flesh and blood, though so many people had said she was cold. Ice-cold. But no, he was merely ice-cold, shivering in the white hospital room with the scratchy blanket tangled about his knees.

But then Ginny was there. And she would quiet him with soothing sounds and pull the blanket up to his chin again. And she would brush his white blond hair from his weary eyes and watch the tension leave his face until he was asleep once more. Then she would settle back in her seat beside his bed because one day, one day he would be okay.

And he would remember everything too. Not just his mother’s death. But her. He would remember her and the vow he made. The ring on his finger. And the child growing inside of her. And though he was never awake when she took his left hand and placed it on the bump on her belly, he would be. One day.

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