Underneath the Blankets of Night by Jazzie Fizzle
Summary: Master I beg of you/ For one last time, I, the Slave, will beg you/ Do not let that Monster win/ My love, do not let your father win.
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1. The Master, The Slave, and The Monster by Jazzie Fizzle

The Master, The Slave, and The Monster by Jazzie Fizzle
Author's Notes:
Reviews are much appreciated, but please keep ll of them to constructive criticism if you have any suggestions you would like to offer, besides what you thought of it. (No flames please.)

This is my first attempt at something with Draco/Ginny. If this poem gets popular enough, I may write a story to go with it.

All in all, I hope you enjoy it.

Happy reading!

Underneath the Blankets of Night
Originally titled: The Master, The Slave, and The Monster

Old sores refuse to close
Refuse to heal
Opening, letting pain in
Letting pain bite
My heart choking me
Blood coming up my throat

You’re killing me now
You will watch now
Watch as I slowly die
Before you

I was always the Slave
You were always the Master
Your whip constantly doing its job
You scar my back
You scar my heart
My mind
You break my soul

The silver blade invites you
How you love to watch me squirm
Oh, how you love to hear me scream

I do not struggle
This was always your game
Your haunted eyes meet mine
As the blade meets my flesh
I close my eyes and look away
As you lick the liquid from my flesh
From my arm

You love my blood
But you love to make me bleed even more

I, the Slave, will do nothing
For you are Master
You are Lord
And I am but a lowly being

I am no longer considered human
Merely a creature made to please
It is my life
This is my life
And I will please my Master
Because I am the Slave

He turned you into this, Master
Your father made you this horrible beast
A man no longer man
But now an animal
You love me, do you not?
It is unmistakable in your eyes
Cold and dead as they are
Your eyes reflect regret
They reflect your anger

I remember those days
When our brick walls would crash down
No longer kept up and maintained
Because the world knew nothing
Nothing of Us

Underneath the blankets of night
We hid
And pronounced our love
The stars our candles
The winds our calming exit from reality

But then ... the Monster came
The Monster came and destroyed my wings
And you did nothing to stop him

Coward, I will die here tonight because of you

Master, do not let the Monster do this
You always spoke of the day you would fight back
But you’re letting that bastard win

A slap,
As I hit the ground
The Monster laughs
And I up at you
All defenses falling
I see now

This really is the end

“Finish it.”
the Monster says
I release a cackle
The bastard cannot end it himself

Master, I beg you
For one last time, I, the Slave, will beg you
Do not let that Monster win
Do not let that Monster win
My love, do not let your Father win

Will our love be proven vain?
Will you let me die?
Will you let him win?

The Monster says
Forcefully this time
He fears you will not go through with it

Yes love, gaze at my broken body
Gaze at my broken self
Gaze at the blood wrenched out of me
Gaze at the woman you loved
Gaze at the mind you have driven to madness
Gaze at the heart you ripped out
Gaze at the soul you have now sold to Satan
Gaze into the eyes that beg you to stop

The Monster yells it
Thrice you have defied him now

What will you do love?
Will you finish it?
Will you end it all?

We share a moment
As our eyes meet
And my chest twists painfully

So you will let the monster win

I bring myself to lean against the wall
Gasping for breath

Draco, no……

I truly give up now
I have fought in vain
You no longer hear my pleas
Your ears are deaf to all except the Monster

Sliding down the wall,
My blood stains the stone
As I lay down
Accepting my fate
Waiting for your final blow

"Please, make it quick."
I beg
My voice barely a whisper

You’re on your knees before me
Your clothes taking in my blood
You bend over
Your blade at me heart
Your mouth at my ear

“Underneath the blankets of you night.” You whisper
”We pronounced out love
the full moon high in the sky
the stars were our candles
the soft caress of the winds our exit from reality.”

You choke on your words
I feel tears fall on my cheeks
Your haunted eyes
They rise and pierce mine

“I am sorry.” You say

“Underneath the blankets of night
of this night
I shall proclaim again
I will love you, Ginny Weasley, and no other.”

And as you pierce my heart
I hear you whisper
Just before darkness takes me,

“Which is why I will follow you.”
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