Draco's Petition by Dobbygrl
Summary: Sexy little vixen.
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1. Chapter 1 by Dobbygrl

Chapter 1 by Dobbygrl
Author's Notes:
This will be a few peoms that give a little glimpse into the relationship between Draco and Ginny. Hope you enjoy!
Sexy little vixen
Sorry ‘bout the past
Give me just one more chance
I will never let it pass

Saucy is your lingo
Frisky is your smile
Beauty is your middle name
Passion is your fame

Radiant your thoughtfulness
Grandeur your simple style
Ecstasy your laughter rings
To sky, to moon, and star

These things I do adore
Unlikely though it seems
Those nasty little habits
None but I do see

Soars higher than an eagle
Is slier than a snake
More crafty than a badger
Noble above all lions

Always will I be
Never will I fail
Jolly be the soul
Who captures your adore

Prized be your heart
In mine forever
Say what you will
I am there.
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