Chapter 10
Prefect Patrol

Ginny was disappointed to see that Malfoy had managed to fix his face by Monday. She would have loved to see more people laughing at his expense. As she passed him in the halls she couldn’t help but making a comment.

“Fixed you’re face, I see,” she said and then pretended to take a closer look. “Oh wait, it looks like your nose is still a bit crooked. Want me to fix it for you?” She drew her wand.

“Ah, so the culprit reveals herself. I should have known it was you, Weasley.” She was surprised that he said this with amusement instead of malice. “Tell me Weasley, what is this personal vendetta you have against me? Oh yes, I forgot,” he said slyly as he retrieved something from his schoolbag. “Would this be it?” He produced a copy of the photo he had taken in the empty classroom.

Ginny tried to snatch the photo away, but he pulled it back and appeared to be studying it carefully.

“You know, I was right. This is a rather flattering photo of you,” he continued smoothly. “Hmm. It looks like you were enjoying yourself, but Colin told me you thought I was lacking in those skills. Perhaps another demonstration? I would be happy to oblige, love.” He handed her the photo with a wily smile on his lips and then walked away before she could reply.

Ginny was boiling with fury. She didn’t know who she was more furious with, Malfoy or her traitorous best friend Colin Creevey. She hadn’t even been able to defend herself or threaten him with the unflattering photo she still had of him. There wasn't a single curse evil enough to jinx him with, aside from Avada Kedavra. And worst of all, the kiss that had been haunting her since that day in the classroom was not only replaying over and over in her head, but now replaying over and over in the photo in her hands. The cropping of it was such that her hands, which had been forced down at her sides, were not in the picture making it appear as if she were a willing participant. The moment captured failed to show her angrily breaking away or anything that happened afterwards. It just appeared to be one long, never-ending kiss.

And he was right, she did appear to be enjoying it.

She threw the photo into her book bag and set out to find Colin. Leaving her in the library with Malfoy on Saturday was one thing, but passing on information that she thought was private was unforgivable. It was almost as if the two were plotting against her! Her best friend and her worst enemy, it was unreal.


Having ensured an appropriate distance between Ginny and himself, Draco slowed his pace as he was in no hurry to get to his next class. As he caught sight of Colin walking in the opposite direction, it occurred to him that he should be warned of Ginny's impending explosion.

“Creevey," he said, nodding in his direction to get his attention.

Colin maneuvered himself to the side of the hall and gave Draco a puzzled look.

"I thought I'd just warn you," he said as his lips curled in a mischievous grin. "Ginny might be in a bit of a temper. You might want to avoid her at all costs today, if you value your bits. I have a feeling she's not too happy with you at the moment."

"Me? What did I do?" Colin's racked his brain for the last thing that he'd done to possibly irritate his temperamental best friend.

Draco explained the exchange they had in the hall.

“You told her that I told you what she said about kissing you? Good god, Draco! Are you insane? She’s going to kill me! And you! Bloody hell, I ought to kill you!”

“I already told you that. I would suggest skiving off any classes you have with her.”

“I can’t! I’m a prefect.”

“It’s your funeral. I thought I’d at least warn you.”

“Then again I’m sure I have a Skiving Snackbox around here somewhere,” he said and began checking his bag as Draco left to attend his next class.

Draco had been a little irate about the disfiguring spell. He was just glad that only a few first years had seen him before he had figured out what had happened. Of course, he'd known it was her. He she have known the moment he caught her laughing.

She'd gotten away with enough and it was time for retaliation. He still liked her, but he could not let her get away with disfiguring his face, even if it was for only an hour. It was likely she hated him even more now than she had at the beginning of school. But ever since he had almost kissed her again in the hospital wing, he detected a little more than just tension between them.

Perhaps Colin had been right about needing a good snogging session. He idly wondered what she would do if he made another attempt. It was worth a try. This time, however, he would remember to use one of the shielding charms the male members of the Quidditch teams used to protect themselves.


It was Ginny's night to patrol the hall near Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom. Most of the prefects didn’t enjoy the task of watching that particular hall as Myrtle still had a tendency to throw fits and flood the bathroom causing water to leak all over the floor. She had her own reasons for not wanting to be down this particular corridor.

Ron and Hermione both offered to switch halls with her, but she had insisted that she would be fine. And she was fine, though she still felt a prickle of fear whenever she heard any noise in the pipes. When she reached the end of the hall where she had been forced to write messages in blood, she shuddered and turned around trying not to let the memory bother her.

She headed back down the hall a little too quickly and stepped right into one of the puddles left by Moaning Myrtle’s most recent tantrum. Her heel slid forward and she fell, successfully smacking her head against the floor and dropping her wand. The entire backside of her robe was drenched. It was fortunate that no one was there to see it.


Before she could move to pick herself up off the floor, she heard something move behind her. Immediately, she swung her legs around causing whatever or whomever it was to trip and hit the ground. She reached out and grabbed her wand and then grabbed the robes of the person who was sprawled out on the ground, aiming her wand directly at their ribcage. Her heart was racing.

“Malfoy?” she said in surprise when she actually looked at the owner of the robes she had clutched in her hand.

“Bloody hell, Weasley! I could have been Filch!” he said rubbing the back of his head.

“Filch knows better than to take me by surprise,” she replied still holding a handful of his robes and pointing her wand at his ribcage.

Her heart continued racing, but she could no longer tell whether it was the fear or the fact that she was so damn close to Malfoy. She could have strangled him, but the scent of his cologne drifted to her nose. Gods, does he always smell so good? she thought, feeling that she was going into sensory overload.

“Weasley, could you point that thing somewhere - ” he started, but she cut him off.

Her mouth came crashing down on his furiously at first, but he was responding and she softened the kiss slightly. She allowed him to explore her mouth delighting at the sensations he was sending through her. It made her wonder why she had stopped him at all the first time around. Nothing made sense anymore and nothing really mattered, not even the fact that she was suppose to detest him.

Draco slid his hand around her waist and adjusted his position so that he was the one who was on top of her. She had no idea how long she allowed it to go on and she didn’t care. The only concern she had was revelling in the pleasure of his kiss.

Then there was a crash followed by the sound of a yowling cat and suddenly reality came smashing down around her.

“Peeves! Get back here you bloody poltergeist!” It was Filch.

Opening her eyes, she broke the kiss and shoved Malfoy off of her with a little too much force causing him to yelp slightly. She got up and walked away quickly, not even looking back at him. He stared after her with a look of bewilderment and awe upon his face.


“Thank Merlin you’re here, Colin,” Ginny said upon entering the Gryffindor common. She was slightly breathless, though she wasn’t positive it was just because she had hurried back from her patrolling duties.

Colin was confused. He had been avoiding her all day because he was sure that she was going to kill him for telling Malfoy about what she thought of his kiss. And now she was thanking Merlin for his presence? There was something definitely wrong.

“Are you all right, Gin?” He asked after realizing how flushed she appeared.

“No," she admitted. "Are you any good at memory charms? A simple Obliviate would do nicely, I think. Just erase the last ten minutes of my life and I think I’ll be fine.”

“What are you talking about?” Colin was only growing more confused.

“Please, Colin," she begged. Her tone was desperate. "I’m asking for this one thing and I’ll forgive anything that you’ve done.”

“We don’t learn memory charms until seventh year and I don’t think I should be experimenting on you, even if you would forgive me for being an ass. Now what’s going on?” he demanded.

“I kissed Malfoy!” she blurted out.

“I know, he took a picture, remember? And I’m really sorry about telling him you thought his skills were lacking. It just came up in conversation - ”

“No. Not then. I just kissed him. Just now. I’m insane, Colin. I belong in the mental ward of St. Mungo's. I don’t know what came over me!” she was speaking hurriedly, but distractedly. “I was patrolling Moaning Myrtle’s corridor and he came up behind me and I tripped him and then I kissed him!”

Why had she done it?

She’d been growing tired of thinking about that stupid kiss and with that photograph, things were only made worse. She thought that maybe her mind had been playing tricks on her and the kiss wasn’t really that good. So when she had him on the floor by the collar of his robes it became imperative to find out. The whole point was to prove herself wrong in thinking there was a reason she had been obsessed with that kiss and with the almost-kiss for the past week and a half. It was supposed to be nothing! She was supposed to find that the slimy git was as awful as she wished him to be.

He wasn’t.

Not by a long shot.

Bloody, freaking hell.

Colin was smiling oddly at her. “So, you kissed him? As in - you initiated it?”

She nodded slowly. “What was I thinking?”

“I don’t know,” Colin returned teasingly. “What were you thinking? I thought you said he was a bad kisser? What ever would prompt you to kiss an already decidedly bad kisser?”

Ginny either ignored or failed to pick up on his sarcasm.

“I don’t know,” she said tiredly. “I think I need to go lie down now.”

She still had a dazed look as she headed to her room.

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