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Chapter 4

A Little Revenge


Earlier that morning, Draco awoke, as usual, to the sound of Crabbe and Goyle snoring loudly. He was getting dressed and was almost ready to leave for breakfast when he glanced at the camera on Blaise’s nightstand. He had almost forgotten that he had seen Blaise unwrap it the morning after term started. It had been his birthday present from his mother, along with a book about photo developing spells.
Draco grabbed the camera and quickly formulated a plan. It wouldn’t be much to start with, but it was something. It was less than a week into term so he’d have the rest of the year to come up with even better ways to get back at Weasley. He just hoped this would be enough to let her know that he intended on paying her back, with interest. He checked to make sure the camera was loaded, grabbed his wand, and then went down to breakfast.
He was going to need to get Ginny alone for just a few minutes so he was going to have to get someone to distract Colin and thought immediately of Blaise.


Ginny went to breakfast early. She had hoped she’d be alone for a few minutes because she needed some time to think. Colin’s words from the night before echoed in her head and she wished that she could just forget he had even brought it up. She was irritated with Malfoy, not jealous that he was going to meet some random girl. Again, she insisted to herself that there was no reason to even like Malfoy in the first place. She was blackmailing him because he was an insufferable git.
Still, she found herself scanning the Great Hall for the possible random Ravenclaw girl that Malfoy had supposedly met up with last night. She hoped the potion lasted long enough to ruin his entire evening. As she was scanning the sparsely populated Ravenclaw table she caught the sight of Draco Malfoy at the Slytherin table just a little further across the room. He appeared to be staring at her and was not in a good temper. She felt slightly better about that. It could only mean that she was successful in ruining his date and somehow he knew what she had done. Good.
She finished her breakfast and got up to leave the Great Hall and had planned to take a little walk around the lake. As she headed out the doors of the Great Hall someone grabbed her arm. She turned around and met a set a grey eyes.
“I’ve got answers for Creevey. Meet me in the same classroom after lunch.”
Draco nodded and then continued down the hall.
Ginny was a bit disturbed by the short exchange. He seemed anxious. She was impressed at how quickly he worked. She honestly hadn’t expected an answer until next week.


At lunch Ginny had informed Colin that Draco had news about Blaise and they were to meet back in the classroom. They finished their meal quickly when they noted that Draco was not at lunch.
As they left the Great Hall Blaise Zabini approached them.
“He’s coming this way,” Colin said nervously. “Do you think Malfoy told him anything?”
“I told him to be discreet. If he wasn’t, then those pictures are going to be plastered all over the school by dinner.”
“Creevey, wait up!” Blaise had almost caught up to them. “I have a question for you.”
Colin looked as if he was about to die, but Blaise didn’t appear upset in any way. Ginny almost felt bad. She was going to kill Malfoy if he embarrassed Colin.
“Do you need me to stay? Or should I go kill Malfoy now?”
Colin took a deep breath. “Go find him, I think I’ll be okay. He doesn’t look as if he wants to hex me or anything, maybe he really does have a question.”
Ginny nodded and headed off to the classroom.
When she entered the door slammed shut behind her, she heard a click as it locked. Malfoy was standing near the opposite wall with a smug look on his face.
Ginny drew her wand as she walked toward him. She didn’t realize he had already drawn his.
“Malfoy, what the hell do you think -”
Expelliarmus!” Malfoy had quickly plucked her wand out of the air before she could lunge to grab it again. He smirked at her.
“If you want it, Weasley, come and get it,” he taunted as he held her wand out. She stormed across the room ready to ready to punch him but, again, he was too quick for her as he grabbed her wrist forcing her arm down by her side. He flicked his wand and muttered a spell that Ginny had never heard before. He then pulled her close to him with his other arm and pressed his lips on hers. She immediately tried to struggle but he held her wrist and had trapped her arm in a forced embrace. She tried to move her lips away from his but found that her lips were not obeying the screaming in her head that was saying this was wrong! Oh so wrong! But, for one moment, she decided to let it happen. Hell, she was curious. She allowed his tongue to explore her mouth without resistance. Once she stopped fighting he softened kiss slightly and she allowed herself to return it finding that kissing Draco Malfoy was definitely a pleasurable act.
Ginny felt his hand flick again as he continued to move his mouth over hers and she saw a flash of light and the click of a camera. She returned to resisting him but he held her in position for just a little longer. She was still slightly weak from the incredible kiss, which allowed enough time for the photo to be taken. When she finally wrenched herself away from his grasp she pulled back and forgot about trying to punch Draco Malfoy. She raised her knee with a good amount of force and it connected with just the right area. Draco doubled over in pain.
She didn’t know how, but he still managed to summon the camera to him before Ginny even realized where it had been located.
“Give me the camera, Malfoy,” she said icily, still slightly breathless from the kiss.
Draco was still doubled over in pain and groaning quietly, but he managed to shake his head no. She wanted to hex him but he still had her wand. He tried to straighten up, but the pain was still too great so he bent over for a moment longer until the pain subsided.
“Give me the camera or I’ll do it again!” she threatened. “And give me my wand.”
“No,” he finally managed to say. She saw that between groans of pain he was actually laughing. He had the nerve to be laughing at her in his state! Ginny was sorely tempted break his nose.
“Colin will be back any moment and I’ll have him hex you!” She was actually beginning to wonder where Colin was. Surely he would have finished answering whatever question Blaise had, unless, of course, the two had more to discuss than the answer to one question. She suddenly wished that she had stuck around to see what the two had to talk about.
Draco finally was able to stand up straight and pointed his wand at himself muttering a charm to relieve some of the ache. “Accio chair,” he said obviously still in some pain. One of the chairs stacked in the corner made it’s way over to him. He sat in it still holding the camera and both wands in his hands.
“Where is your partner in crime anyway?” He said with a somewhat pained smirk.
“Give me my wand,” she said, dangerously now. “And the camera.”
“I don’t think so, Weasley,” he replied still smirking.
“Fine,” she said turning to leave. When she reached the door, however she found that it was locked magically and she had no wand to unlock it. She was going to murder him. How the hell had she managed to get herself in this predicament? She was supposed to be the one with the upper hand here. She turned around and faced him. “ You can’t keep me locked in here forever, Malfoy. Colin will come looking for me and when he gets me out of here those wonderful little photos of you and Crabbe will be plastered all over this school.”
“I doubt that,” he said. It was apparent that the pain had subsided completely. “You see, now I have evidence of you and I kissing. If your pictures start popping up everywhere then so will this one, along with a rumor that you’re the angry girl who wanted revenge because she allowed a Malfoy to ruin her virtue.”
Ginny’s eyes widened in horror and then narrowed in anger. “You wouldn’t dare.”
“I believe I would. So go ahead, plaster your photos everywhere, but you’ll be the one to suffer, not me.”
He couldn’t have possible just turned the tables on her. She was infuriated. Words couldn’t express her anger. She was the one in control and for a few glorious days she had Malfoy practically cowering in her presence. Now she was at a loss for what to do. Her mind was still reeling from the kiss he had forced her into and from the frustration she felt from losing control and her wand (not to mention her dignity) to Malfoy. She couldn’t think clearly. Ginny forced herself to calm down. She was going to find a way to get him back.
“You are an insufferable git.” It was lame, but at the moment it was the best she could do.
“You’re the one who started this, remember? I told you paybacks are hell, didn’t I? You, Weasley, wanted to play this game.”
He was right. She was the one who started it. But she had very good reason. He had made enough people miserable with his mere presence. It was time someone had done something about it. She had decided to take it upon herself to put the arrogant bastard in his place.
“And you, Malfoy, are playing with fire,” she replied smoothly. She was not going to let him get away with this. Not by a long shot.


Draco raised his eyebrows at her reply. Only a moment ago she had been on the verge of losing self-control and here she was calmly telling him that he was playing with fire! For some reason he didn’t doubt that he was indeed playing with fire. He was impressed; there was no denying that.
Draco was still slightly bewildered at the combinations of feelings he was currently having. He had intended only to keep her from blackmailing him further. He had kissed plenty of girls so kissing Weasley shouldn’t have been anything special. If anything, he should have wanted to perform a mouth cleansing spell afterward. She had fought at first, but he had expected that. Then she had stopped resisting, for only a moment. And for that moment he felt waves of pleasure rippling throughout his body, from a single kiss. He almost forgot to set the camera off.
He was glad that he was still capable of enjoying a kiss from a girl, but why such a reaction from kissing Weasley? He couldn’t remember ever feeling quite this light-headed from a single kiss from any other girl. He wondered if it might be that he had failed to enjoy Marietta yesterday. It was probably just relief that he wasn’t confused about his preference. He’d just had an off day the day before. And the party didn’t count. He was drunk and couldn’t remember anything so that didn’t count. Not that anything actually happened. He was still going to need to find out how she had pulled that off.
He was almost glad when Weasley had broken the kiss, because he couldn’t seem to bring himself to do it. He had managed to hold her long enough to get the picture he needed. Then she had kneed him in the groin. He came crashing back to reality. He should have been pissed. He should have been ready to throttle her for having the gall to do such a thing. He should have been enraged, but he had honestly deserved it, especially for enjoying that damned kiss so much. She had quickly figured out what he had done, but not quickly enough to grab the camera as it zoomed into his hands.
And now here they were. He had her wand and the camera with the picture that he needed. He was sure that she would hex him if he returned her wand now. He knew she was capable of a hellacious Bat-Bogey Hex and would rather not be on the receiving end of that one again. He was sure that Creevey wouldn’t be returning anytime soon as he told Blaise that he would inform him who his crush was if he would keep him occupied for the entire free period. It turned out that Blaise had been trying to work up the nerve to ask Creevey out for several months and was overjoyed at the task of distracting him.
He thought that Ginny would back down after seeing that he meant business, but by the look in her eyes he saw that she had no intention of doing so. It was clear that the game was going to continue. She wasn’t going to call it even and let it go. She looked determined to one-up him.
“If you want your wand back then meet me at the dungeon entrance after dinner,” he finally said with a smirk. He got up and unlocked the door. “After you,” he said as he opened the door.
Ginny glared at him and then smirked. “So no date this evening? What happened? Did she dump you? I guess you must not have been man enough for her.”
All Draco could do was stare at her in disbelief. She walked out the classroom before he had the chance to even think of a reply. She had known, but how? Maybe Marietta had said something. Or maybe he was just being paranoid. But by the look in her eyes he could tell that she knew something. She had purposely brought it up. How did she keep doing this to him?
Draco wanted to beat his head against a wall. Why, oh why, did he have to kiss her? It was only supposed to be for the stupid picture. He wasn’t supposed to actually enjoy it. Yes, he had been curious, but what guy at Hogwart’s wasn’t? But she was a damned Weasley, for Merlin’s sake!
He now desperately needed another chance to lay his lips on hers because now he was really curious. What would it be like to really kiss her, without resistance? He’d only gotten a little taste of it. Was it some fluke that she had sent tingles up and down his spine? He had to know. The only problem was getting her to kiss him again, willingly.
Gods, he wasn’t even supposed to be thinking about it. He should be wondering how she had taken the photo of him and Crabbe. Or how the hell she had known about his little problem with Marietta yesterday.
He had been impressed that she had been so bold as to try to blackmail him in the first place. He could see why she was a Gryffindor; she had to be brave to stand up to him. But the way she was going about it was so bloody Slytherin it was scary, yet alluring.

Why did she have to be a Weasley?
Then again, what was so bad about her being a Weasley? Sure, he had grown up detesting the Weasleys. That had been his father’s doing. His father had claimed that some wizarding families were better than others. So why was his father the one in Azkaban? Surely there was nothing respectable about that. He had single handedly tarnished the Malfoy name.
His father had told him over and over that the Malfoy named commanded respect and that he should be careful whom he associated with. His father was a damned hypocrite! He thought about sending his father the picture of him kissing Weasley along with a letter asking him whether he thought their children would have red hair or blonde?
He spent the summer outraged at his father for lying to him and never telling him about being a Death Eater. Initially he had taken his anger out on Potter when he first found out and told him that his father would be out of Azkaban soon. Now, however he hoped his father rotted there. (Well, he didn’t really want him to rot, a part of him still loved his father, but he was still working with his Headhealer about those issues.) Still, what would his father think? He was seriously tempted to send the photo.
He was sure his next session with his Headhealer was going to be a long one.
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