Continuation of And Baby Makes Three. Draco and Ginny are the parents of two young sons. See who wins the battle for control of the Malfoy household. A collection of cookies and stories. This story is open ended, but technically complete. Each chapter is a stand alone story.
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Chapters: 9 | Word count: 25174 | Read count: 42545 | Published: May 18, 2004 | Updated: Jan 22, 2006
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1. The Great Cabbage Brouhaha (Reviews - 14) 1098 words

2. The Trouble with Frogs (Reviews - 5) 3432 words

3. Valentine, Interrupted (Reviews - 7) 2627 words

4. Troubles in the Liamocracy (Reviews - 8) 2580 words

5. Buttercups and Prince Charmings (Reviews - 2) 3271 words

6. Fowl Play (Reviews - 7) 4445 words

7. A Lesson in Kissing (Reviews - 7) 436 words

8. Be Careful What You Wish For (Reviews - 12) 3420 words

9. Grin and Bare It (Reviews - 14) 3865 words

I had originally intended to write a cute Christmas ficlet, but I couldn’t get my arse in gear. I opted for a New Year’s ficlet, but again, that didn’t work out either. I struggled a fair bit with this and I managed to finish just in time for baby!Gareth’s biggest fan’s birthday!

Happy Birthday Cupid12203!!!

Thank you to Nokomis305 and fab4fan for the once overs and Dragonsangel68 for plot discussions!