Dear Draco
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Dear Draco,
This tale begins with just two children
Not too much you see
And these two children were
Little ol’ you, and Little ol’ me
We met when we were very young
And grew to be friends
But our families were both stung
And our friendship had to end
I was born to hate you
And no matter what you see
No matter what you say or do
You were born to hate little ol’ me
I’ve tried to hate you
These past few years
But it seems that when I do
I usually fall to tears
Why can’t life be easy?
Why can’t we get a break,
What did we do dear,
To get this horrible fate?
Your mother says I’m beneath you
My mother calls yours stuck up
My father hates your father
And I’m quite sure it's vice versa
It’s with this that I hope you understand
What I now must do
A life without my family I can’t stand
But I will always love you
Ginevra “Weaslette” Weasley
To Be Continued.
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