Thoughts that are not right,
Rest another sleepless night,
Why does he not feel?


There once was a boy called Ferret,
Who never could really quite get it,
This thing called love,
A fitter of glove,
But he never will ever say it.

Word Cinquain:

Passionate, Alurring,
Gain, Own, Break,
An everlasting bond of,

Syllable Cinquain:

Please don't do this to me,
Tell me this isn't what you want,
Show me.

Free Verse:

As devious as the snake that is his namesake,
As passionate as the fire in her hair,
Romeo and Juliet, romanced in a family feud,
Love amongst the war.

(Obviously I can't show you the shape this poem is in but I'll give you the poem anyway because I am particularly fond of it)

An unlikey duo, a devious, devilish pair. She, having been abandoned by the Hero, seeks his greatest enemy. He, so reckless, recluse, closed, yearns for everything he has been taught to despise.


The Mark is feared like an unstoppable beast,
He burns it to your skin, as dark as his soul,
Even though his soul is shattered.

Men, women, he takes them like the Grim Reaper,
A collector keen on the world,
Ruthlessly he destroys lives, and I'm called to aid,
Kill like a slow gripping poison.
The End.
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