Draco snorted. “You haven’t won. The Boy Wonder’s won. Don’t fool yourself Ginny, you’re nothing but a groupie.”
She looked at him with solemn eyes. “You’re wrong.”

Draco and Ginny have one last conversation.
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Story notes: Many thanks once again to Lyndsie Fenele for her great beta.

Also thank you to DragonFlame13, turkish, crazykay254, Fire Unicorn, Camilla_GoE, shans12342002, harrypotterchick4ever, swingersnowy, wandap1016, Akt5us, Necie B, CharmedLife19, LimnHere, DracoGinnyLover, Mollie, mahek210, EvaMalfoy, Cheezie_Biscuit, myporcelainskin, severa_nessus, jennyriddle28, LovelyLytton, Kattycat, Kizei, tearsofaphoenix, alexandriaiariel, catherinjoy, Rashonda, imelda, and anismenta for reviewing my last fic. I really appreciate your thoughts and support.

Also, the HP universe and characters do not belong to me, I just play with them sometimes.

1. One Last Conversation (Reviews - 80) 1195 words

Because I think Ginevra Weasley deserved so much more than she was given in DH.