Ginny stood in the middle of her dorm, staring at her body critically in the mirror. She was sure she looked like an overdressed pig. What had her mother always said? Mutton dressed up as lamb. Well, while Ginny might not be quite old enough to be categorized as ‘mutton’, she was definitely dressed up. Of course, news of Ginny’s and Draco’s date had spread like wildfire around the school. Draco’s shoulders had been the hot topic of conversation, and a voting system had even been put in place. So far, the verdict on Draco’s shoulders was between ‘OMM-burning-building-hot’ and ‘OMM-volcano-erupting-and-destroying-half-the-planet-hot’. As Ginny’s date was now of interest to the entire school, Ginny’s dorm-mates had taken it upon themselves to dress her appropriately for this most important of occasions.

Ginny was nervous. It had been a long time since she had gotten nervous about the idea of a first date. Ginny didn’t know if this was a bad thing or a good thing. They had arranged to meet in the Great Hall so Ginny started to make her way there. She hoped that today went well. Draco had good boyfriend potential, but they had never spent an entire day together. What would they talk about? When she had expressed this doubt to Hermione, the other girl had come up with a list of possible conversation starters. While Ginny had scoffed at the idea at the time, she now had that list in her pocket.

As soon as Ginny walked into the Great Hall, she realized that everyone’s attention was fixated on a boy standing on the Slytherin table. As she got closer, she realized that it was none other than Blaise Zabini and that he was reciting some sort of poetry.

‘The first time I saw you
I thought you so divine
I saw you by the lake
And oh how I wished you were mine

Your beauty is uncompared
Your brain is utterly unique
Your Umgubular Slashkilter
Has kept me from my sleep

At first I was upset
You did not know my name
But now you’re in my life
And I don’t think I’ll ever be the same

So beautiful Luna
Please take pity on me
And accept my invite
To the Hogsmeade soiree’

To Ginny’s utter surprise, Luna walked over to Blaise and kissed him full on the mouth.

‘Would you like to sit with me by the lake next week?’ asked Luna. Blaise just nodded his head, and pulled her in to kiss him again.

Ginny hadn’t even known that Luna knew who Blaise was, let alone was interested in dating him. Draco walked over to where Ginny was standing, shaking his head slowly. ‘Pathetic, isn’t it?’

‘What?’ asked Ginny. She was still in shock and hadn’t even fully realized that her date had arrived.

Draco, on the other hand, was very aware that Ginny was most certainly present, so to speak. Her hair was curling down her back, and Draco couldn’t help but wonder if it felt as soft as it looked. Her eyes seemed bigger today. How the hell had she managed that?

‘The poem. It’s pathetic. I helped him write it last night. He’s so wrapped up in her, and he wanted to ask her out. Being a Zabini, he had to make a prat of himself in front of the entire school to do so.’

‘Instead of just two entire Quidditch teams.’

‘I didn’t make a prat of myself. I was completely in control of myself the entire time.’

‘Sure, particularly while you were rolling on the ground with my brother. Anyway, you write poetry?’

‘Not if I can help it,’ replied Draco tersely.

To Ginny’s intense relief, the conversation flowed naturally. Ginny didn’t have any problems thinking about what to say to Draco, and it seemed he felt the same. From Blaise and Luna to Quidditch and school, they had no end of conversation topics. Hermione’s list stayed firmly in Ginny’s pocket.

‘So, is there anything particular you wanted to do?’ asked Draco as they walked into the small village.

Ginny nodded. Like the conversation subjects, Ginny had been prepared for this question.

‘I want to drop in on my brothers’ new store, but then we can do anything,’ said Ginny. ‘Oh, except, can we please not go anywhere near Madam Puddifoots?’

Draco laughed. Strangely, the sound made little shivers run up and down Ginny’s back. She couldn’t remember anyone’s mere voice doing that to her before. ‘I agree with you completely on that one. There’s somewhere I’d like to take you after we go to your brothers’ store, if that’s okay,’ said Draco.


As Ginny had expected, her brothers’ new store was packed with Hogwarts students. Not only was their store cheaper than Zonko’s but it had way better stuff. At least, that was Ginny’s completely unbiased opinion.

The shelves were packed with magic gimmicks and tricks. Ginny was impressed with what her brothers had done with their new shop. It was filled to the brim with fake wands, Skiving Snackboxes and some very cute Pygmy Puffs. Patented Daydream Charms and Wonderwitch products were selling particularly well, noted Ginny.

Ginny pushed her way through the crowds to the back of the store. Draco trailed slightly behind her wearing a bemused expression on his face. Finally she arrived at the private ‘Employees Only’ section at the back of the store. She knew one or both of the twins would come straight there when they knew someone had entered their precious back room. It was easier to get them to come to her than to search for either of them in the crowd outside. Sure enough, Ginny and Draco had just entered and had barely had time to take in the eclectic range of items on display when Fred and George both showed up. The room was filled with some of the twins’ more interesting projects. George had explained it to Ginny ‘as the stuff we wouldn’t want Mum to see’.

The lingerie which allowed you to rip it apart but then came back together, the dildo which changed shape and size due to preference or the various lotions and potions which could do everything from solve size problems to changing the gender of your partner (s) were probably not suitable for the majority of the twins’ underage customers. That didn’t stop Ginny from looking or wondering. Draco had gone a delightful shade of red before the twins walked into the room with their wands drawn.

‘Oh, it’s you, Ginny,’ said George. ‘You had us thinking-’

‘- that it was a burglar,’ finished Fred. ‘This must be Malfoy. Ron came down and told us all about the ‘slimy lecherous git who must have put Ginny under an Imperious’ to make her date him.’

Well really, thought Draco. He hadn’t even learnt the Imperius charm yet. The Weasel was so thick.

‘Seemed really peeved he did,’ commented George.

Bit of an understatement that is, brother of mine,’ laughed Fred. Suddenly, both of the twins’ expressions became serious. ‘While we may not feel quite so…peeved about you and our sister as Ron does, we’re not exactly happy either. In the absence of our father, we feel it’s time for a little heart-to-heart chat, Malfoy. Don’t you?’

Draco swallowed the lump that had suddenly appeared in his throat. While the Weasel may not have been a threat, these two looked very scary and protective of their little Ginny. And they had their wands drawn.

‘Now Ginny, toddle off for awhile, won’t you? I think it’s time for some friendly male bonding,’ said George. He was smiling in a way that for some strange reason was reminding Draco of a shark.

‘Malfoy will be fine. Promise we won’t break any important bones,’ said Fred. The emphasis on the word important was not lost on Draco. He gulped again.

If the twins were trying to intimidate Draco, it was working. Draco tried to take comfort in the fact that they were shorter than him. However, their wands and the plain unfair fact that there were two of them put Draco at a disadvantage that no height difference could help with.

Ginny laughed. Draco could not help but turn to stare at her. Why was she laughing? He was about to be bashed up and hexed by her older brothers, and she found this funny. Maybe she was insane after all. It would explain those weird jumpers she sometimes wore.

‘Stop it, you two. Look at his face. He actually thinks you’re going to hurt him up. Apologize,’ ordered Ginny.

‘But we are going to hurt him up,’ said Fred, straight-faced.

All Ginny did was raise her eyebrows and look expectantly at her brothers.

‘Fine. Please Malfoy, accept our heartfelt apologies. Our behaviour was absolutely deplorable and unnecessary. Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive us?’ asked George in a false voice of concern.

Behind him, Fred smirked.

‘I suppose that’ll have to do,’ said Ginny. ‘Come on, Draco. I think it’s time we left these two clowns alone. Didn’t you say there was somewhere you wanted to go?’

Ginny turned to walk out of the rather interesting back room, and Draco followed quickly. He didn’t want to be left alone in here with the twins, whatever Ginny might say. But he wasn’t quick enough. A hand came down on Draco’s shoulder, and a low voice – Draco couldn’t tell whose – said, ‘We may have been joking before, Malfoy, but just a little hint. If you hurt our sister in any way, shape or form we will come after you. And not only us. One of our brothers is a dragon keeper.’

‘Nasty way to go that – being burnt alive. I’ve heard it’s very difficult to identify the body. Remember that, Malfoy,’ said the other voice in his ear.

Draco nodded. As a Slytherin, he understood threats. As a Malfoy, he was damn sure they would follow through with them. As Lucius Malfoy’s son, he respected that. As a boyfriend, he was scared shitless. As Draco followed Ginny out of the store, he had to admit to himself that he liked the idea of Ginny having six older brothers to protect her. If his mum had had that sort of protection maybe she wouldn’t have married such a loser like his dad.


‘I like your brothers,’ said Draco. Would it be weird if he took her hand now, he wondered?

‘Really?’ asked Ginny incredulously. ‘They weren’t exactly out to impress you. Don’t tell Ron, but they’re my favourites. Bill’s my oldest brother, and he’s nice. But he was away a lot at school when I was little so I didn’t really connect with him. Same with Charlie, although he was the first who taught me how to fly and play Quidditch. Percy’s just a git, and Ron’s probably too close to my age for us to get along really well. But the twins were always there, always helping me win a fight against Ron or making sure I didn’t get lost at school. We just connect, you know.’

‘I must admit, I don’t. I don’t have any siblings. I get along well with my Mum, but Dad and I don’t really see eye-to-eye. I think I might have liked a big family. I know Mum did. Well, she at least wanted more than one child. But Dad only wanted me, and he usually gets what he wants,’ said Draco dryly.

Just go for it, thought Draco. He took her hand as they turned down a little lane.

Ginny smiled. She liked him holding her hand. ‘It has its good moments and its bad. Because I’m the only girl, I get my own room and stuff so that’s good. When the boys were little they used to get a lot of hand- me-downs but I couldn’t, so plus for me. Trying to get hold of the bathroom in the morning’s a pain though. Where are we going?’ asked Ginny as she broke away from her reverie and for the first time really looked around.

‘It’s not far from here. My mum showed me this spot. It’s beautiful. Close your eyes. I want it to surprise you. No peeking, now,’ admonished Draco.

The hand holding was now serving a more practical purpose as Draco led Ginny down a small path. She could smell a woodsy tree smell and funnily enough, water. Soon Ginny could hear the water too. It sounded like a waterfall.

‘You can open your eyes now.’

It was beautiful was the first thought that came into Ginny’s head. They were standing in a small grove, surrounded by trees. A baby waterfall was making a charming tinkling sound, and Ginny was pretty sure that Draco had just won the best date award ever. Wait till she told her friends about this; it would tip the undecided voters in the shoulder hotness competition.

‘Do you want to go for a swim?’ asked Draco, breaking into her thoughts.

‘I didn’t bring my swimming togs or a change of clothing.’

Draco smirked and an evil little twinkle came into his eye. Ginny was reminded of the fact that although he may have just done the most romantic thing ever, he was still a Slytherin. He was still a Malfoy, and not to be completely trusted when cold water was around. Like now.

Draco moved forward and slipped his hand around her waist. ‘You look beautiful, you know,’ he muttered, his face inches from hers as he leaned down to capture her lips with his.

Ginny’s head went light with anticipation. She felt dizzy and slightly out of breath. Malfoy sure did know how to kiss. Just as their lips were about to touch, Ginny felt his hand move away from her waist. Suddenly, with a strong push from Draco she was tumbling into the small pool at the base of the waterfall.

Ginny surfaced, pushing her hair out of her eyes. The curls her friends had worked so long on were gone. And it was so damn cold. She had known he was thinking about pushing her in, and yet one little kiss and she completely forgot everything. Devious, that’s what Draco was. And there he was standing on the bank, looking mighty pleased with himself. Well, she’d give him something to be pleased about. She had grown up with six brothers after all. Ginny Weasley could be as devious as a Malfoy if she wanted to. And by Merlin, she wanted to.

‘You look good wet, Ginny,’ said Draco with a completely straight face. ‘The water isn’t too cold?’

‘Oh, of course not,’ said Ginny sarcastically as goose pimples rose on her arms. ‘It’s really warm, toasty even.’

And then Ginny decided to be devious.

Slowly Ginny began to undo the top few buttons on her shirt. Seconds later she was wearing only her bra and wet jeans. With a flick of her wand, Ginny transfigured her bra and remaining clothes into a bikini. It was a bit chilly but well worth the look on Draco’s face.

‘Why don’t you come in?’ asked Ginny in her most ‘I am-really-devious-and-Malfoy-like-but-am pretending-to-be-innocent’ voice.

Draco choked for a second before remembering that he was a Malfoy. And Draco Malfoy did not get choked up simply because a really beautiful girl was wet, wearing at a bikini and smiling at him like she would gobble him up. No, Malfoys are brave and courageous. So, Draco did something very brave and very courageous, and possibly very stupid. He pulled off his shirt and slid into the water. Damn it. The water was really cold.

Ginny smiled. Draco really did have very impressive shoulders. They were muscled and firm without being out of proportion with the rest of his body. Mind you, the rest of his body was pretty damn good looking too. Ginny walked over to Draco, trying to wiggle her hips in a natural but still sexy way. Wrapping her arms around Draco and pushing her chest against his, Ginny murmured, ‘I hope you’re warm enough, Draco.’

‘I am now,’ replied Draco as he leant down to steal a kiss.

Quickly Ginny hooked her foot behind his and pushed hard. Draco went under like a sack of drunken pixies. Ginny giggled, waiting for Draco to re-emerge from the water. Nothing happened. Silence reigned, and Ginny was starting to get a little bit concerned. Suddenly Draco exploded out of the water and dove for her. Ginny squealed and turned to run. And so began a rather hands-on game of water tag.

Ten minutes later, Ginny was finally out of breath. They crawled on to the bank and lay down next to each other gasping.

‘I won,’ Draco announced when he got his breath back.

‘Uh-Uh, I won. Who was it that had his head held under water until he begged for mercy?’ argued Ginny.

Draco smiled. That little begging move had allowed him to come in very close contact with her breasts. Maybe there were some benefits to losing. ‘Fine, I can live with us tying. We are, after all, very evenly matched. I’m stronger but you play dirty.’

I play dirty - this from the great and evil Malfoy,’ said Ginny sarcastically.

Draco reached for his wand and with a quick drying spell made sure he and Ginny would avoid hypothermia. ‘If I was truly evil, I would have let you freeze to death.’

‘True. I guess that’s why I’m dating you. A Weasley could never have a truly evil boyfriend,’ said Ginny as she snuggled up close to Draco and rested her head on his pretty damn wonderful shoulders.
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