Malfoy was curious. Curious and angry. “So, what do you want from me, Weasley?”

It was the admission of his defeat. Ginny felt the taste of victory - and it was bitter.

“I want influence. I want protection. I want safety.” She stopped, giving him time to assimilate her words, before she played her final card. "I want your name. " When saying the last sentence, however, she could not help the blush that spread across her face.

Malfoy's countenance changed several times in a very short time. Annoyance turned into wariness, then into confusion, and finally, when he really understood what Ginny had implied, his face showed only a profound horror.

I want your name.

I want a marriage.
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Story notes: Well, it's fair to start saying that this will be a long story. There is a real possibility of many chapters ahead as I tend to write a lot. (sorry) Regarding the chronology: the first chapters faithfully follow the book Deathly Hallows until the end of the Battle of Hogwarts,so if you haven't read the book it will be very difficult to understand anything.

About Draco and Ginny: I don't like stories where these two adorable dorks fall in love in one chapter. To tell you the truth, in this story Draco appears less than I would like until chapter six, give or take it. I needed to develop the whole context before the forced approach of them and tried to keep the whole thing as canon as possible. The result of this was a much bigger story than I expected at the beginning and a DG interaction that comes only after I have developed some points that I considered important.

1. Life Goes On (Reviews - 12) 3214 words

2. ... Ball? (Reviews - 1) 3594 words

3. A Longer Visit to Aunt Muriel (Reviews - 5) 3493 words

Hello! An attentive observer will notice that I’ve changed the description of this story. I did it because now I know where I want it to go. I hope you don't mind.

And a chronological addendum can be useful right now: this chapter takes place during the Easter holiday - where Ginny obtained permission to leave school and had to go into hiding-, until the beginning of the Battle of Hogwarts, on the first day of May. Thus, it covers almost two months of history, following this period from Ginny's point of view.

In Deathly Hallows’ perspective, in this period the trio is captured by the hunters and taken to Malfoy Manor, where they fight Bellatrix Lestrange and free Luna, Griphook and Mr. Ollivander. They manage to escape and then go to Bill and Fleur's house, where Harry buries Dobby's body - killed at Malfoy Manor - and plans to assault Gringotts with Hermione, Ron and Griphook.

Everyone returns to Hogwarts on the same day that the trio performs the assault. This is exactly the point where the chapter ends.

Thank you for putting up with me and my obsession with canon chronology.

4. The Battle of Hogwarts (Reviews - 1) 3514 words

This part of the story (which encompasses this chapter and the next) narrates the events of the Battle of Hogwarts under Ginny's perspective. This has caused me a bit of a problem, because many of the scenes that involve Ginny and Harry in the same 'space' are the ones we saw in the books, so I tried to be succinct in some parts and not repeat what we’ve already read in the book. Well, as result, the chapter often seems to be a little more descriptive. But I needed it just like that.

As I said, I have this chapter and the next one more or less underway. After that, I don't know what will happen, it’ll depends on the demand and feedback, I guess.

5. The Battle of Hogwarts – Part II (Reviews - 2) 4730 words

This chapter follows the same dynamic as the previous one, narrating the events of the Battle of Hogwarts from Ginny’s perspective (and I took some liberties here, after all, we don’t know what happens to her during this period).

This happens until the LAST sentence. From there, I feel a morbid pleasure in leaving the canon behind, sorry.
Hope you enjoy!

6. The Beginning of the End (Reviews - 3) 7127 words

I love Draco and Ginny together, but before we get to DG paradise, we need to get through HG hell first, sorry. But fear not! It's NOT a HG story and things will work out in the end! Everything in this chapter was necessary, believe me.

besides, I like to write Harry. He's a fascinating character.
And, above all, I like to write how Ginny is obstinate and unyielding about what she wants! Hope you enjoy!

7. Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures (Reviews - 4) 5395 words

8. Coup de grâce (Reviews - 5) 4197 words

9. Time and Tide Wait For No Man (Reviews - 4) 9450 words

This part of the story is very important because this is where the plot jumps in time and begins to evolve. The sections of the chapter are in chronological order with the exception of the last one (which happens more or less simultaneously with the first one). But just follow the dates at the beginning of each section and there will be no problem! =)

10. A Mother’s Love (Reviews - 4) 6144 words

11. The Beginning of Their Story (Reviews - 6) 7940 words

My little Christmas gift for those who follow this story! Draco and Ginny FINALLY meet again haha!Yeeey!

I had a lot of fun writing this chapter, I hope you can feel the same way while reading it!

12. Poking the Dragon (Reviews - 8) 6379 words

One might think that the constant presence of 'grey', ‘ashen’ in this story refers to Draco and his eyes. Obviously, this is true and purposeful, mainly because he is the main character alongside Ginny; but it goes beyond that. The idea of grey fits almost all the characters in the story, all with their light and dark facets, evident and implied. And that goes for Ginny too; I hardly like Ginnys who are perfect, untouchable, who don't make mistakes. The Ginny in this story, on the contrary, has her dark side and, what is more important, also screws things up and makes decisions that are at least questionable, morally speaking. This is what we will begin to see in this chapter.

13. Contract (Reviews - 7) 7960 words

14. The Two Shall Become One Flesh (Reviews - 4) 4493 words

15. Honeymoon (Reviews - 3) 5984 words

This chapter is entitled to Definitely Naughty rating. I'm not a huge fan of very graphic scenes, nonetheless, there is sex here. And it's not very gentle. Be aware.

The chapter changes the POV vertiginously between Draco and Ginny, I hope it's not too confusing.

16. Cold War (Reviews - 1) 9923 words

Big chapter to please those who missed the size of the previous ones! Thank you!

17. Occlumency (Reviews - 6) 8223 words

18. Playing Dirty (Reviews - 4) 7755 words

19. The Reality is the Worst Prison (Reviews - 5) 7189 words

20. Live Your Memory and Amaze Yourself (Reviews - 6) 8502 words

21. Draco Dormiens Nunquan Titillandos (Reviews - 7) 10820 words

A HUGE chapter (biggest one so far) where Ginny makes the worst possible decisions. Remember, she's not perfect. ;)

22. Dueling Emotions (Reviews - 7) 8404 words

This chapter belongs to Blaise Zabini and Astoria Greengrass.

23. Moral Hangover (Reviews - 4) 7087 words

Thank you guys for the previous chapter feedback. You're AMAZING, really.
It's what motivates me to write more and faster. Keep making me happy! haha

24. Under Pressure (Reviews - 6) 8846 words

25. Romania (Reviews - 5) 6188 words

26. And Baby Makes Three (Reviews - 8) 5326 words


27. Interlude (Reviews - 9) 9233 words

Big chapter to compensate the wait! Full of James, love and amenities. The calm before the storm, haha!

28. Rebirth (Reviews - 6) 5450 words

Something weird has happened on this site and part of the last chapter was not published, an entire section to be precise.

I advise you to go back to the previous chapter and read the second section (the breakfast) with more interactions between Draco, Ginny and James. I should apologise for the delay with this one. As you have guessed, this story depends on feedback. So, if I see people reading and not commenting I won't have the slight encouragement to keep going.

That said, I really appreciate and thank everyone who has been with me so far.

29. Keep Your Enemies Closer (Reviews - 3) 8005 words

30. Ashen (Reviews - 2) 10981 words

Hello all! Note full of apologies. First, because of the formatting. I had to convert first to HTML in an automatised way otherwise the site would not let me post it. It is kinda weird, but I believe it is readable.
Second, because of the delay. I have been extremely busy - changing jobs and even country, so I barely have time to breath, haha. Hope you can forgive me and appreciate the chapter.
I really liked this one! Let me know what you think.

31. On Fire (Reviews - 1) 11628 words