The small red headed girl stood trembling.

The cold wet stones glistened under her feet. The low witch lights glowed gently, casting a warm, flickering haze.

Her second-hand school robes hung loosely from her thin frame. Hair cascaded down the sides of her head, and silent tears dripped down her face.


The steady drip, drip, drip, echoed throughout the chamber.
The girl struggled to contain her sobs. She had no idea how she got here, and the confusion and fear was consuming her.


His voice was always so sweet, so seductive. And every time she was drawn into its depths.

She was not alone. She was never alone anymore. But now the proof stood before her, circling her. The tall, handsome boy with those sweet delicious words walked slowly around her, each step leaving a soft click on the ground.

Hands behind his back, he eyed the girl with dark, hungry eyes. His form was becoming clearer, and the girl was weakening with every moment.

She could barely find words to speak through her sobs, her voice weak and hoarse.

“T-Tom, please…”

The boy stared down at her, eyes full of mock pity.

“Please Tom, I don’t want this.”

“I’m so sorry princess, but this is how it has to be. You want to help me, don’t you? I need you now more than ever, don’t you see?”

He brought an ethereal pale hand to her cheek, tracing the wetness underneath.

Her dark lashed eyes looked at him imploringly.

“I didn’t mean-I didn’t think- “

She sputtered, struggling to piece together a coherent thought. “of course I want to help you- you're my best friend in the world, Tom-“

“Im your only friend, Ginevra. And as friends, it is only fitting that we keep our promises to each other, yes?"

“Yes but-“

“But nothing,” he said sharply, but then softened and brushed a crimson lock away from her face.

“Don’t you trust me?”

She hesitated, then nodded once, causing a smile on his face.

“Ginevra, my princess,” His cold hands cupping her face, “you once made me a very important promise… I wonder if you can tell me what that promise was?”

He lowered one hand from her cheek to her neck, fingering the collar of her shirt.

“I-I… I said I would do anything to help you.”

“That’s right,” his breath exhaling over her cheek, “and what else?”

“I said that you could trust me, that I wouldn’t tell a soul about you. And I haven’t.”

“Yes, yes that’s good. What else?” His fingers moved from her collar to the clasp of her cloak.

“A-and I said I would give you whatever you needed… anything you needed.”

“Yes, princess, you did promise me all that didn’t you?”

He undid the clasp of her cloak. She let out a small whimper as the robe fell to the floor in a black puddle, the cold damp air licking her skin. She shivered and wrapped her arms around herself protectively.

He met her eyes again with a cold intensity, and his hand returned to her neck.

“You are going to help me now. I need you to keep your promise to me. Right now. You see, I require a great deal from you. In fact, princess, I require everything you can give me…”

The hand lowered and rested on her heart.

“Everything.” He whispered in her ear.

At his touch, an otherworldly cold seized upon the girl and the darkness engulfed her.

Days later, the girl lie wrapped in crisp white linens in a sterile room. Her room was dark, save for the ajar door letting in a sliver of halogen light.
Her back to the door, the girl lay listening.

They were whispering again. Always whispering.

She feigned sleep while her ears allowed herself to make out words here and there. Soft, pitying voices of the healers spoke amongst themselves just outside the door. And interspersed throughout the conversation where the occasional wails of her mother.

“She’s adamant she doesn’t remember-“

“The tests showed her memory was tampered with…“

“But the handprints on her? And that mark... surely he-“

“Poor child, so young-“

“The tests showed no sign of assault, thank Merlin, though perhaps-“

“They also showed a great amount of dark magic was used.“

More wailing from her mother.

“My baby, my baby…”

“Poor child. She’s been touched by dark magic. She may always have dark magic within her.”

“She may be sensitive to it, possibly even attract it.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, I would recommend placement in a long-term care institution where a team of medical wizards can continue testing –“

Mr. Weasleys voice suddenly pierced the halls.

“ENOUGH!” He bellowed, and the flurry of conversation ceased. “We’re done here. This goes no further.”

The door to her room flew open, and all the lights flared on, momentarily blinding the girl. Her fathers exasperated face came into view, and she found his hands on each of her shoulders.

“Ginny, were going home.”

She melted into her fathers embrace. Surely she couldn’t be evil if her a good man like her father loved her…

Could she?

Arms still wrapped around her fathers neck, he lifted her out of the bed and walked towards the door, a flurry of healers trailing him in his wake.

“Mr Weasley please-“

“Sir, we need to do more tests-“

“Mr Weasley we need to retrieve her memory-“

Her father stopped In his step but did not turn around towards the healers.

“Do you want to remember, Gin-bug?” He whispered in her ear.

She sucked in a breath.

The dark handprints.

The ink.

The black magic.

Tom’s cold hands on her flesh...

And then the sad, pitying eyes of the healers. The whispers. Test, more tests…

“Please” She begged,” I just want to go home.”

Mr. Weasley lay his sleeping child down in her bed. In the dark of night, only the stars provided a view of his daughter's pale face and crimson hair.

Reaching out to move the locks from her cheek, he raised the comforter up around her more snugly, then leaned in to place a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Her sleepy eyes opened briefly at the touch. Eyes that had somehow aged a millennia. Mr. Weasley kept his head close. Not even sure if she was awake, he spoke.

“Listen to me Gin-bug,” He said softly, “ You are not evil. You are not dark. You did not do anything wrong. You learned a hard lesson. I wish it wasn’t so. But I love you. Your family loves you. That will never change.”

Even in her sleepy state, the words wrapped around her troubled heart like a salve, and for the first time since she emerged from the chamber, she felt that she was safe.

You are not dark.

You are not dark.
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