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Hello All! Iíve been out of the FanFic game for a while now but the newest movie has inspired me to jump back in and finish all Iíve started. To any of you out there who started reading ďBack to YouĒ Ė Iím sorry I abandoned you but know that I just picked the story back up again and will be working on getting in completed.

As far as my personal info goes, Iím a 20-something college student from Southern California currently away at college (and missing my beloved beach quite deeply). Iím a PR major and hope to eventually be either a kick ass PR rep in the entertainment industry or a published fiction novelist (or both).

I love reading, and am always looking for a new and intriguing story. If youíre looking for a reader (or someone to edit) Ė let me know and Iíll see what I can do. ;)

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