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i am a girl who is obsessed with Harry Potter books, and fanfics involving Draco & Ginny, particularly if they've got a great plot or they're really smutty! My favorite! Plus, I'm a full time student, full time employee, and single mom! And I swear, I will finish all my stories. One day. I think it took me two years to finish Lies. Now I'm trying to finish another one.

I'm on twitter. it's jesskat3 over there, so say hi! i like chatting with people who share interests, so just let me know you're from here and i'll follow you back! also, if you want to read strange blogs about my life, hit my up at my LJ, website above :D
Favorite Authors
1. Anise
2. CCC
so funny (her pairings)
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4. gotsnape
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