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Hi! Ok letís see. Iím a student. I like chocolate and cake. I donít like peas. Joss Whedon is a friggin legend.

Umm, lets hit a given, I like hp and writing (I'm sure Iíve shocked your socks off with that deep and insightful admission!) I have a cat but I want a black fish with sticky-outty goggley eyes. (I will have my fish in the end!)

My favourites of all my favourites at the moment are ... Call To Destiny by Warriorlily, Break in The Sun (Till The Sun Breaks Down) and its sequel Shall Rise Again by Peki, Clocks by EclipsedPlanet and This Side of Paradise by Amaira. Check them out.

I love reviews. They bring mass glee and a pleasant tingling feeling. So please read and review.

I have a live journal set up where I post cookies when they're not so heinous that they cause bodily harm.

I have a fic called 'The Final Farewell' archived at The Quidditch Pitch, so please wander over for a gander ...
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This was Serenitey in a rather small, non-allergic reaction-causing nutshell *bows with a flourish and exits dramatically* :D