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Well! A bio. I've been a part of the fanfiction-verse for a few years now, and as my tastes have developed and my interests have changed, I've gravitated more toward D/G (and smut, *cough*) and more away from fangirly canon pairings. This site is really wonderful when considered from a literary standpoint - I've come across brilliant authors and delightful stories, and there's always more D/G to go around.

I'm really excited to be here on this site; it was recommended by KateinVA. I've loved D/G ever since I just before I read the Draco Trilogy on FA. That story was definitely the perfect D/G launch for all of us. I love the unstoppable passion--and all of the drama. It's brilliant.

I don't know what to say about canon. I do love Harry, especially in DH. I think the woman in the epilogue didn't really seem like Ginny. But Harry does love her. This has been hard for me. Still, though, this ship will always have a place in my heart.

In case you were wondering, I'm callmehermione on MNFF as well, and the forums here.

As to my life outside the Internet fanfiction world.. I'm an aspiring photojournalist and linguist with an England obsession and complicated philosophies. I pole vault and travel and ponder passionately.