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13...sexxi...fun...weird...physco...hilarious...funny...outrageous...outgoin...odd...talkitive...artisitic...creative...LOUD!!! i luv the Pussycat Dolls, Black Eyed Peas, Ciara, JESSE MCCARTNEY (HE IS MY GOD!!!), 50 Cent, Eminem, Gorillaz, The Killers, Hilary, Lindsey, Usher, Gwen, Snoop Dogg, Destiny's Child, Linkin Park, Ashanti, Chingy, Melly, Tim McGraw, Three Days Grace, Britney, Christina, Raven, Kelly, Jessica, Ashlee,Trick Daddy, Ludacris, Lil Kim, Alicia Keys, Pink, D12, Avril, Outkast, Mya, Bow Wow, Omarion, Nelly, Fantasia, No Doubt, Fefe Dobson, EVANESCENCE!!!, Eve, 3LW, Ryan Cabrera, Michelle Branch, Teirra Marie, Beyonce, Justin, and lots of other ppl.
writin stories and poetry even if they dont ryhme is like what i do. and volleyball of course. lol.

I know I should hate you
for all the shit you put me through
But I know I shouldnít hate you -
itís not your fault I fell for you

Why do you look so familiar?
I swear I used to know you
But when I think about it Ö
I realize that I never did

You kissed me with PASSION
You held me with CARE
You told me you loved me
You took my heart -
So why the hell did you break it?

Even though people see a .::.LAUGHING FACE.::.
I want to ((scream and cry))
Even though people [-- [know a lot] --] about me
I )(hide a lot)( - even from my b.e.s.t. f.r.i.e.n.d.s.
Even though I am so >10< years or so
iíLL look back to a time - Ďlong agoí -
iíLL remember the fights
iíLL remember the kRaZiE nights
but I wonít remember *~you~*
and all the BULLSHiT you put me through

I need to stop wishing for you to love me
because the more I do,
the more times it wonít come true.

my tears are real
nobody knows how I really feel
my smiles are fake
nobody knows how close I am to break

nObOdY kNoWs ThE pAiN i EnDuRe...EvEn i DoN't KnOw wHaT iM LiViNG FoR...

iM nOt A fOoL...BuT i KeEp FaLLiN fOr - .Y.O.U. -
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